The CatLife bed frame was made with your cat’s comfort in mind. It offers a variety of different options to keep your feline friend happy and content. The frame is also designed with fun features to keep your cat entertained. Its unique features make it an excellent choice for any cat lover! It’s also durable and easy to clean.

Gatrimonial bed

A revolutionary new cat bed frame called the Gatrimonial has arrived on the market. Created by Colombian company CatLife, this cat bed frame features a wood frame with decorative holes on both sides. These holes create a labyrinth-like design that allows cats to navigate the bed, and provide a safe haven for cats to explore.

CatLife has designed the Gatrimonial bed to provide an interactive experience for cats. The wooden frame features a labyrinth-like labyrinth with multiple holes for your cat to play with. This multi-functional piece of furniture is made with both the pet and the owner in mind.

For many cat owners, sleeping next to their cat can be a challenging situation. This product, which is made in Colombia, has a labyrinth in the base that cats love to play in. Although the Gatrimonial bed does not include a mattress, the Colombian company makes a similar product that comes with a cat tower and shelves.

Microchip cat door

Microchip cat doors are an easy way to allow your cat to come and go as they please. These doors can be mounted on a door, window, or wall. They read microchips and are compatible with up to 32 different cats. The microchip cat door is easy to install and is a DIY project.

The mounting adaptor comes with the Microchip Cat Door Connect. It allows you to install the door in a circular hole of about 8 1/2″ to 10 1/4″. The total dimensions of the mounting adaptor are 285mm. The door’s mounting adaptor allows you to mount it on a wall without messy adhesive or drilling holes in the wall.

This door is compatible with most microchips and RFID collar tags. It can store up to 32 IDs and has four manually-set programs. The door opens and closes automatically, making it difficult for a cat to escape without the device. A microchip on the cat’s back prevents the door from being opened by other cats or raccoons.

Another benefit to the Microchip cat door is its ability to track a pet’s activity. It can be programmed to open when it detects a pet near the door or walks toward it. It also has directional sensors that limit the amount of time it stays open.

Maya Donut cat bed

The Maya Donut cat bed is a plush round design that’s perfect for cats up to 11 lbs. Its deep cushion is incredibly soft to the touch, and its designer feet are easily removable for easy cleaning. The design is versatile enough for a variety of home styles, from modern to classical. Choose from two sophisticated colours, or customize it with the addition of designer feet.

The Maya Donut cat bed is completely washable, and the cover is machine washable. This is important because no cat should sleep in a dirty bed. A good bed is not only easy to maintain, but it looks good in your home. You can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

The Maya Donut cat bed frame comes with a removable foot protector, and the design is adaptable to fit your floor perfectly. The frame also has an adjustable height, making it perfect for smaller homes. It also comes with a bolster shape for better support. The Maya Donut cat bed frame is suitable for cats up to 11 lbs.

Lyon cat bed

A Lyon cat bed frame is ideal for cats that need a place to sleep. The frame comes with a built-in maze that will keep your cat entertained. It mounts to the wall for easy installation and is available in different sizes. This bed also allows your cat to get plenty of exercise. It has 16 different colors to choose from.

Nochero Vera cat bed

The Nochero Vera cat bed frame is a great way to provide your kitty with a cozy and comfortable place to sleep. Designed with a high cushioned wall and fluffy white interior, this cat bed is ideal for both small and large cats. The bed is available in several sizes to fit your kitty’s needs.