The Royal Canin Kitten Sterilised in Jelly Wet (Sachet) is a complete food for your kitten. It contains high-quality protein, balanced vitamins and minerals, and a specially adapted kibble. It is the perfect choice for kittens that have recently been sterilized.

Malachite 9

Royal Canin kitten food for Maine Coons has a specially formulated protein and energy profile, which ensures good growth and development. It also contains prebiotics and digestible proteins, which are necessary for proper digestion. This food is recommended for kittens up to 15 months of age.

Malachite, Royal Canin kitten Maine Coon 10 kg is made for cats that are growing quickly and need high-quality food. This is a good choice for those who want a food that is rich in protein and calcium. However, you must consider how much your cat will weigh before choosing a suitable food.

During the first month of life, your kitten will need a special diet, as it will need a lot of energy and good health. This food is made up of high-quality ingredients, and it includes vitamins, minerals, and zdrav to keep your kitten happy and healthy.

Malachite, Royal Canin kitten Maine Coon dry food provides all the nutrients your kitten needs in its growing phase. The unique composition of the food provides your kitten with the right balance of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. It also promotes healthy oral hygiene. This food is ideal for supporting your kitten’s natural defences, and it contains antioxidants that support the immune system.

High quality protein

A high quality protein diet is important for the growth of your Maine Coon kitten. It supports a healthy digestive system and provides essential nutrients to support bone development. Its high digestibility and L.I.P. (low indigestible protein) content helps support the intestinal flora.

The Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Food is specially formulated for the needs of this breed. It is rich in adapted energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps support a healthy immune system. It also contains specific nutrients to promote long-term health of your kitten.

Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Dry Food provides all the essential nutrients your Maine Coon needs to stay healthy and strong. It also includes prebiotics to support your kitten’s healthy intestinal flora. It is an ideal choice for your kitten, as it is low-cost and contains high-quality protein.

Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Adult is formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of adult Maine Coon cats. It is rich in taurine, DHA, and EPA. It is a high-quality dry cat food with omega 3 fatty acids and borage oil. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

Balanced supply of vitamins and minerals

A balanced supply of vitamins and minerals is essential for your kitten’s health and well-being. Royal Canin’s Maine Coon kitten food is made with specially formulated protein and contains balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus. It also contains prebiotics and an exclusive antioxidant complex that support the kitten’s natural defenses.

Royal Canin’s Maine Coon Kitten provides the essential nutrition needed by a Maine Coon kitten during its long growth period. This food contains specially formulated protein and energy content for healthy bone and joint development. The formula also contains vitamin E and antioxidants to aid in your kitten’s health.

Adapted kibble

Maine Coon kittens are known for their large jaws, so a special kibble has been designed to support their chewing habits. This formula is high in vitamins and minerals, and provides a balanced supply of nutrients for long-term health. This diet is also high in energy, supporting the long-term development of their bones and joints. The adapted kibble formula contains a unique antioxidant complex that strengthens their natural defenses.

A high-quality protein diet is important for a growing kitten’s development. The Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten provides highly digestible protein with low indigestible protein, and it contains prebiotics to promote healthy intestinal flora. A patented antioxidant complex is also included in the formula, helping to promote healthy skin, coat, and overall health of your kitten.

This food is enriched with taurine, EPA, DHA, and omega-3 fatty acids. This formula also contains special amino acids that promote healthy skin and coat. Its high energy density allows you to serve smaller portions to your pet while still providing ample nutrition for their active lifestyle.

Maine Coon kittens can reach the age of 15 months. While their immune systems are still developing, their nutritional requirements are unique. It is vital that they receive a diet with high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Supports natural defences

Royal Canin kitten maine coon 10 kg supports your kitten’s natural defences and growth with a balanced, highly digestible diet rich in L.I.P. protein, which promotes balanced growth and maintains a healthy balance of intestinal flora. This balanced, complete food helps your kitten develop a strong, healthy immune system that can help it fight off infectious diseases.

Developed for this large breed, Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten supports healthy digestion and bone development, with an adapted protein source, balanced calcium and phosphorus intake and balanced prebiotics. Because the digestive system of the Maine Coon is still immature, it requires a diet rich in high quality protein. With 11.5 g of protein per kg, this food is ideal for your kitten’s growing body and digestive system.

Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten is formulated specifically for Maine Coon kittens aged four to 15 months. The food contains a precise balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which promote healthy growth and bone and joint development. The unique cube-shaped kibble also encourages chewing.