Lesterville is a township located in Reynolds County, Missouri. If you’re looking for a great getaway spot, consider Lesterville. The town is home to some of the best attractions in Missouri and is an excellent spot for an overnight stay. You can check out its weekly newsletter and view a list of local attractions.

Lesterville’s weekly email newsletter

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Vacation spots within driving distance

If you’re in the mood for an outdoor adventure and don’t want to drive too far, there are several vacation spots within driving distance of Lesterville, Missouri. These destinations are great for day trips or weekend getaways. To get the most out of your trip, check the road conditions in the area. You can find a list of 500 cities within driving distance of Lesterville using Google Maps.

Attractions in Lesterville

Lesterville is an inactive township located in Reynolds County, Missouri. It is a small, rural community that offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. Lesterville is home to a number of museums, historical landmarks, and quaint restaurants. It is a great place for a day trip or weekend getaway.

This township has undergone several changes throughout its history, and has seen many hardships. In the Civil War, Lesterville was a major supply center, as the Union and Confederate armies passed through Devil’s Tollgate, which is located in nearby Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. Local homesteads served as a source of supplies for the soldiers. In addition, gorilla bands and “Jayhawkers” roamed the area in the 1800s, causing significant damage to the region.

There are several great lodging options in the Lesterville area, including bed-and-breakfasts and affordable motels. These accommodations provide basic amenities and comfort, and you’ll feel like you’re at home while on your trip. If you want a more upscale experience, Lesterville motels and hotels offer a wide range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly rooms, and even a casino.

Lesterville is the first place in Reynolds County to have a post office. The town was named after Jesse Lester, a prominent citizen who moved from Kentucky to the Black River in search of good farming land. Lesterville was the center of a thriving timber industry. The town was also the source of railroad ties and logs. Today, Lesterville is a bustling center for recreational activities along the Black River.