You have plenty of options for storing your LEGO collection, but you may be wondering how you can organize them the best way. The good news is that there are many organizing ideas to help you make this task easier and more effective. Some ideas include using plastic containers with lids, a Lazy Susan, or metal buckets.

Using plastic containers with covers

One of the simplest ways to store Legos is by using plastic containers with covers. These bins can be purchased in sets and will last for years. They are also inexpensive and are ideal for storing large quantities of Legos. They also have compartments and a see-through lid that makes it easy for kids to find what they’re looking for.

One of the benefits of using containers with covers is that they’re stackable. The smaller ones will stack snugly while larger ones will slide a few centimeters. This makes it difficult to carry a tall stack, but they’re perfect for temporary storage. If you’re storing more than a few thousand Lego sets, you might want to use a stacking bin with a lid that can be locked when not in use.

When considering storage for Legos, keep in mind the age of your children. Kids will be kids, so they’ll tend to dump out boxes and grab what they want. They’re not yet ready to sit around and sort through all the pieces. So, keeping Legos organized is a good way to prevent chaos and let your child enjoy the activity.

Another helpful LEGO storage idea is using small plastic bins. These plastic storage bins are great for storing small sets of LEGOs and have lids. You can also purchase plastic stacked storage containers that have lids. These plastic bins have covers and can stack. Lastly, you can choose to use a storage cabinet with 44 drawers.

Using a Lazy Susan

Lazy susans can help you organize and find things quickly and easily. They are the perfect tool for storing items with odd shapes and make them easier to reach. The rotating mechanism makes it easy to find items and prevents them from getting misplaced. They are also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

A lazy susan can help keep all your Lego pieces in one place. You can choose a clear one to store small Lego sets or keep large blocks of Lego on. Another option is a divided one. This model has dividers and a round center area that rotates the pieces. Alternatively, you can buy a wooden one, which is both functional and stylish.

Lazy Susans are also a good solution for storing large LEGO collections. They are inexpensive, easy to clean, and require no assembly. They can even be found at your local Dollar Store. You can buy them in a variety of colors and then use them to separate LEGO by color. Lazy Susans also make for a fun display and look great in the child’s room or playroom.

Another great way to store Lego is to use drawers and boxes. These can be stacked or placed in a single shelf. They make it easy for kids to find the Lego pieces that they want to play with. You can also buy Lego organizers in various sizes and colors and store them in a single shelf or under a bed. For extra convenience, consider using an acrylic stacking drawer to keep Lego blocks in one area. You can even add color name labels to the drawers.

Using metal buckets

Metal buckets can be a great way to organize Lego pieces. They are also inexpensive and can be used to store toys. These containers are also useful for storing building materials. You can find a tutorial on creating a hanging bucket rack on SnapGuide. You can also use the same idea to organize Lego building materials.

If you are planning to use these containers as storage containers for Lego, make sure to label them properly. Labeling the storage containers will make sorting and everyday cleanup much easier. One way to organize your collection is to separate the pieces by color. You can create a big bin for the general types of bricks, and smaller ones for specialty bricks. This is a fun, visually appealing way to organize your Lego collection, but is more suitable for smaller collections.

Another method is to use drawers in shallow drawers. You can also use drawer dividers to add additional storage space. You can also repurpose a train table for LEGO storage by removing the train tracks and adding base plates. Another example is a train table that has drawers underneath and color-coded baskets. Another great idea is a wall-mounted cabinet drawer organizer. This way, you can save valuable desk space.

Metal buckets can also be used to store LEGO sets. You can create a beautiful, hanging display by using them. You can even label the buckets to make it easier for your kids to identify them. You can label the buckets in different colors or silver so that they can easily identify the contents. If you have a large collection of LEGOs, you can place the instructions manuals in them too.

Using metal S-hooks

A good way to create an organized play area is to use hanging bins. These create a neat display of your child’s Lego collection while making it easy to access. To create this look, buy a few plastic buckets with handles from a dollar store or paint a few of them a bright color. Then, use S-hooks to hang the buckets and label them with the contents. You can also use curtain rods to create a hanging system.

Another idea is to organize your Legos by color. You can either choose clear bins to make sorting easier, or non-clear ones so you can easily label them. Rainbow-colored organization is also fun and aesthetically pleasing, and works well for smaller collections. If you’re not too concerned with the exact color of your Lego collection, you can use a rainbow-colored system.

You can also use plastic organizers to keep your Legos in order. These are available online, and can be made to fit under a coffee table. Alternatively, you can buy a wooden organizer that slides away when not in use. You can also buy a play mat that doubles as a storage area for your Legos. The advantage of using a play mat is that it’s easy to clean.