Chichester is the cathedral city of England and a civil parish. It is also the county town of West Sussex. It was an important settlement in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times and remained an important market town into medieval times. You can find many things to do in Chichester, including shopping, sightseeing, and relaxing at the beach.

St Roche Hill

The hill gets its name from the chapel dedicated to St. Roche, a 14th century French saint. It was an 11-foot by 14-foot structure that was destroyed during the Reformation. The ruins of the chapel are visible in the Curwen drawing of 1570. Today, the hill is home to two radio masts and a temporary horse head sculpture.

The site is also the site of a Neolithic causewayed enclosure. This enclosure was first discovered by OGS Crawford in 1925, after viewing it on aerial photography. He then informed Curwen, who excavated several ditch segments on the western side of the enclosure, but only one segment outside the Iron-Age rampart. The area was cleared again in the Iron-Age.

Saint Roche Hill is a prominent peak of the South Downs. It’s 676 feet high and was once inhabited by the Regni tribe. These people were associated with the control of the weather, as it originated on the top of hills. Perhaps this was why they prayed to Saint Roche for good agricultural weather. The chapel also protects animals, which may be one reason for the legend of the golden calf.

During the English Civil War, more than a thousand locals marched up the hill to protest against demands made by the troops. These people were members of a political movement known as the Clubmen. These members of the political movement were disgruntled with the forces that occupied their towns. The hill also served as a beacon during times of threat. The lighting of this beacon in 1745 caused panic among the locals. The hill was also home to a gibbet and masonic lodge in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Fishbourne Roman Palace

If you’re looking for a day out in Chichester, consider spending the day at the Fishbourne Roman Palace. It’s home to one of Britain’s largest collections of Roman mosaics, as well as one of the earliest formal gardens in Britain. The excavations on this site began in the 1960s, when a mechanical digger accidentally discovered the ruins. Upon securing the land, archeologist Barry Cunliffe organized a dig and recruited 100 volunteers. He also managed to persuade a wealthy benefactor to buy the land.

The Roman villa is a great choice if you want to learn about the history of the area. It features some of the largest collections of mosaics in the country, and you can take a tour of the villa while learning more about the history of the area. You can also check out the West Dean Palace, which is home to one of the largest restored gardens in the United Kingdom. This garden includes an Edwardian pergola, a Sunken Garden, and Victorian-era glasshouses.

After visiting the Fishbourne Roman Palace, you can explore the rest of Chichester. You can also spend the day at the Pallant House Gallery, which is home to a 20th-century collection and Bow factory porcelain. If you’re a history buff, you’ll also want to see the Chichester Museum, which is located on Tower Street. The museum has over 500,000 artefacts on display. It also houses a research department and welcomes students on short-term work placements. The museum also features well-curated temporary exhibitions.

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

The Tangmere Military Aviation Museum is located on the former RAF Tangmere. It opened its doors in 1982 and displays aerospace exhibits from the First World War to the Cold War. The museum houses aircraft engines and other aviation memorabilia. You’ll also be able to see some fascinating aircraft that have been restored.

The museum is a lively organisation with fascinating displays. The former RAF Tangmere airfield, which was used during the Battle of Britain, is now a military aviation museum dedicated to the men who fought there. The museum’s displays include plane engines, aircraft and more from the First World War to the Cold War.

The museum also displays rare and priceless aircraft, including the Hawker Hunter that broke the world record, and the black Lysander that carried SOE agents into occupied France. It also features a full-size Spitfire model. You can try your hand at flying in the cockpit simulator and explore other exhibits.

The Tangmere Museum is one of the finest aviation museums in the UK. The museum is located in a former RAF airfield that was used for fighter aircraft during the Second World War. The museum’s mission is to raise public awareness about UK military aviation history. It also aims to educate present and future generations about military aviation. It also serves as a memorial to airmen who have fallen in the line of duty. It’s run entirely by volunteers, and was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2017.

West Wittering Beach

West Wittering Beach in Chichester is a sandy beach with a cafe and grassy picnic areas. The beach is also home to a wind and kite-surfing club. Visitors can enjoy a day of beach activities or join a class. The beach is suitable for children, with playground equipment provided.

The beach is lined with colourful beach huts and is situated at the mouth of Chichester Harbour. There are groynes that separate the beach from the mainland, preventing coastal erosion. The beach faces the Solent, making it perfect for swimming and other water sports. The beach also has toilets and parking facilities.

West Wittering Beach is open to the public, but parking is limited and pre-booking is recommended. There are two ways to make a booking: online or by calling the beach’s information line. In addition, you can use the Just Park App to reserve a parking space before you arrive.

West Wittering Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Chichester area, with a beautiful sandy beach. The water quality is excellent, and the beach has Blue Flag status. This beach attracts a huge number of visitors during the summer, so it’s important to book a spot in advance. Off season, the beach is quieter and less crowded.

West Wittering Beach is a coveted destination for families. It is the only beach in Britain to be awarded the prestigious Premium Blue Flag. The unspoilt and pristine condition of the water makes it a perfect place for families. It has been visited by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Keith Richards.

Tangmere Beach

Tangmere is a small village in West Sussex, England. It is about three miles north of Chichester. It is twinned with Hermanville-sur-Mer in Lower Normandy. The town has an 800-year-old church and is home to a military aviation museum. The village is also famous for its WW2 wargraves.

The town is home to RAF Tangmere airfield, which was essential during the Second World War and the Battle of Britain. The former airfield is now the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum. It has a number of priceless historic aircraft and equipment. It also contains the actual equipment used by SOE agents on ‘black Lysander’ flights into occupied France. The museum also has flight simulators and a full-scale replica of the first Spitfire prototype.

West Wittering

West Wittering is a village in West Sussex, and a civil parish in the Chichester district. It is situated near the mouth of Chichester Harbour. The village is located along the B2179 road, approximately 6.5 miles from the city of Chichester. It borders Hampshire. West Wittering has a population of about 2,000 people.

West Wittering offers a number of vacation rental options. For families, there are a number of attractions nearby, including the Fishbourne Roman Palace and Lakeside Superbowl. The area is also home to the South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre. The area has great weather, so there are plenty of things to keep the whole family entertained.

Dog owners can take their dogs to West Wittering Beach, which is located on the Chichester Harbour. The sand here is surrounded by two nature reserves. There are several rare species of flora and fauna to be found in these natural habitats. Dog owners can enjoy the beach with their dogs, as long as they keep them on a lead.

West Wittering has a beautiful sandy beach, with views of the South Downs. The town also offers numerous activities and restaurants. West Wittering has also been a favorite spot for many generations.