If you are looking for Things To Do in McClusky, North Dakota, then you have come to the right place. This small city is located near more than 500 cities and is just over an hour away from the nearest one. There are a couple of schools, two city parks, and a public swimming pool. If you want to enjoy a delicious meal without a long drive, you can try some of the local restaurants.

Several schools

The McClusky Public Schools are canceling in-person learning on Tuesday, Oct. 29, and Wednesday, Oct. 30, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The district announced the cancellation on Facebook on Monday. It will switch to a hybrid short-term learning model. Students will not attend school on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the district will notify parents of the schedule on Friday.

Two city parks

McClusky has two city parks – the main park and Hoffer Lake. Both offer fishing and camping, as well as recreational activities for the entire family. The main city park has covered shelters, playground equipment, and facilities for RVs. In addition, McClusky’s Hoffer Lake is a popular destination for year-round fishing.

The two city parks are surrounded by a canal. This canal is an important feature in the Garrison Diversion Unit Principal Supply Works and conveys water from Lake Audubon to the west side of the Lonetree Wildlife Management Area. The canal was built from 1969 to 1976 under eight separate contracts.

Public swimming pool

In McClusky, ND, there is a public swimming pool that is open to the public. The pool is called the Kathy Davis Memorial Pool, and it is open for lap swimming, free swimming, and swimming lessons. It also hosts swim teams and offers a range of other amenities, such as changing rooms. This swimming pool is located at 222 Ave F W. You can use the facility to cool off in the summer and to swim laps during the winter.


The Public Schools in McClusky, North Dakota are tuition-free and state-funded, which means that any child can attend. Public schools are required by law to educate all children, regardless of income or family circumstances. The North Dakota state constitution specifies that all children must receive an education. To make sure that every child has the opportunity to attend school, each state has a compulsory education law, and McClusky is no exception. Public schools in McClusky have a student-teacher ratio of 6:1.

When looking for a new school, it’s a good idea to consider the quality of the public schools in McClusky, North Dakota. You can use a rating service like GreatSchools to compare schools in different cities and towns. GreatSchools evaluates schools based on a variety of quality indicators, including test scores, college readiness, and equity data.

Public schools in Mcclusky offer a wide variety of educational opportunities. You can find a public elementary school, a private Catholic school, and a high school in this small community. There are a number of businesses and organizations offering recreational activities and sports in the area. Mcclusky also has a public swimming pool and several parks.


The community of McClusky, North Dakota is surrounded by numerous recreational opportunities. The city has two city parks and is home to many activities. Heart Park, just south of Highway 200, features a heart sculpture, gazebo, playground equipment, and is a popular spot for weddings. The city’s main park is adjacent to the city’s Kathy Davis Memorial Pool. Both parks are clean and have covered shelters and facilities for RV’s. The town also offers year-round fishing in Hoffer Lake.

The McClusky Canal supplies water to these lakes, including the Chain of Lakes Recreation Area. The area has 62 campsites, fishing, and boating activities. There is also a dump station, six vault toilets, and three boat ramps. A campground loop is also available at the Chain of Lakes.