If you’re looking for fun things to do in Gouverneur, Michigan, you’re in luck! There are a few attractions that attract people to the town. First of all, there are several things to eat in Gouverneur. There are five full-service restaurants and six fast-food options in the area. In fact, there are more dining options in this small town than you’ll find in most other places. You’ll also be able to find a variety of electronics stores.

Life Savers candy roll

Gouverneur, New York, has an oversized Life Savers candy roll hung above its main drag. The enormous life-size candy package is a tribute to Edward John Noble, who founded the LifeSavers candy company in 1913. Noble was born in Gouverneur and went on to study at Syracuse University and Yale.

The Gouverneur Rotary Club erected a Life Savers monument to commemorate the era in which the candy was first produced. In 1912, Clarence Crane, who invented the candy, sold it to industrialist Edward Noble for $2,900. This industrialist helped build the Life Savers brand, which continues today.

The original Life Savers were sold in cardboard rolls. Crane was responsible for developing the pep-o-mint flavor. After the original roll was invented, the manufacturer began to produce tin foil packaging. This was an improvement over the cardboard rolls. The tin foil was made to keep the candy fresher.

After the Gouverneur Life Savers factory closed in 1985, the company moved to Holland, MI, where it has continued production. It had previously been based in Port Chester, PA. Then in 2002, the company moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Although the company had a checkered history, the brand is now owned by Wrigley’s. The company still offers traditional flavors of hard candy, and has also introduced Life Savers Gummies.

The Gouverneur Public Library is housed in a Romanesque revival church. The library is located in a building which was built with Gouverneur marble. Sara Besaw Breckenridge runs Tangles Salon and Day Spa on Grove Street. Burt Kinney, a graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy, opened a pharmacy in Gouverneur in 1903. Now, the Kinney Drug Company has over a hundred locations throughout New York, and its original Gouverneur location serves as its corporate headquarters.

First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church in Gouverneur, New York is a historic Presbyterian church. It has a Queen Anne manse and a Romanesque Revival church. The complex is open to the public and is worth a visit. You can tour the church and manse, or simply relax in the surrounding park.

First Presbyterian Church is a nonprofit institution that operates mainly in the field of Religious Organization. It maintains local business operations in Gouverneur, New York, and conducts other local business operations in other parts of the state. For more information about the church and its activities, contact Jennifer Santer, who is the owner.

The First Presbyterian Church in Gouverneur recently organized a picnic project for the community in front of the church. The project was organized and overseen by Susie Spilman. She enlisted her husband, Kyle Spilman, to assist. The pressure-treated wooden tables were then assembled. The congregation hopes the tables will be used by the community in the future.

Housing costs

Gouverneur is a small village in the state of New York. Its population is approximately 3,751 people. The total cost of living in Gouverneur is $36,445 per year. This is lower than the national average of $38,433 and the cost of living in New York. The cost of living in Gouverneur was estimated by 24/7 Wall St. using cost of living data from the Economic Policy Institute, which analyzed the costs of living in over 29,000 cities across the country.

A good way to determine how affordable housing is in a city is to look at the median monthly income and monthly cost of rent. These are the numbers used by HUD to determine rent and payment standards. Gouverneur is located in St Lawrence County, New York. The median household income is $56,098 per year, while the median rent is $19,103 per month.

In Gouverneur, NY, 50% of residents own their own homes. The remaining 50% live in apartments and rent. The median price of a single-family home in Gouverneur is $123,217, which is less than half of the US median of $376,286.

The average commute time for people living in Gouverneur is approximately 25 minutes. Most residents commute by car. Walking or riding the bus is rare. There are many ways to get around town, but most residents rely on the car. In fact, 100% of homes in Gouverneur sold for more than their asking price last month.

The cost of healthcare in Gouverneur, NY is higher than the national average. However, insurance premiums are lower than the state average. For a single-adult, health insurance in Gouverneur, NY costs $493 to $670 per year. By comparing multiple quotes, customers can save as much as $232.

Recreational opportunities

Outdoor recreation is plentiful in Gorneur, including camping, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, whitewater rafting, hang gliding, off-highway vehicle driving, birding, and photography. The area’s public lands are also home to countless winter sports, including snowboarding, ice fishing, and other winter sports.