Union Township is a township in Union County, New Jersey. It was formerly known as Connecticut Farms. This community is rich in history, with many places to visit. In addition to Union Square, you’ll find a historic Banning Mills, APEX Museum, and Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Union Square

Union Square is an iconic neighborhood that has lots to offer for visitors. Its pedestrian plaza, followed by a busy park, draws a diverse crowd of students and professionals to the area. The neighborhood is dotted with high-rise apartments, big-name chains, and casual eateries. There’s also the Union Square Greenmarket, which draws throngs of shoppers looking for local produce and artisanal foods.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your evening, there are several theater options in and around the area. The Curran Theater, for example, is a great place to watch pre-Broadway shows. In fact, Wicked got its start in this venue before it made its way onto Broadway. There are a limited number of performances here, but you’ll find one or two that you’ll love. There’s also the American Conservatory Theatre, a non-profit theater that hosts contemporary and classical productions. Whether you want to enjoy a classic show or see the latest acclaimed performance, there’s something for everyone.

Union Square is home to several historic locations. The pedestrian plaza is anchored by the city’s oldest operating bar, which survived Prohibition as a flower shop. The area also features an art museum, which is one of the most popular attractions in the area. The Fotografiska New York museum, built in 1894, is a world-class photography museum. This landmark features five floors of art, cultural events, and rotating exhibits. There’s also a $1 bin.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Things to do in Union include Sweetwater Creek state park, which features an interactive interpretive center that was built using sustainable design practices. It was the first LEED Platinum Certified building in the Southeast and cost $1.5 million. The facility has interactive exhibits, printed guides, and snacks for visitors. Its green features include solar panels, bioretention ponds, and green roofs.

Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy the park’s several hiking trails. A popular trail, the Red Trail, is just under two miles long and winds along the Sweetwater Creek. Afterwards, hikers can explore the ruins of the New Manchester Mill, which was destroyed by Union troops during the Civil War in Georgia. The park’s other attractions include picnicking and birdwatching areas. The state park also features a boat launch and campground.

The park costs $5 to visit and is open from 7 a.m. to dusk. The park also has the remains of the former Sweetwater Manufacturing Company, which produced cotton, yarn, and fabric. It was originally called the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, named after the center of the textile industry in Manchester, England. The mill was captured by Union troops during the Civil War, and General Sherman ordered it burned down.

Union City is home to many eateries. There is a deli and Little Caesars Pizza in the city. There’s also a Mexican restaurant called El Burrito.

Historic Banning Mills

The Historic Banning Mills in Union, Georgia is a unique place to explore. Located in a peaceful rural setting, this area was once a thriving community. The area’s old mill, which played a crucial role in the cotton industry, was converted into a museum.

The Banning Mill closed in 1971 after 130 years of operation. In the 1990s, Atlanta businesswoman Patricia Brown purchased the mill, which had begun to fall apart. She partnered with the University of West Georgia’s Public History Center to bring this historic place to life. Since then, the mill has been a popular destination for visitors.

Visitors can explore the 250-acre site via hiking trails. The trails provide the perfect opportunity to connect with nature. Hikers can explore the mill’s water raceway and snake creek, or enjoy views of the beautiful fall foliage. There are also plenty of accommodations in the historic building, such as a luxurious spa and restaurant.

The historic Banning Mills is a world-class adventure destination. The park features a zip line course that stretches for 89 meters (137 feet). It also has a suspended bridge and tree houses for a secluded getaway. The park also has swimming pools and a conference center.

APEX Museum

The APEX Museum is located in historic Sweet Auburn, Georgia, near Atlanta. It was founded in 1978 by filmmaker Dan Moore Sr., and features an African-American heritage. The museum’s mission is to educate visitors about the contributions of African Americans to the United States. The museum is a stop on the US Civil Rights Trail.

The APEX Cultural Arts Center has three galleries, two studio classrooms, and a 150-seat theater. You can also take a ride on a restored historic steam engine or take a self-guided tour of the railroad equipment. You can also enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at Daniel’s Restaurant & Catering. The Apex Museum also hosts the Apex Music Festival and Peak Fest, two events celebrated annually.

The APEX Museum’s exhibits are designed to build a personal connection between visitors and artifacts. One such exhibit features enslaved people’s logs, and another showcases a timeline of African history. The museum is located in an old building constructed by African-American masons.

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Dry Creek Cottage & Gardens

Dry Creek Cottage & Gardens in Union is a beautiful garden surrounded by nature. The 60-acre property has a variety of hiking trails and a quaint cottage. The gardens also feature a variety of plants. This location is also easily accessible to those with disabilities. It’s a great place to spend time with family or friends and enjoy nature.

The property was donated to the Park District in 1979. In 2007, it reopened as a public park. It’s home to more than 200 species of plants, including rare and heirloom varieties. The historic cottage was formerly the summer home of the Meyers sisters, Edith, Mildred, and Jeanette. Afterward, the sisters donated the property to the East Bay Regional Park District, which opened Dry Creek Regional Park.

Snuffy’s Famous Steakhouse & Pantagis Renaissance

The closure of Snuffy’s Famous Steak House & Pantagis Renaissance in Union is not surprising, given the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Although it’s not clear what caused the outbreak, the restaurant’s management has apologized to those who had booked events there. Pantagis Enterprises did not respond to requests for comment. Founded in 1932 by William Robertson, the restaurant has been in operation for 82 years. During the Prohibition era, the restaurant was known for its speakeasies. Robertson retired from speakeasies in Mountainside, New Jersey, and sold Snuffy’s in 1972.

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The restaurant’s employees can report harassment in many ways, and it can include physical and mental abuse. A recent report found that a female employee working at Snuffy’s was sexually harassed by a male co-worker. The manager also jokingly commented on the size of Alston’s genitals. He suggested Alston to another male employee who had not had sex in a while. Despite the humiliation, Alston continued to work at the $8-a-hour restaurant because she needed the money to pay her rent in North Plainfield and buy a car.