Losing weight is truly a battle and it seems that it’s a battle we seem to be losing. When the very foods we eat are making us fat; presents a big problem. Scientist have made advances in every level; from having fuel efficient cars to having technology in the palm of our hands. However, when it comes to food and how it helps us maintain a healthy weight; scientist improved our food source so they say. In the the race to make things efficient they are also making us fatter. Genetically Modified Organism(GMO) are foods genetically improved to help our foods to be stronger and better. Which is also in turn making us fat. Ironically, it seems that when it comes to weight-loss and food we need to go back to a simpler time.

A non-Genetically Modified Organism(GMO) diet free from scientific advances is the only way to go. We need to go back to nature and eat only meats and plants that are not genetically modified. Our bodies are not made to process GMO’s thus eliminating it from our diets is the solution. .

Genetically modified foods are easy to spot or so you would think. They are easily spotted in pre-packaged foods and so forth. “Natural” and “organic” does not mean that it’s a green light to eat to your hearts content. Be aware that genetically modified plants for instance are being fed to the “supposed” organically raised cattle. So consumers be very aware. Look for foods labeled non-GMO and read those pesky labels.

Can you ever really be free from GMO’s? Yes, by being strict with your diet and knowledgeable with what you buy. By nurturing your body with non-GMO foods most of the time you will be well on your way. At least when it comes to weight-loss going back to nature versus eating GMO’s in our diets is a good step towards better health. A non-GMO diet for natural weight-loss just proves that not all advances in technology are good for us. Let scientist make advances on numerous things but, they need to stay out of our food. Try the non-GMO diet for natural weight-loss and you will not only feel better but, look better.