There are many fun things to do in Dyess, Texas. You can see the boyhood home of Johnny Cash, fish for trout and catfish, and play golf at several courses. You can also visit the local museums to learn about the history and culture of the area. Listed below are some of the top things to do in Dyess, Texas. Make sure to add some time to explore these wonderful towns during your visit!

Johnny Cash’s boyhood home

Johnny Cash’s boyhood home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is now open for tours and is a great place for fans of the musician to spend a day or weekend. The home is located on Farm No. 266, which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The home is open to the public and is furnished as it would have been in Cash’s childhood. You can also see exhibits about the area and the life of Johnny Cash. The home is less than two miles from the Colony Center. The house was restored by Cash’s two youngest siblings.

The tour starts with a short video about Cash’s family, and then you can get a real feel for the place. The home is set in the middle of farmland, and the house is located on a gravel road. A guide will explain the history of the house and answer questions you may have. You’ll get a chance to hear firsthand about Cash’s upbringing and learn about his early influences.

In 1935, Ray and Carrie Cash relocated to the Dyess Colony from Cleveland County. They lived in a five-room home that was built with wood from the farmstead. However, they eventually sold the farmstead in 1953 and the house was passed on to other families. The house changed hands several times before the Stegall family bought it in 1974. Then in 2011, the Arkansas State University purchased the home.

Johnny Cash’s boyhood home is located in Dye’s, Georgia. His home was part of Colonization Project No. 1 and included 20-40 acres of land, a five-room home, a barn, outhouse, chicken coop, and chicken coop. He was only three years old when his family moved to Dyess, and his childhood home was a place where he would grow up to be an iconic country singer.

The Cash family home has undergone renovations to bring it back to life. The renovation involved removing paint and uncovering original wood walls and floral linoleum. The house was also drafty, so new flooring was installed over the old flooring.

Dining options

You may be curious about the dining options in Dye’s French Lick Springs. The course, which is on the highest point in Indiana, was created by Pete Dye. At the clubhouse, which was once home to Indianapolis Mayor Thomas Taggart, you can enjoy sandwiches, burgers, and heart of romaine. The menu also features dishes that highlight local flavors, such as banana peppers and prosciutto.


The town of Dye is located in eastern France, close to the city of Auxerre. It is about 155 km from Paris. Most visitors arrive by air or drive from the channel ferry port. You should allow for five to six hours driving time if you plan to explore Dye. Nearby attractions include Chablis and Tonnerre.

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