Jefferson, Texas is a city in Marion County, located in northeastern Texas. It is the county seat and has a population of 1,875 people. You can find things to do in Jefferson at one of the many attractions in the area. You can also spend the day shopping, taking a Riverboat tour, or touring the Historic downtown area.

Historic downtown

The town of Jefferson in Marion County, Texas is home to the Jefferson Historic District. This area features numerous historic buildings, including 56 buildings of state significance. Many of the buildings date back over 100 years. This district is a popular place to visit for visitors and locals alike. You’ll find everything from historic homes to museums, art galleries, and more.

The city’s historic courthouse is located in a landmark building on Main Street. Built in the mid to late 1820s, the building was originally a dry goods store. When the Kaullen family moved to Jefferson, they transformed the building into their most successful enterprise. The building was then home to a marine supply store until 1977. Today, it serves as the corporate offices for the Architects Alliance.

The historic House of the Seasons is another important landmark in Jefferson. The house is open to the public for tours, and hosts weddings and special events. Tours are offered Monday through Saturday at 11:00am. Tours are not available December 24th through 26th, and January 1st through February 2nd. The historic house has formal plantings, bird baths, and a Victorian garden.


When traveling through Jefferson, you should make sure to visit one of the city’s museums. This small museum features artifacts and displays from different periods of history. It is located behind the city hall on Gardner Street, and is open to the public on request. It is also open to school tours. The museum staff will be happy to present a presentation for your group.

The Jefferson County Courthouse Historical Museum offers an intimate look into the history of the area. Permanent exhibits show how locals lived and worked throughout the ages. The museum also has exhibit cases filled with military artifacts from the Civil War to the Gulf War. The museum is dedicated to honoring veterans and provides a valuable historical record of the area.

The museum also features Jefferson’s collection of maps of the ancient and modern world. You can also view specimens of fossils, bones, and antlers. Thomas Jefferson was an avid collector of Native American art. He was fascinated by native species and wanted to refute French scientists’ claim that New World life was inferior to that of Europe.

Riverboat tours

If you’re looking for a unique way to see Jefferson, you can’t go wrong with riverboat tours. Choose from tours that feature wildlife or share local history. Big Cypress Bayou Tours offers a one-hour tour, and it’s pet-friendly, too! These tours are available Thursday through Sunday at 10:30am, 2pm, and 3:30pm. Tours are not available during winter months, but you can request a custom tour.

The historic Old Courthouse and the Gateway Arch are located in Jefferson, and visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at these attractions. The Museum of Westward Expansion is located on the ground floor of the Gateway Arch, and visitors can view exhibits and other artifacts that are on display. You can also purchase tickets to ride the top of the Arch, if you wish.

Riverboat tours in Jefferson are available throughout the year. Many of the tours are pet-friendly, so if you have a dog, this is a great option. Tours leave from Turning Basin Park on Thursdays, Sundays, and holidays. Most tours last about an hour, but they can be extended for a special request.


Jefferson is home to several shops and businesses that are open for business and offer retail space for rent. Many of the shops in Jefferson are family owned and operated. You can find a wide variety of products and services in these shops, including artisan jewelry and designer fashions. Many of these businesses are also a part of the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

When it comes to shopping, it is better to experience an item firsthand than to browse online. Downtown Jefferson shops are a great way to try on an item before buying it. The inventory is hand-picked by the merchants themselves, so you’re sure to find something unique and special. Jefferson jewelers offer top brands of jewelry, along with a personal touch.

Historic homes

Located in Northeastern Texas, Jefferson is a city in Marion County. It has a population of 1,875 and is the county seat. Jefferson is home to Marion State University and the Jefferson Museum of Art. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Jefferson. If you have never been here before, you should definitely plan a trip!

The Jefferson General Store is a historical landmark that dates back to the 1860s. It was a general store for riverboats that passed through the area. This store is still operated by the same family, and it has maintained much of its original charm. Inside, you can find plenty of antiques and collectibles, including a large collection of antiques and clocks. The store also offers an old-fashioned candy bar and soda fountain.

You can also experience Jefferson’s ghost history on a ghost tour. The ghost tour, which is held every Friday and Saturday night at 8 pm, takes about an hour and a half. The tour will take you through the town’s historic homes and include haunted stories. The tour is led by local historian Jodi Breckenridge, who tells stories of murders, tragic events, and ethereal encounters. To get the tour, you should book ahead of time to avoid missing out.


Oysters are an iconic food, especially in the New England and Virginia areas. John Adams would have loved fried New England oysters with cucumber remoulade. Thomas Jefferson probably would have preferred Virginia oysters, served simply, in their natural state. But the secret to a perfect oyster dish is in the sauce. The spicy mignonette evokes Jefferson’s inner anger and habitual vendettas.

The oysters are also perfect for pairings. They pair well with white wine, martinis, vodka shots, Pilsner, and rye whiskey. Trey Zoeller, the bar’s sommelier, offers two whiskeys made from sea water, including the Ocean Aged At Sea Rye.

The Olympia oyster is native to British Columbia and Baja California, but its numbers have declined over the years. However, it is still possible to find a few scattered populations of the shellfish in East Jefferson County. The Jefferson Marine Resources Commission (MRC) has launched a project to help the oyster population recover. The project partners with the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and WSU Extension Beach Naturalists.

Jefferson’s new Joplin location will offer dine-in and takeout options, as well as online ordering. The menu will feature its famous wings, as well as a range of burgers and fresh gulf oysters. The restaurant will also offer a patio and outdoor seating. The restaurant has not yet listed opening hours.


Jefferson was once one of the largest cities for steamboat traffic in the state of Texas. The city is located near Lake Caddo and was once the main steamboat trading center for the state. The city was also a major trading center for the cattle industry. After the Civil War, the steamboat business was not as prosperous as it had been. The arrival of the railroads brought the end of the era of steamboats in Jefferson.

In 1840, George T. Strong, a well-known diarist, landed in Port Jefferson on a steamboat. The first steamboat to serve the area was the Sun. Other steamships started to serve the area in the spring of 1840, including the Mt. Pleasant, the Suffolk, and the John Faron. The Sun was a short-lived venture, as it only operated on the Port Jefferson route for a few years.

The steamboat that sank Timour #2 was seen by a boy on the Harrison Street Landing. He recalled how he was transfixed by the paddlewheel churning the water and the smoky smoke coming from its stacks. Soon after the explosion, three boilers exploded, engulfing the boat in steam.