If you’re considering buying a Maine Coon cat, there are several factors you should consider. These factors include health insurance, cost, socialization, and where to find a breeder. Read on to learn more. This breed is one of the most affectionate cats you’ll ever own, and they love their owners more than anything.


The cost of buying a Maine Coon cat can range widely. The price you pay depends on the breed and the source of your kitten. A casual breeder may sell a kitten for $400, but will have to pay additional fees to be a member of the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Buying a Maine Coon from a reputable breeder will cost around $1000. However, the cost may not include lifetime veterinary care, bi-annual dental cleanings, and future treatments for hip dysplasia. While the Maine Coon is not a high-maintenance pet like a dog, you should plan accordingly.

The cost of buying a Maine Coon cat is also dependent on the health status of the cat. A purebred cat is more expensive than a non-pedigreed cat, but you should be wary of scams. Make sure the seller is reputable and has documentation to prove their status.

Finding a reputable breeder requires patience, but the internet makes finding a kitten easier. Just make sure you choose a reputable breeder who does not charge unreasonable prices. Find a breeder recommended by organizations or on social media. A reputable breeder will be willing to provide health records and genetic tests of their animals.

Maine Coon cats can be found all over the country. Many breeders breed them as pets and show cats. They are gentle giants and are very lovable around other pets and people. Because of their dog-like nature, the cost of buying a Maine Coon cat is quite high. If you plan to adopt a kitten, make sure you know how much you can afford. If you can’t afford a pet from a breeder, consider adopting one from a pet shelter.

Buying a Maine Coon cat can be costly, but there are ways to reduce expenses. Consider neutering the cat to avoid unwanted litters and unwanted pregnancies. The procedure can cost between $200 and $500. It’s also important to microchip your cat. Your vet will implant a microchip under your cat’s skin. This procedure can be costly, but it will ensure identification in case it becomes lost or stolen.

Cost of health insurance

When buying a Maine Coon cat, it is important to get health insurance. While the breed is generally healthy, there are many different ailments that can happen to them. Some of these problems can be expensive to treat. The cost of pet insurance when buying a Maine Coon cat depends on your budget and your personal preference. You can get lifetime cover insurance, accident-only insurance, or time-limited insurance.

If you choose to get health insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that the cost of medical care is covered in case of an accident. The policy will also cover medical expenses such as vet bills, medication, and complementary treatment prescribed by your vet. You will also be able to get a refund of your vet bills if your pet gets sick. In addition to this, you will be able to renew your insurance without any interruption.

Health insurance is important for every pet. The costs of health insurance for a Maine Coon vary, depending on the breed of the cat, the age, and the area where you live. However, pet insurance for cats is often much cheaper than insurance for dogs and can cover the costs of medication, annual exams, and shots.

In addition to pet insurance, you should also keep an emergency fund for your Maine Coon’s care. Veterinary bills can easily run into the thousands of dollars. For this reason, it is crucial to prepare for emergency expenses and keep at least $500-$1,500 in your emergency fund.

In addition to emergency care, health insurance for your Maine coon should also cover routine and elective surgeries. You should also look for insurance for hereditary and congenital diseases as these are covered by the majority of pet insurance plans. However, it is important to note that time-limited insurance plans do not cover chronic health conditions.

Where to find a breeder

There are a few ways to find a Maine Coon cat breeder in your area. Shubacoons Maine Coon Cattery in Binghamton, NY, is one of the best. This breeder is CFA certified and is a husband-and-wife team. Their cats are raised underfoot in a cage-free environment and have the run of their entire home. They also limit the number of kittens they breed to ensure that every cat receives exceptional care.

If you want to buy a Maine Coon cat, look for a breeder that is experienced in raising the breed. Experienced breeders tend to raise healthier kittens. They also know which kittens are likely to grow larger than average. The breeder you choose should be willing to answer all of your questions and be able to provide you with the paperwork to prove it.

While there are Maine Coon cat breeders all over the country, it is best to find one in your area. You can search online for Maine Coon cat breeders or contact your local pet store or adoption agency. Just be sure to do your homework and avoid scams! Alternatively, you can join a Facebook group and ask around about local breeders in your area. This increases the chances of finding a legitimate pedigree claim.

Once you have narrowed down your list of Maine Coon breeders, you can conduct a reverse image search to find out whether you’re buying a genuine Maine Coon kitten. A reputable Maine Coon breeder will not advertise their kittens in newspaper ads or on the internet. In addition, they’ll do tests on their animals to ensure they’re healthy and will have no problem taking back your new pet if necessary.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a Maine Coon cat

If you plan on adopting a Maine Coon cat, you should know that these cats are incredibly affectionate and need lots of time with their owners. The only drawback of this type of cat is that it is not a good choice for those who are not very fond of cats. In addition to being affectionate, they are also highly social creatures, and they need time with their owners on a regular basis.

Whether you intend to keep your Maine Coon indoors or outdoors, this breed requires a lot of attention. You’ll need to provide plenty of playtime and exercise to keep it happy. While it may seem like a small commitment, the love and affection of a Maine Coon cat is worth it.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Maine Coon cat, make sure the breeder is a registered breeder. These breeders will be able to show you their full vaccination records and guarantee the cats’ purity. However, they may be more expensive than other breeders. Also, remember that kittens from unscrupulous sellers can turn up on websites such as Gumtree. These sellers use clickbait techniques to lure in buyers.

There are many myths and misconceptions about this breed of cat. The breed is renowned for being docile and loving, but you must consider your lifestyle and budget before purchasing a Maine Coon. They are also known for their propensity to groom humans with their rough tongues. While their size and temperament may be a turn-off for some, these cats are great for families with small children.

While Maine Coon kittens are hardy and healthy, they are not immune to medical problems. Ensure that your kitten was checked by a vet and is in good health. You should also ask about its diet and living conditions. A healthy diet is crucial for your Maine Coon cat’s health.