If you’re planning a visit to Eagle Point, Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. There’s hiking and mountain biking to enjoy, as well as Disc golf, Native American villages, and more. There are even things to do in Eagle Point for families. Read on for more information.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Eagle Point is a great way to experience the area. There are several trails to choose from. Some are short and easy, while others are longer and more technical. In particular, the Eagle Point Trail is best suited to intermediate trail runners. However, even newcomers will find this trail challenging. As it is a loop, it does not offer many bailout opportunities.

Mountain biking in Eagle Point allows visitors to experience the beauty of the area while also getting in a good workout. The area is also home to several hiking trails and a disc golf course. The latter is a fun option for families who are looking for a quick workout. Mountain biking is also popular among those looking for a more intense workout.

The Eagle Point Provincial Park borders a beautiful trail network that offers many options for biking. The roads are either graded gravel or paved and provide sweeping views of the area. Three trail systems totaling 35 km are available in the park. The trails include the Pembina Rotary Community Trails North, South, and Hillside Trails.

Mountain biking in Eagle Point offers two main routes: the Monarch Mountain Loop and the Eagle Egress Trail. Both are located on the lower shoulder of Mount Holly. Monarch Mountain Loop is 3.2 miles long and includes double track ski runs and excellent single-track through the woods. The Monarch Mountain Loop is a great beginner-intermediate ride, topping out at 10,500 feet. Eagle Egress Trail is another great route for beginners. The Eagle Egress Trail is 1.7 miles long and designed to be ridden downhill.


If you love the outdoors, you will love hiking in Eagle Point. This 200-acre nature preserve is located on a remote stretch of High Rock Lake. It features three miles of self-introspective nature trails. The preserve is also home to historic home sites and seasonal canoe access. It provides habitat for native wildlife including white-tailed deer. It also features diverse forest types typical of central North Carolina.

Hikers can also take advantage of the numerous scenic overlooks at Eagle Point. There are several vantage points to look out over the city and the Emerald Bay. Hikers can also take advantage of the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands from the summit of Eagle Point. The trail is well-maintained but contains a few steep sections and tripping hazards. Take extra care to stay on the marked trail and avoid stepping on rocks and roots.

Hiking in Eagle Point is an excellent way to spend your day. There are several scenic trails for every fitness level. You can try the Eagle Point, Three Lakes, Chet Lewis Trails, which is a loop trail in the area near Punta Gorda. It is a popular destination for a variety of activities, from hiking to mountain biking.

Eagle Point Provincial Park Hiking Area has many beautiful trails that range in difficulty from easy to challenging. Hikers will be able to enjoy the scenery while observing abundant wildlife. There are deer, elk, bear, and wolves in the area.

Disc golf

Disc golf is a sport that combines a fun game with a healthy workout. The Eagle Point disc golf course offers nine holes of varying distances between 300 and 500 yards. It is suitable for all skill levels and ages. Disc golf is an ideal way to enjoy the stunning mountain vistas of Eagle Point. Players can play a full 18-hole game in 90 minutes. Starter sets can be rented for as little as $10.

If you want to be better at this game, you can compete in disc golf tournaments. These events are an excellent way to learn and network with other players. They also feature a high-energy atmosphere that will motivate you to become better at the game. Aiming for eagles can help you dominate your competition.

The rules for disc golf are similar to those of traditional golf. Players must throw the disc to a designated basket. For every successful throw, the player gets one point. The winner is the person with the lowest score. Playing in a disc golf course is ideal for anyone no matter the age or ability level.

Disc golf courses in Eagle Point offer several different options. The Mississippi River Park course, for example, features an interesting mix of open and wooded holes. A number of holes have dual tees. For beginners, the course is the best choice. It features a scenic course with views of the lake. It is also close to downtown Stevens Point. The course also features a popular playground.

Disc golf is a sport that is great for families. In Eagle Point, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game with friends and loved ones. The Paiute ATV trail has been ranked among the top 15 trails in the county by Dirt Wheels magazine. The terrain is ideal for a relaxing family outing. In addition to disc golf, there are also several hiking and mountain biking trails available on-site.

Native American village

For a true feel of Native American culture, you can visit the Native American village in Eagle Point. The village has sweat lodges, ovens, and homes. It also features dance performances and displays from the Hualapai Tribe. You can also take photos from the Skywalk, which costs $17 per print and $69 per digital file.

The village is unique, as it includes the Hualapai Indian Tribe. You can also find the Hualapai Marketplace, which offers some great souvenirs. You can also take a short hike to the Highpoint, which provides a great view of the area and is a good spot for taking pictures.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is another popular destination at Eagle Point. It offers incredible views of the canyon from a 70-foot glass bridge. It is a must-see for any adventurous traveler. There are also several exhibits featuring Hualapai history, and you can take a Native American walking tour of the village.

The Hualapai Tribe is one of the many Native American tribes in Arizona. The Hualapai Nation works with other tribes in the region to build the village. There are five smaller villages, each representing one tribe, and each has their own unique culture. The cultural display is complemented by authentic hand-constructed tepees.


The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass walkway on a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge. It crosses the Colorado River and a side canyon at an elevation of 4,770 feet. While you can’t walk the entire length of the Skywalk, you can still enjoy the stunning view from a safe distance.

There are three different stops for Skywalks, including Eagles Point. At Eagles Point, you can climb rocks, admire the scenery and shop for Native American items. You can also visit a Native American village. You can see Native American homes and sweat lodges. You can even hear the songs of the Hualapai Bird Singers.

The Skywalk is not for those with acrophobia, as the experience can be intense. However, there are other attractions and activities at Eagle Point to keep you busy. You can also enjoy a meal at the Sa’ Nyu Wa Restaurant. There are also free lockers where you can store your belongings. You can also enjoy the view while watching live shows performed by native performers. You can even buy a package of pictures on a USB drive to take home with you.

Eagle Point is a popular stop when touring the Grand Canyon. It’s home to a Native American village, an amphitheater and a glass walkway. From there, you can see the Grand Canyon from an elevated viewpoint. You can also visit a gift shop with authentic Native American crafts. There are also daily tours and lectures on Hualapai history.

The Skywalk at Eagle Point is the most popular attraction at Eagle Point. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the canyon from a glass bridge seventy feet above the canyon floor. The bridge is sturdy enough to support the weight of seventy 747 passenger jets and provides an unparalleled view of the Grand Canyon.