If you want to know what to do in Booneville, Tennessee, you’re in luck. Booneville offers a wide range of things to do and see. In this article, we highlight the Black River Canal Museum, the Les Bourgeois and Bushwhacker Bend Wineries, and Downtown Booneville’s artisan shops.

Booneville’s Black River Canal Museum

The Black River Canal Museum is a free museum that features a full-size replica of a canal boat and displays artifacts of the logging industry. The museum is free to the public and offers something for everyone. Visitors are invited to take a trip down memory lane by viewing the museum’s many exhibits.

The museum is located in a historic warehouse that was once used to store supplies and mules during the active years of the canal. It features an interactive pulley system and a working canal boat with a working rudder and moving deck. The museum also features an old-fashioned canal walk, lined with early twentieth-century street lamps. A scale model of a canal boat is also on display.

The museum’s website includes a history of the canal, maps, and historic photos. It also offers plans to build a canal boat or a bridge, and links to related sites. This website is a great place to start if you are looking for more information on the canal.

The museum also has a replica canal boat that was built using original construction plans. Visitors can also see other displays about canal life, including static and picture displays. Another attraction is a Black River Canal diorama. The Museum also has a climate-controlled Archives Room and a meeting/conference room. The historic Mercantile Building serves as the museum’s gift shop. It also has a hallway gallery that features historical artifacts and pictures of Boonville in the past.

Les Bourgeois and Bushwhacker Bend Wineries

A visit to the Les Bourgeois and Bushwhackers Bend Wineries in Booneville, Missouri, is a treat for any wine lover. Both are family-owned and feature a wine tasting room and terrace restaurant overlooking the Missouri River. They are also home to some of the most delicious wines in the region. Here, you can sample different varieties of grapes and enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner.

These two wineries are located near the Missouri River and are within thirty minutes of each other. Both have recently expanded tasting rooms and beautiful views of the Missouri River. Bushwhacker Bend Winery is a great place to sip some of the best Missouri wine, while Les Bourgeois offers tours and cheese pairings.

Whether you’re interested in sampling some fine Missouri wines or learning about the area’s wine-making history, visiting these wineries in Booneville is an ideal day trip. The area is full of historical structures dating back to the 1830s, including the Hain House and Thespian Hall. If you’d like to visit one or both wineries, a brochure is available to give you directions.

If you’re looking for something a little different than the typical mac and cheese, try the apple and sausage mac and cheese. This version is not your mom’s mac and cheese; it’s more savory and perfect for a football game or a fall party. Chardonel, a crisp white wine, pairs well with this dish. The apple walnut pie is also a good pairing with a chardonel. You can also try a dessert wine like tawny port or a cream sherry.

Downtown Booneville’s artisan shops

Booneville’s artisan shops offer a variety of items made by local craftsmen. They feature a wide variety of handcrafted goods, including furniture and ice cream. If you’re looking for unique gifts, this is the place to look. In addition to artisan shops, the area also has several boutiques.


Booneville is home to Kidstown, an interactive park with several attractions for kids. The park was constructed in 1997 by 300 volunteers and is handicapped accessible. It features swings, monkey bars, and sand boxes. It is open to the public year-round and is open to children of all ages.

Pixley Falls State Park

If you want to experience the majesty of nature, Pixley Falls State Park in Boonesville is a great place to visit. It is located in northern Central New York in the southeast corner of the Adirondack Mountains. Visit its website to get more information about this beautiful park. Other nearby attractions include Fort Stanwix National Monument, Root Glen, and Talcottville Falls. The Utica Zoo is also within driving distance. This area is a favorite of Jim Cheney, creator of the TV show “Uncovering New York.”

There is a 50-foot waterfall here that’s worth visiting. There is a 0.7-mile nature trail that leads you to the waterfall. You’ll find ample opportunity to catch trout in the nearby river. Pixley Falls State Park is open year-round for day use. However, camping is no longer permitted.

A short loop, known as the Nature Trail, leads to the park’s namesake, the waterfall. Located at the end of a walking path, the waterfall is 50 feet high and cascading. Whether you’re camping or just enjoying the scenery, the park has plenty to offer.

The park is also easy to access. There are two parking lots for this state park. One of them is located along the Boonville Black River Canal Trail, which is a historic path that runs through the area. The other is the Nature Trail, a 0.7-mile loop trail that leads to the falls.

Woodgate Pines Golf Club

If you are searching for a golf course in Booneville, NY, you may want to consider Woodgate Pines Golf Club. This 18-hole course is situated on Hayes Road West and offers a number of different amenities for golfers. You can take a golf lesson or purchase golf products from the golf shop.

The Woodgate Pines Golf Club is a public course that opened in 1928. It features 18 holes of scenic golf and a full-service golf shop and club-repair workshop. The course also has a PGA Professional on staff. The course is a unique blend of natural beauty and Adirondack charm. The course is nestled in the Tug Hill Plateau and the Black River basin. The Adirondack Mountains are nearby as well as the Mohawk Valley.