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Camillus Forest Unique Area

The Camillus Forest Unique Area is located in Onondaga County, New York. It was settled in 1796 by John and Sarah Vacher. It was later transferred to the Hopkins family in 1810. The land was used for farming until the late 1880s. According to the 1855 agricultural census, the land was mostly cropland, meadow, and pasture. The area was home to a high percentage of sheep and swine.

The forest is three-hundred and fifty-five acres and is located eight miles west of Syracuse, New York. The Camillus Forest Unique Area contains diverse open spaces and offers a variety of passive recreational activities. A 40-acre forest in the southwest corner of the park is a prime example of an old growth forest. The area has been managed to maintain its diversity.

Closed one half hour after sunset

Camillus, New York, is in the Eastern Standard time zone. It is a time zone that is a half hour ahead of Greenwich, Connecticut. However, there are some differences. For example, in Camillus, the sun sets one half hour earlier than in Greenwich. Those who live in this time zone should take this into account.

Camillus is also home to 350 acres of the Camillus Forest Unique Area, which is eight miles west of Syracuse. This area has an elevation of 400-710 feet. The park is popular for a wide range of recreational activities. It has grasslands that were once managed for crop product, but now have been restored to grassland habitat. Some of these areas are home to rare bird species.