There are many great places to visit in Dunkerton, and there are many activities for kids of all ages. There are museums, hidden gems, parks, and disc golf courses. You can find tickets online for each one, and make sure you read the information about the attractions before you visit.

Disc golf

If you love to play disc golf, Dunkerton is the perfect place to make a trip. There are several great courses in the area and the town is located near more than 56 courses. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to disc golf, there’s a course to suit your needs. There’s also a pro shop and a friendly atmosphere to make your trip a success.

There’s a 9-hole course in Canfield Park, which winds around a playground and along a creek. The course is marked by concrete blocks at grade level and includes an arrow pointing to the target. The park is located three blocks north of Dunkerton Road and across a bridge. The 1st tee is located near the parking lot on the north side of the street.

The Disc Golf Course is open during the summer months. It is open seven days a week. Although it’s not publicly owned, it’s occasionally rented for private events or tournaments. The course is ADA-approved and has tees for players of all abilities.

Disc golf is a fun and inexpensive way to spend a day outdoors. Similar to traditional golf, the objective of disc golf is to get your disc into a basket with the least number of shots. Disc golf is great fun for all ages and abilities, and can be a great way to spend a day with friends and family.


Museums in Dunkerton are great for kids and adults alike. There are a wide variety of places to visit, including local historical attractions, science museums, and animal parks. In fact, you can even purchase tickets online for some of them. While these attractions are fun, many are educational, so you’ll want to take the whole family.

The town of Dunkerton, Iowa, is a quaint, small town with many kid-friendly attractions. It also features a public pool, playground, and skate park. There are also bowling alleys, movie theaters, and several parks where you can go for a picnic. In addition, the local restaurants are kid-friendly.

The Lily’s Hotel is believed to be haunted by two ghosts, a former merchant and a woman in a ballroom outfit. People have reported hearing a singing voice and objects moving. Native Americans also frequent Dunkerton. In fact, the town’s namesake, Lou Millville, was discovered by two braves in the woods after he was found friendly with the Native Americans.


If you want to enjoy the outdoors in Dunkerton, you should consider visiting the parks in this city. The town has four parks, including Charma Park, and a walking trail. There is also the Mixdorf Nature Preserve just north of the city. In addition, the Dunkerton Sportsman’s Club is located on Wheeler Road, and offers fun activities for all ages.

For an inexpensive way to entertain kids, try renting an inflatable bounce house, also known as a water slide or party jumper. A bounce house is a popular place for kids to play, and it can give parents a much-needed break. Depending on your needs and budget, you can host your bounce house party at a local park or indoors. Just remember to consider safety. A good party rental company will have insurance to protect your guests.

Hidden gems

If you’re looking for a place to live in Somerset, then you’ll want to consider Dunkerton. This town is situated on the northern slope of the Cam Brook valley. It is an ancient settlement that’s mentioned in the Domesday Book. Its name comes from Anglo-Saxon words, referring to a stone structure on Duncorne Hill, approximately one mile from Bath.

Historic sites

If you’re planning a trip to Dunkerton, Iowa, you’ll be glad to know that there are several historic sites nearby. This town is home to the Dunkerton Public Library, which was completely rebuilt out of the flood zone and reopened in December 2010. This new facility includes computers, an expanded inventory, and a children’s section. RV travel allows you to customize your itinerary to suit your own personal needs, whether you want to spend a day exploring the historic sites, or spend the night in your own home.

The Dunkerton Bridge is another historic site. Built in 1909, this bridge carried the local street over Crane Creek. It was designed and built by the Marsh Engineering Company of Des Moines, Iowa, and replaced a previous span at a different location. The bridge was important to the town because it served as an entrance to the town from the north. Today, the bridge is used to carry pedestrian traffic between Charma Park and Marble Street in downtown Dunkerton. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Despite the small size of Dunkerton, IA, there is a huge amount to do in the area. The city boasts plenty of hiking trails, beautiful views, and plenty of outdoor activities. There are also a number of campgrounds to choose from, each with their own amenities and sites. One of the most popular camping spots is the Wilder Park, which features more than 50 sites. It also offers two fishing areas, a dog park, volleyball mini golf, and two playgrounds.

Camping is a great way to get away from it all. The great outdoors are full of adventure and spontaneity. With the right gear and some knowledge, you can discover hidden hiking trails, make new friends, and explore the area. Camping is an ideal way to get away from everyday life and build memories of your own.