If you’ve never heard of the Dog Fido, you’re probably not aware that he’s out there, well and truly frolicking in the waters of the 21st century. But while he may be enjoying himself swimming his little heart out in the bayou, there are plenty of dangers out there as well.


Among the dangers that he could face are heart problems and respiratory problems. He could get sick from bacteria or viruses. He could get rabies, and unfortunately, some dogs get it anyway.

As for the health of the Dog Fido, well, it doesn’t sound like much fun either. Here are some things that could happen to your little man.

You could find that your dog Fido is unkempt. You could find that he has scruff, and you could find that his ears are very long.

If he’s unkempt, then his coat could be too short, which could mean he isn’t getting enough water and can’t sweat off the soiled fur. If you need to shampoo him, you should rinse with a hose as that would help.

You could also find that your dog Fido might not be eating enough. He might get into trouble if he’s out all the time.

Of course, if you keep him at home, you might not have a choice as to how much water he drinks, but if you try to keep him outside, he will most likely become dehydrated. If you notice that he has lost weight, you should take him to the vet right away.

If you notice that your dog Fido is not drinking enough water, then he could develop digestive problems. Dogs can get diarrhea or indigestion, so when you see your dog doing this, you should take him to the vet right away.

You might also find that your dog Fido is getting fleas, and those pesky little critters can be very irritating. If your dog is scratching himself very badly, you should take him to the vet.

You should also keep your dog Fido clean. The last thing you want is to see him scratch himself, and you should always clean him.

One of the health hazards that could befall your dog Fido is liver failure. Liver failure is not good for any animal, but it could be extremely dangerous for dogs.

Your veterinarian might be able to diagnose it quickly, but you could find that your dog Fido’s liver is failing. If he fails to recover, you could find him dead.