Dead Sea salts are widely used as an alternative to cortisone in some skin problems and psoriasis. The active ingredient in the salts, Salydronate, is actually the very active ingredient in many over the counter anti-psoriasis creams.

Salydronate can be found in many of the commercial products sold by dermatologists. This product has been in use for more than 20 years and a number of dermatologists have found that it helps their patients who suffer from severe psoriasis. This is a skin condition in which the red patches on the skin occur in areas that are not normally affected by the skin.

When used in small amounts, the salves help to reduce the inflammation of the psoriasis. It can be used in creams, ointments, or even as a bath additive. It contains ingredients that make it safe for the skin, but that are also known to be effective in reducing the pain of psoriasis.

Salydronate is effective in decreasing the level of pain felt by the patient. It has other effects as well. There are a greater than sixty percent reduction in psoriasis redness and a seventy percent reduction in the swelling.

Dead Sea salts contain high concentrations of cations, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, sulfur, bromine, and zinc. These chemicals are very effective at cleaning and toning the skin and are also absorbed by the skin.

Minerals and chemicals work together in order to produce a healing effect. There are vitamins that are found in these salts that can also help to restore the balance between these elements. These minerals are essential for the skin to function properly.

Dead Sea salves contain minerals that help to soothe the skin. These minerals help to restore a healthy flow of blood and to remove damaged skin cells. This is important to the proper functioning of the body.

Salves also contain ingredients that are helpful in relieving the symptoms of the psoriasis. Such ingredients are oils, emollients, and waxes.

Oil-based products are best for someone with a special need. The oil can be used as an effective moisturizer. For those who have a sensitive skin, an all-natural ingredient such as emollients can be used.

Dead Sea salts also contain a number of moisturizers. Most of these moisturizers are included in the salves that are used for psoriasis. Moisturizers are usually applied directly to the skin and should be used sparingly.

Salves are also beneficial in the prevention of further outbreaks of psoriasis. The harmful chemicals contained in some cleansers and skin creams can cause more damage to the skin if they are used regularly.

Dead Sea salves are safe to use for psoriasis and can be beneficial in the healing process. As with any product, it is best to be sure that the doctor knows that you are using a product like this before making any recommendations for further research.