If you’re considering buying premium cat food, you should check out the Blue Buffalo brand. Its products are made from real meat and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. This brand is rated highly by many customers and continues to be a top choice for many pet owners. There are several different varieties to choose from, depending on your pet’s lifestyle.


Blue Buffalo cat food contains carrageenan, which may contribute to certain health conditions. It is also a bulk-adding filler. The company has a reputation for creating a wide variety of high-quality cat foods, but the company does use carrageenan in some of their products.

Carrageenan is a controversial ingredient in pet foods. It is thought to be a carcinogen that can have adverse effects on your cat’s health. However, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line offers a grain-free option that is high in protein. In addition, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food line contains turkey as one of its primary ingredients.

The Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet range is formulated in conjunction with Blue Buffalo’s in-house animal nutritionists. These formulas are specially designed for cats with special dietary requirements. In addition, they use carefully controlled ingredients that support the health of your cat’s urinary tract.

Choosing a quality wet cat food is important. You want to find one that contains animal protein sources and little filler. Also, look for one that has minimal amounts of unpronounceable chemicals. Look for the first five ingredients listed by the manufacturer in bold type.

It is best to choose a diet that is free of corn and grains as some cats may have allergies or sensitivities. Make sure to consult with a veterinarian before switching your pet’s diet. There are several cat foods that don’t use these ingredients. Also, look for cat foods that contain a low amount of carrageenan.

Carrageenan is not a safe ingredient in cat food, and it has been linked to inflammation in lab animals. However, it has been approved for use in pet food.

Salmon pate

The Healthy Gourmet line is full of delicious, healthy food options for your kitty. The line includes chicken, salmon, and ocean fish and tuna entrees, and contains vitamins and minerals that help keep your cat healthy. The salmon pate, for example, is an excellent addition to your kitty’s diet, and it’s even available in cans!

Other ingredients in the food include chicken liver, ground brown rice, flaxseed, and natural flavoring. Some recipes also contain vitamin chelates and iron amino acids. Some also include vitamin b6 and b12 supplements. Some recipes include carrageenan. Other ingredients that may not be good for your cat include rice, which is not biologically appropriate for cats.

Flaked chicken entree

Flaked chicken entree on Blue Buffalo cat food is a nutrient-rich and delicious canned cat food. It is free of artificial additives and has the highest quality ingredients. It also features garden-grown vegetables that support your cat’s immune system. This food also contains no poultry by-product meal, which is an ingredient commonly found in commercial cat food.

Pate turkey & chicken entree

This tasty entree for adult cats starts with real turkey and is smothered in a savory gravy. It contains all-natural ingredients and is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It comes in 5.5-oz and 3-oz cans.

This formula has a high protein content. It also includes high-quality chicken. It’s also packed with veggies and fruits, and made with wholesome ingredients for optimal health. Your cat will love the flavor and quality of this cat food. If you’re looking for a tasty entree for your cat, Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Turkey & Chicken Entree is a delicious choice.

Wilderness Wild Delights

Wilderness Wild Delights is a grain-free wet cat food that is packed with chicken and turkey. Instead of grains, this brand uses real broth and contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This food is ideal for cats that have digestive issues and is a great option for healthy lifestyles.

This grain-free recipe has high protein, low carbohydrates, and no red flag preservatives. It has limited ingredients, three meat sources, and a moisture content of 82 percent. It also contains no wheat or corn and no added sugar. In addition, it is free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The Wilderness Wild Delights line of wet and dry cat food is made by Blue Buffalo, a family-owned company founded in Wilson, Connecticut in 2002. This brand has enjoyed tremendous growth, while keeping all manufacturing within the U.S. The company offers wet and dry cat food in a variety of formulations that meet the nutritional needs of cats of all ages.

Blue Buffalo cat food has been subject to several recalls and legal actions. Most pet food companies have been forced to recall food at one time or another. However, this brand isn’t like other brands. The company’s newest lawsuit is pending in 2020.

Some customers have reported adverse reactions to Blue Buffalo cat food. Some of these foods may increase a cat’s risk for urinary tract infections. However, they should not be avoided altogether. If you’re concerned about your cat’s health, read the ingredients label carefully and choose the brand that suits your needs.

Among the positive reviews about Blue Buffalo cat food are the reviews from online cat food forums. It is important to remember that reviews are based on the popularity of particular recipes. Some of the nutritional percentages in the reviews are derived from the manufacturer’s guaranteed analysis, but they aren’t listed in the table. They are calculated from minimum and maximum published values, and may differ from the actual values.