Baths are a wonderful way to relax after a long stressful day. Warm aromatherapy baths, I find, help too relieve all different kinds of stress. Also to even relive happy times in your life. They give meditative states, allow you to clear your mind, keep a calm atmosphere, and much, much more!  When you are taking an aroma therapy bath, you inhale essential oil vapors which give you the calming effects that allow you to relax, each fragrance of essential oils give you different effects, but they all have positive effects on the mind, body and spirit.  So just because an oil is meant for something different but you enjoy the smell you can still use it in your preferred therapies. Generally because certain scents invoke certain emotions and and fond memories. Like, I love using ylang ylang because it reminds me of when I was a child. My aunt used that scent rather often to invigorate and even to calm herself.

Upbeat Bath

To keep a refreshing and upbeat attitude through out the day in the morning time make this bath apart of your daily routine.  You will need one table spoon of vodka or milk(whole), peppermint (three drops) peppermint essential oil rosemary oil (two drops) and add lavender (four drops). First, bring the bath to a comfortable temperature, but a little on the colder side to help wake you up. Second, while thinking of positive events that you want to happen through out the day place the spearmint oil into the tub. Third, inhale the spearmint while keeping these thoughts and place the lavender and rosemary oils in the bath at the same time. Fourth, before you enter the tub add the milk or vodka. Fifth, while performing your bathing routine remember to keep those up beat thoughts.

Delighting Bath

Lavender and grapefruit oils make a yummy scent that will leave you delighted. For this delighting aromatherapy bath you will need one table spoon of vodka or milk(whole), 3 to 4 grapefruit oil drops, four to five drops and one tablespoon of vodka or whole milk to prevent irritated or dry skin.  First, Fill your bath with comfortable temperature of warm water. Second,  combine the milk or vodka with the oils into the bath. Third, mix thoroughly while inhaling the vapors from the mixture keep delighting thoughts in your mind. Fourth, get into the tub and keep those thoughts as you go through your routine. Remember to keep happy and delighting thoughts through out the bath as well!

Athletic Bath

This bath is used for soreness or stiffness which is caused by over exerting  your muscles.  Generally, used by athletes to relax after a hard day. You will need  one table spoon of vodka or milk(whole), 3 to 4 drops of marjoram oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil per bath. First, fill your bath with a temperature that is comfortable for you and place the vodka or milk into the tub. Second, add the drops specified above for this bath while thinking of how you want your muscles to feel afterward. Third, mixing thoroughly. Fourth, while you keep thinking of how you wish to feel after the bath, place yourself into that bath and relax.

Calming Bath

To help keep your emotions balanced try a mixture of one table spoon of vodka or milk(whole), three drops of rose oil, another three drops of neroli oil and one drop of chamomile oil. First, fill your bath with a comfortable temperature of water and add the vodka or milk. Second, place the essential oils in the bath. Third, take several deep breaths. Fourth, add the vodka or milk. Fifth, slowly get into the water. Sixth, breath calmly and deeply as you feel your body relax.

Dreams of Happiness Bath

For a deep relaxation before going to sleep use essential oils of vetiver, clary sage and ylang ylang. Also use one table spoon of vodka or milk(whole) for skin protection. First, fill your tub with a comfortable temperature of water. Second, put four drops of vetiver oil. Third, place two drops of ylang ylang and clary sage oil at the same time add the vodka or milk. Fourth, get into the water while breathing deeply. Fifth, close your eyes and put into your mind what you wish to dream as you breath as deep and slowly as possible. Sixth, after the bathing routine is done remember to keep the deep breathing as you get ready to sleep.

Bath of Clearing Your Mind

After a hard days work or a very long stressful day take the time to clear your mind using this recipe. You will need one tablespoon of vodka or milk(whole), two to three drops of spearmint and basil oils you also need four to five drops of lavender oil. First, bring the water to a comfortable temperature. Second, place the spearmint and basil oils in first. Third, while keeping a clear mind inhale the vapors from the bath with only those two essential oils inside. Fourth, after inhalations place the vodka or milk and the lavender oil in the bath. Fifth, while breathing calmly and keeping that clear mind place your body slowly into the tub. Sixth, keep that clear and calm state of mind stay in the bath as long as you like but be sure to keep that same state as you put yourself to bed. Note: if any fragrance is to powerful for your sense of smell add less. Also, if you can’t smell it all add more. Be sure to feel comfortable. Always remember that for each one of these recipes or mixtures you should feel free to add or take away almost any amount of essential oils. If you do not like lavender, but love the smell of ylang ylang feel free to replace or add more of that oil. You want to feel relaxed. It is kind of hard to do so if you are repulsed by a certain scent. Go by what fragrance delights, relaxes, or helps you to clear your mind.