If your dog enjoys chewing, a Dogwood chew toy is a great option. These chews combine classic Dogwood durability with the taste of Mesquite BBQ. Your pooch will love them. It’s also a great way to exercise your dog’s natural instinct to chew.


The Benebone dogwood chew toy comes in several sizes, including small, medium, and large. They are safe for smaller dogs, but should be kept away from large dogs. Since the toy’s irregular shapes and closed holes may become stuck on the dog, be sure to choose a size that is appropriate for your dog’s size.

Dogwood chew toys are safe and non-toxic alternatives to real wood sticks. Real wood can splinter and cause a hazard to the dog’s mouth, so it’s important to purchase a toy that is made of synthetic material for added strength. They are great for outdoor interactive play and retrieval training.

Dogwood chew toys are made in the USA. They are lead and phthalate-free. They also promote dental health and massage the dog’s gums. As a bonus, these toys don’t splinter or split like real sticks and bones. Dogwood chew toys are a great way to train your dog out of destructive chewing behavior.

While chew toys are not a substitute for a toothbrush and toothpaste, they are an excellent tool to help your dog improve his dental health. Not only do they keep your dog entertained and relieve stress, but they can also prevent a dog from developing dental problems. Moreover, Benebone dogwood chew toys are made from natural, sustainable sources. So, they are safe to use and will last your dog for a long time.


Dogwood chew toys are designed to withstand aggressive chewing and are safe for dogs and their teeth. They are made from a combination of synthetic materials and real wood fibers, which means they won’t splinter or damage your dog’s teeth. There are four sizes to choose from.

Goughnuts are available as rings or sticks. They come in various strengths depending on your dog’s size. If you’d prefer a larger Goughnut for an aggressive chewer, you should look for the “Pro” line, which comes with a bright yellow spot. These toys have great reviews from users, and most dogs love them.

This toy is made with durable materials, and your dog will love chewing on it. It is available in four sizes, including the Petite, which is four inches long. The Small size is best for a tiny dog, which may not be able to handle the larger size. This toy is durable enough to handle aggressive chewing, and has an embedded squeaker to keep your dog amused and engaged.

The ridges on Dogwood chew toys help prevent plaque buildup. The hollow interior of these toys allows you to fill it with treats, and your dog will enjoy chewing on it for hours. The ridges help keep your dog’s mouth open while chewing, which reduces the leverage on the jaw. These toys are also dishwasher-safe and are safe for heavy chewers.

Outward Hound Beyond Bone

The Outward Hound Beyond Bone dogwood Chew Toy is a great choice for dogs who love chewing. The durable, bone-like toy is made in the USA and will keep your dog’s mouth busy for hours. It also comes in a variety of sizes. Small sizes are 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, while medium sized toys are 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

This durable wood toy mimics the flavor of real wood, and unlike the plastic alternatives, the dogwood will last for a long time. Plus, it is lead and phthalate-free. Whether your dog is teething or simply looking for a chew toy, your dog will love chewing on this toy.

This chew toy comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Dogwood is a popular chew toy for dogs, and this new variety is loaded with sweet mesquite flavour. This durable chew toy is perfect for keeping your pup occupied during chew time, while keeping the flavour on the bone, and off your furniture. These toys can be purchased at McMac Pet SA.

Titan Busy Bounce

If your dog is a serious chewer, this Titan Busy Bounce Dogwood Chew is the perfect solution. It is constructed of tough FDA-approved rubber that can withstand heavy usage. It bounces in an unpredictable pattern that keeps your dog engaged and mentally stimulated.

These durable dogwood chew toys are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They can even float, which makes them a great choice if you have a swimming dog. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, making them a great choice for different sized dogs. While these toys may be durable, they are not indestructible, so don’t leave them unsupervised. And be sure to replace them if they are damaged or lose their appeal.

Titan’s Busy Bounce Dogwood Chew Toy is safe to use outdoors and is made from FDA-approved rubber. It can be filled with dog food or treats and is dishwasher safe. Natural wood chewing can be dangerous and toxic to dogs, so this dog toy is a great alternative.

While real wood sticks are not good for dogs with dental problems, the Petstages Dogwood chew toys are designed to withstand aggressive chewing. They mimic real wood with the same texture, but are made of lead-free synthetic materials that won’t splinter. The toys are also available in different scents for a variety of tastes. Your dog will love the smell and the texture of the toy. Using a toy designed for chewing can help your dog deal with separation anxiety and boredom.

MC Works Indestructible Pineapple

This durable and colorful pineapple dog toy has a pineapple-shaped body with a textured surface for your dog to chew on. It also makes squeaky noises. Its material is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It will keep your dog busy for hours. It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. You can even add peanut butter paste inside for your dog’s treats.

Besides being durable, the Petstages Dogwood chew toy is also made in the U.S.A. and mimics the texture and taste of a real tree branch. This chew toy is great for your dog’s oral hygiene and is safe enough for outdoor play as well. It is available in various sizes and scents, so your dog can find the perfect size to chew on.

This chew toy is made of non-toxic polyfill and is more durable than many cheaper toys. It is also made of a unique material, which makes it softer than nylon and tougher than rubber chew toys. Its ergonomic design helps your dog calm down if he or she chews aggressively. Additionally, it helps relieve jaw fatigue.

Hyper Pet Flying Duck

The Hyper Pet Flying Duck is an interactive slingshot for dogs that can launch up to 100 feet into the air. It’s made of durable latex and polyester. With a bungee neck, this toy can be launched over water for retrieval. This toy is also a great option if your pet likes to swim.

Dogwood chew toys are a great alternative to real wood sticks. They have the same texture as a natural tree branch, but won’t splinter. Plus, they’re made in the USA! These toys are great for active chewers and anxious chewers.