Sebastian is a city in Indian River County, Florida, located only two miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the largest population center between Fort Pierce and Palm Bay. Its many attractions and activities make it a great place to visit. It is located near the Indian River Lagoon, a national park, and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

San Telmo Museum

The San Telmo Museum is one of the places to visit in Sebastian, Spain. Located in Zuloaga Square, this museum is an outstanding combination of art and architecture. Its facade blends with the surrounding Monte Urgull and is studded with perforations, giving the building a worn-stone look. Inside, you can explore various special exhibits, including works by local artists.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit the San Telmo Museum. This museum was established in 1902 and is the oldest museum in the Basque Country. Its exhibitions celebrate the culture and traditions of the Basque people.

The Aquarium of San Sebastian is an excellent place to learn about marine life. It is located on the edge of La Concha Bay. It was the first natural science museum in Spain. The building, designed by Juan Carlos Guerra, was completed in 1928 and has been visited by more than 12 million people.

For those with more time, you may want to check out the Victoria Eugenia Theatre. This 1912 building was recently renovated and now hosts various cultural events throughout the year. Another must-visit place in Sebastian is the Kursaal exhibition centre. This is a striking building with a large auditorium, chamber music hall, and exhibition rooms. It hosts the International Film Festival and concerts from classical to rock and pop. The building is also home to an organ concert.

San Sebastian has an interesting history. It was initially chosen as a summer retreat for a queen from the Middle Ages. Later, aristocrats from other parts of Spain and Europe started to flock to the city. In time, thalassotherapy became popular.

Victoria Eugenia Theatre

If you enjoy live theatre, you will definitely want to visit the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, one of the oldest theaters in Spain. The venue was built in 1912 and features an exquisite Belle Epoque facade and ceiling frescoes. This theater often hosts a variety of events throughout the year and is a must-see if you’re in Sebastian.

In addition to its theatre, Victoria Eugenia Theatre has a dance club located in the basement. There is one per sex, adapted restrooms, and an elevator. The theatre also features an elevator and lifting platforms. If you don’t feel comfortable with heights or are not mobile, you can always take the lift down to the basement.

Another place to visit is the Basilica de Santa Maria del Coro. It is the most impressive building in San Sebastian and is made of Gothic, Neo-classical, and Plateresque styles. The building houses the statue of Saint Sebastian, which is the patron saint of the city. It also hosts concerts, musicals, and fireworks.

If you want to go sightseeing while visiting San Sebastian, you can visit the waterfront promenade. It is a beautiful place to walk with your family. Also, the town has a number of kid-friendly museums. The Eureka Science Museum, Albaola Sea Factory, and other museums are great for family trips. These museums also have playgrounds for little ones.

Igueldo Mountain

One of the best ways to enjoy the views of the city is by taking a trip to Igueldo Mountain, located in San Sebastian. It is a steep mountain that requires a long hike to reach the top. You can also take a funicular to the top of the mountain for a two-cent ride, or you can take a taxi to the top.

From the summit of the Igueldo Mountain, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the town and the bay. The views are romantic and breathtaking, making it a popular place for tourists. The viewpoint is also surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

If you’re not a big thrill-seeker, you can go for a ride on the funicular, which starts at the top of Monte Igueldo. The ride is about 320 metres long and takes you to the summit.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity, you can take a stroll through the Old Quarter. The city’s medieval centre, Parte Vieja, is located near the harbour and is a great place to soak in the local atmosphere. You can also visit one of the many museums or browse the gift shops.

Afterwards, you can head over to the nearby mountains, which are located just a half-day’s drive away from the city. The 8.5-kilometer walk is reminiscent of the Camino de Santiago, which is a famous pilgrimage route. It ends in the town of Pasaia San Pedro, where you can take a sightseeing cruise to see the views of the bay.

Cristina Enea park

One of the best places to visit in Sebastian is Cristina Enea park. This park is located in San Sebastian and is the home of many different types of animals. It is a beautiful green space in the heart of the city. It features a variety of green areas, a pond, and wooded paths that will give you a chance to see both plants and wildlife.

The park houses an environmental centre and is accessible from downtown San Sebastian. The park is open daily and has panoramic views of the city. You can also take a walking tour of the park to get a feel for the area. This park is also close to the Maria Cristina Bridge.

There are also plenty of museums to visit in Sebastian. Although most museums charge a fee, many offer free admission on certain days of the week. For example, the San Telmo museum, located at Plaza Zuloaga, is open every Tuesday and Thursday. Another great museum to visit is the Naval Museum, located at Del Muelle Ibilbidea. This museum also offers free admission on Thursdays. You can also visit the Kubo Hall art gallery, located in the Kursaal Convention Center. It is open all hours, so you don’t have to worry about being late.

If you’re a family with young kids, you’ll find that Cristina Enea park is the perfect place for a stroll. There are also several museums for younger visitors, including the Eureka Science Museum and the Albaola Sea Factory. There are playgrounds and other fun activities for kids to enjoy.

Catedral of the Good Shepherd

The Catedral of the Good Shepherd is one the city’s most important landmarks. The building is a Gothic/Neo-classical/Plateresque blend that was completed in 1774. Its interior features a statue of Saint Sebastian and an altarpiece dedicated to Our Lady of the Choir. Both are important to the city, and the church is the site of an annual concert by the Orfon Donostiarra choir.

Another place to visit in Sebastian is the Buen Pastor Cathedral. This church is located in Buen Pastor Square. It was built in 1897 and features one of the largest organs in Europe. It also features a bell tower and many large stained glass windows.

Catedral of the Good Shepherd is also a good place to visit in the town. The cathedral is located in the Centro area and is a 5-minute walk from the bus station. The architecture is very striking, and it houses the seat of the Diocese of San Sebastian. The cathedral has an attractive interior, and is lit up at night.

The nearby beach is La Zurriola, one of the best places to visit in Sebastian. This beach is popular with sun-seekers and surfers. April is the best time to learn how to surf here, and you can book a lesson or a tournament here. If surfing isn’t your thing, there are also beach sports available here. Many locals enjoy strolling on the promenade.


A visit to the Aquarium in Sebastian, Spain, is a great way to experience the sea’s diverse inhabitants. This aquarium is set atop Monte Urgull, overlooking La Concha Bay, and it features over 30 tanks, each featuring a different habitat. Some exhibits include bull sharks, stingrays, giant eels, and jellyfish. The San Sebastian Aquarium also offers a 360-degree underwater tunnel, allowing visitors to experience life in the ocean up close.

The Aquarium in Sebastian is the most famous aquarium in the Basque Country, and boasts over 300,000 visitors a year. It’s located right next to the Old Town, and is a must-see destination for everyone visiting the city. The Aquarium has been in operation for over a century, and offers visitors a fascinating look into the marine world.

During your visit, make sure to spend some time in the tropical zone, which is awash with colour and unusual species. From clown fish to rock beauty angelfish, visitors will be amazed at the vibrancy of the fish’s colours. Those who are unfamiliar with these creatures will likely appreciate the chance to observe them up close.

The Aquarium in Sebastian is located in an iconic 1928 building and is dedicated to the study of the marine world. Its goal is to present a realistic picture of the ocean to visitors, and the aquarium’s exhibits are a great way to get acquainted with the fascinating world of the ocean.