Adding storage options to your kitchen is important, and some of the best ways to do so aren’t traditional cabinet solutions. Magnetic organizers, wire baskets, and even a pool noodle can help you organize your kitchen in new and unique ways. Depending on the size of your kitchen, these solutions can be either wall-mounted or countertop-mounted, and you can find one that works perfectly for you.

Magnetic organizer

You can also mount a magnetic file organizer on your refrigerator. These can keep all kinds of papers and items organized – such as recipe books, cookbooks, and coupons. This is a great way to free up cabinet and counter space in your kitchen. These organizers can also be used to hold potted herbs and other plants.

Magnetic racks also make great storage space on the side of your refrigerator. You can use these organizers to hold all kinds of kitchen essentials, from spices to your pepper grinder. You can even use them to store your apron and butter crock. These organizers can even be purchased online.

To save space in your kitchen, you can create storage pockets using fabric napkins, hand towels, and cutting boards. You can also use chalkboard labels to label the containers and make them easy to find.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets are a unique and attractive way to organize your kitchen. They fit well in kitchen cabinets and add a modern look to the room. They are an excellent storage solution for bulk foods. You can also use wire baskets to organize your pantry. They are easy to find and can keep items of all heights and shapes organized.

You can also use wire baskets as storage for your clothes. These versatile storage units can be hung on the wall or hidden under a bench. For extra storage, try using wire baskets with fabric lining. These baskets can also conceal cleaning supplies, clothespins, and individual socks.

Hanging wire baskets can also be used for holding fruits and vegetables. You can customize them with wording or a specific color to create a personalized look. A white metal basket with an elephant stamped design is especially cute.

Pool noodle

For a space-saving storage solution for your pool noodle collection, consider buying a pool noodle storage bin. These bins are compact and feature an open design to help pool noodles dry. They also have splayed feet for stability. Moreover, they are made of sturdy materials and can last for many years.

One of the most useful uses for pool noodles is their versatility. They can be attached to a laundry basket, or can even float in water. They are handy for storing snacks and drinks, which are a must during the summer months. In addition, they’re inexpensive and available seasonally.

Another useful pool noodle storage idea is using an old laundry hamper. The mesh fabric allows for easy ventilation and faster drying of wet and dirty items. Similarly, you can also use an old laundry basket for smaller pool toys.

Spice rack

A tiered spice rack is a great way to display your spices and herbs so you can easily see what you’re cooking with. This organizer is also practical because it’s built on a deep shelf, which keeps bottles and jars from slipping off the shelf. To add even more storage, you can also get a rustic brown wood seasoning rack that functions as a drawer insert.

Rotating spice racks can be placed on your countertops, inside a pantry, or inside a cabinet. These racks rotate so you can easily access the jars without having to remove other items. These spice racks are also beautiful and can be purchased in different colors. You can even find attractive wood racks that coordinate with the rest of your kitchen’s decor.

Lazy susans are another great storage solution. They can be placed in corners or cupboards so that you can easily access them. Alternatively, you can also get a revolving rack which allows you to easily decant spices into their bottles.

Magazine file holder

Magazine file holders are a great way to organize and store items that you don’t use all the time. These are inexpensive and are often found in the office supply section of most stores. You can also use them to organize your groceries, clutch bags, and even your freezer.

You can buy magazine holders for as little as $1 at Target or other retail stores. They are also great for organizing paper goods in small kitchens and RVs. And since electronic gadgets are a major part of modern life, a magazine holder can be used to hide a modem or create a digital station.

Magazine holders can also be used to store craft supplies, such as scrapbook paper and cardstock. Many of them also serve as mail stations.

Vertical racks

Adding vertical storage to your kitchen is an excellent way to organize your space. You can place it in places where you would normally place other things, such as under the sink and above cabinets. You can also use it to store cleaning supplies or cooking tools. You can use plastic pencil trays nailed to cabinet doors, and you can hang plastic baskets above the sink. Alternatively, you can hang metal grids above your kitchen island to store pots and pans. In addition, you can hang pot holders and dish towels on coat racks.

If you’d rather store food items on higher shelves, you can install magnetic strips near your food preparation area. Another space-saving kitchen organization idea is to grow herbs in your kitchen and use vertical racks to store them. You can also install a hanging planter above the sink or install a shelf on the wall that gets ample sunlight. This will free up counter space, which you can use for cooking.

Pullout shelves

Pullout shelves are a great way to organize your kitchen and make it more functional. They eliminate the need to search through dark cupboards to find small items. They’re more advanced than the traditional pantry-style drawers and can improve the functionality of any kitchen or bathroom. Whether you have a small space or a large one, pullout shelves can provide you with a convenient way to store your items.

Pullout shelves can double your available cabinet space. Then, you can store more pots and pans without stacking them. You can also use a divider to store items of all sizes. Pullout shelves also come with additional pieces, such as towel racks, cutting boards, and door fronts. You can also add rolling casters to convert cubby shelving into an island. This way, you’ll be able to access everything easily and don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a tiny shelf.

A baking sheet divider will keep baking sheets, cooling racks, and cutting boards neat and organized. Another useful item is a drawer divider. These can keep food storage containers organized and lids separated.

Chalkboard paint

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and creative way to organize your kitchen, you may want to consider chalkboard paint. While most chalkboard paint comes in black, some stores also carry colored versions. These painted surfaces can serve a variety of purposes in the kitchen, and you can even use them to label pegs in the closet.

Besides kitchen cabinets, you can also use chalkboard paint on other surfaces, including the inside of filing cabinets and cabinet doors. This is particularly useful for labeling containers, because you can erase the old labels and rewrite them. Additionally, you can use chalkboard paint to decorate your refrigerator or even use it to write your shopping list.

In addition to being useful for labeling containers, chalkboard paint can also be used to create personalized gift tags. You can use black paint to write personal names or messages on jars.