If you are looking to add some greenery to your home, wall planters are a great choice. Aside from looking great, they also add visual interest. You can choose from many different kinds of plants and flowers. Some plants thrive in water, and others require soil. You can choose to plant succulents or a variety of herbs.

Upcycle unused bottles to build hexagon-shaped wall planters

Using unused bottles and cans to build hexagon-shaped wall planters is a creative way to decorate your indoors. These planters can be attached to reclaimed wood or steel wire and are sure to add a unique rustic flair to any room. While these planters do require a bit of welding, you can purchase them online or from a home improvement store.

Once the planters are made, you can fill them with any kind of plant or herb you like. You should also build a trough at the base to catch any water that drips out of the plant. Watering wall plants is easier than conventional gardening, but you should still follow the same guidelines. For best results, water plants from the base to avoid weeds and fungus growth.

If you have little space and still want to have a plant in your room, wall planters are an excellent option. They help purify the air and add a hint of greenery to any room. An added benefit of wall planters is that they are space-saving and can be easily mounted anywhere. They’re also a great choice for apartment dwellers who like to keep their homes green. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. Plus, using plants in your home improves the air quality and even helps you sleep.

If you’re a beginner in home gardening, wall planters can be a great way to introduce yourself to the art of indoor and outdoor planting. They’re incredibly easy to install, easy to maintain, and affordable. You can even build planters with a variety of pots and colors.

eHomemart’s glass wall planters make installation easier

eHomemart’s glass wall mount planters are a great option for indoor use. They can be grouped together or tiered to create a unique display. They can also be used as a focal point. These planters make it easier to install indoor plants.

Glass wall planters have a simple installation process and can be easily attached to a wall. A few screws can secure your planter to the wall. You can purchase screws in your local hardware store. Make sure to use screws with a “pan head” and “hex head” head, as these will provide the lip needed to prevent the planter from falling.


Succulent plants can be found indoors in a variety of indoor planters, such as succulent wall planters. Succulents need indirect light and partial to full sun to thrive. The best time of day for succulents is early morning. However, if your planters are near an east or south facing window, you should protect them from midday sunlight.

Succulent wall planters are a great way to make great use of unused wall space while showcasing your succulents. Succulents come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. Creating your own succulent wall container is a fun way to express yourself and your artistic side.

Before you hang your indoor succulent wall planters, make sure they have the proper amount of water. You can either water them once a month or water them as needed. Watering succulents requires extra care, so be sure to check the moisture level with a wooden stick. It’s important to water them properly to prevent them from becoming damaged.

If you’re not sure which succulents to choose, you can take cuttings from succulents and transplant them into your wall planters. These are easier to place than succulent roots. The best succulents for wall planters are those that have wide, rosette-shaped leaves. Echeverias, for instance, make excellent wall planters. Also, succulents with veins and tentacles are popular for vertical gardening.

Edible plants

If you’re considering using indoor wall planters for your edible plants, there are a number of tips to keep in mind. The first is to make sure your plants receive direct sunlight. Some may be shaded by plants on top or below them, but you can compensate for these problems by choosing plants with more tolerant conditions. The next tip is to use similar-sized plants when building your wall garden. This will minimize the amount of water each plant needs and simplify your irrigation setup.

One of the easiest edible plants to grow indoors is lettuce. This type of plant doesn’t require a lot of space and is healthy to eat. You can also choose to grow herbs. These types are easier to grow indoors than those you find in the supermarket. Eating flowers is also an easy way to add color and variety to your home.


If you’re interested in creating a beautiful orchid display for your home, you may want to consider purchasing indoor orchid wall planters. You can choose a variety of indoor flower pots, including terracotta orchids, to hang on the wall. Some indoor orchid wall planters come with holes on the back for hanging, and others use Command hooks or chains.

Before buying indoor orchid wall planters, it’s important to know how to care for them properly. First, make sure they’re well-hydrated. You can soak sphagnum moss in water or use coconut fiber as a potting medium. These materials will keep the roots from drying out.

Indoor orchids require different watering practices than those grown outdoors. Make sure you water your plants on a daily basis. If you don’t have a separate watering container, you can bring the plants to a sink and run tepid water over their roots. Make sure the water doesn’t freeze or saturate their roots, which can lead to overwatering.

Orchids are not suited for full sun. Instead, they prefer indirect light throughout the day. If possible, move the plants around a few times a day to get the best light.

Morning glory

If you want a beautiful and graceful look for your indoor plants, then morning glories are a great choice. They are bushy and trailing, and look great in hanging baskets. Morning glories also do well in decorative window boxes and planters. In addition to being beautiful indoor plants, morning glories are very low-maintenance and low-cost.

These flowers come in many colors and can add a unique vertical element to your landscaping. They self-seed readily, so it is important to keep them in check. They can also smother other plants, so it is best to grow them in a container. However, in warmer climates, they are perennial.

Morning glory plants require full sun to grow. However, they also appreciate some shade. In general, they do not do well in hot, humid climates, but they can tolerate some heat. If you are growing them indoors, they are best planted after the danger of frost has passed. However, they can be quite invasive.

Before planting a morning glory, be sure to choose a planter with drainage holes. Morning glories should be planted with 1/4-inch-deep potting soil. If you want to keep them healthy, you can use half-strength fertilizer to keep them from wilting.