When visiting Cameron, Texas, it’s important to remember that the residents of this quaint town make every visitor feel like a long-lost friend. Whether you’re visiting to attend one of the many yearly events or to discover the town’s newest attractions, Cameron is sure to delight visitors.

Tea plantations

One of the things to do in Cameron Highlands is to visit a tea plantation. Tea is one of the most common crops grown in the Cameron Highlands. There are many tea plantations in the area, such as Boh Sungei Palas Tea Plantation and Cameron Bharat Tea Estate. You can also sample various types of tea and purchase souvenirs at the gift shops.

The BOH Tea Plantation is one of the most iconic sites in Cameron Highlands, and is home to one of the most famous tea brands in the country. It is an excellent place to get a taste of local tea while enjoying the stunning scenery and history of the region. There is also a small factory that you can tour. You can purchase souvenirs and tea from the gift shop, or just enjoy the views of the plantation.

If you have a passion for indigenous art, you can also visit the Mah Meri Art Gallery, which features delicate indigenous arts. The Mah Mehri, which means “jungle man” in Malay, is well known for their wood-carving skills, and their works of art have been honored with UNESCO’s Seal of Excellence.

Another thing to do in Cameron Highlands is to visit the local markets. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, local crafts, and local foods. There are many markets in the area, including a Night Market located in Brinchang. It is open from 5PM to 11PM on Friday and Saturday, and is a good place to buy souvenirs.

Strawberry farms

Strawberry farms are one of the main tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands. These farms are basically one-stop shops, offering a variety of souvenirs, fruits, handicrafts, and agriculture products. They also have a mini-cafe where you can eat and drink. They’re open from 8 am to 6 pm.

There are various strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands, including Big Red Strawberry Farm, Blueberry Earthhouse Strawberry Farm, Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm, and S’Corner Central Market. All of these farms are organically grown. Visitors are not allowed to enter the main farm area. They also don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

If you’re visiting Cameron Highlands, be prepared to drive through some steep hills. However, this is a great experience. It’s a wonderful way to get a taste of the strawberry industry. Strawberries have been used to make a wide variety of products. The Cameron Highlands strawberry farms use the hydroponic method, a technique that allows for high production. The plants are planted in pots and soil bags and are placed on racks in greenhouses. The climate is controlled inside these greenhouses, which is essential for growing strawberries.

Besides being a great place to spend a day, strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands are also great for families. There are numerous attractions and activities that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the most popular strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands include Raju Hill Strawberry Farm and Kasimanis Strawberry Farm. Visitors can pick their own strawberries or buy them from the counter. You can also enjoy a relaxing meal at the cafe perched on a hill, or even eat some strawberry ice cream.

Honey bee farm

Honey bee farm in Cameron is a great place to visit if you want to learn about beekeeping and honey production. The attraction also has a garden, maze, gift shop, and cafe. The staff is friendly and can answer any questions you might have. The farm offers tours and educational programs.

There are a number of places to visit in Cameron Highlands, but the Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm is one of the most popular attractions. Visitors can learn about beekeeping and taste the honey they collect. The farm also produces pollen and royal jelly. There is even a section of the farm dedicated to tea plants. The farm is accessible by car from the city. If you’d like to stay at the farm, you can find accommodation nearby, as well.

There is a museum at the farm where you can learn more about honey production. You can also visit the gardens and maze, and you can even purchase honey products. The farm also offers a gift shop and a cafe. While visiting the farm, don’t forget to pick up a souvenir from the gift shop.

Honey bee farm in Cameron is a great way to get your kids involved in beekeeping. The bees are happy to be around people who are interested in their lives. The bees are friendly and do not sting anyone unless prodded. The farm is open daily from 8am to 7pm, and admission is free.


The Museum in Cameron features local celebrities and historical artifacts. One section is dedicated to local cowboy movie star Tom Mix. Mix made more than 250 films during his lifetime and was one of the most popular cowboy stars in Hollywood. A small collection of Mix’s memorabilia is on display. A larger museum once stood on the site of Mix’s birth, but it closed in 2002 due to declining attendance.

The Milam County Historical Museum includes three locations in Cameron. The main museum is located at 112 W. First Street, while the Old Jail Museum is located at 201 E. Main Street. Both locations are located in downtown Cameron. The museum’s old courthouse is also a museum showpiece. The museum also features artifacts and exhibits about the local area.

The Museum in Cameron is home to a number of rotating exhibits. In addition to the rotating exhibitions, the museum features a permanent collection of local, national, and international artists. Visitors can find pieces that reflect a wide range of mediums. The museum’s collection includes works by artists who include American painter, photographer, and costumer Alonzo V. Wilson.

The museum also showcases the work of Canadian artist Elaine Cameron-Weir. Her art incorporates diverse aesthetic styles, blending industrial and natural. It aims to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. It draws attention to the hidden and manifest aspects of the world.

Walking trails

Cameron Highlands has numerous walking trails for everyone to enjoy. The trails range from easy day hikes to tough jungle excursions, so everyone can find something to do. The trails start at the visitor center and take you to different ruins. Some of them are quite uneven, so be sure to bring a sturdy backpack.

There are also four-season trails, which are almost 19 miles long. Many of them are paved and provide a great view of the surrounding landscape. To get the most out of the hike, plan your start and end points before setting out. You should also pack plenty of water, a small first aid kit, and proper clothing and shoes for hiking. You can also download a PDF checklist for hiking in the park to help you prepare. You can also purchase hiking gear and supplies at Helados de Azteca.

You can also visit the Cameron Valley Tea plantation, which is part of the Cameron Valley Trail. Visitors will have to pay 3 RM to enter. This is a great way to get some fresh air in the city, though you aren’t really getting away from the city. You will also need to pay attention to parking, as it can be difficult to find a spot without getting lost.

Cameron Park has many hiking trails. The trails are well marked, with signs pointing you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for a scenic hike or a challenging one, there’s something for everyone in Cameron Park.

Cactus park

Cactus Park in Cameron is a place where you can see and buy some unique and interesting cacti. There are some rare varieties, as well as other plants such as passion fruit and strawberries. A hillside botanical garden is also located here. The garden also features some rare plants like fuchsia and passion fruit.

The park is open from 8 am to 6 pm every day. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands. It is said to have the largest collection of cacti in the world, with some of them more than 60 years old. It also has an impressive collection of other plants, such as flowers. This unique place is easily accessible on foot from the town of Brinchang.

Another interesting place to visit is the cactus nursery. It features rustic signage and many varieties of cacti. The entrance fee to the nursery is RM4 for adults and RM2 for children. Visitors can also purchase cactus plants for sale. Some of these species are rare and cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia.

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands is another popular destination. It is the largest tourist attraction in the Cameron Highlands. It is a cactus park where you can see a variety of cacti, including ananas, roses, and fuchsia. Other plants that grow in the park include coleus, gerbera, and passion fruit.