Do you absolutely hate taking big bulky pills? It’s bad enough when a doctor prescribes huge pills and now you have to take one every day for the rest of your life? Well, don’t worry about it anymore due to liquid vitamins. Liquid vitamins are a great alternative for everyone but, especially for children, seniors, and people who are unable to swallow pills. So the next question is, “Doesn’t the liquid taste bad?” The answer is it depends on your taste buds. They may not taste as good as pill form but, they are definitely easier to get down. And you won’t be drinking the liquid vitamins all day every day so one bitter taste once a day isn’t going to be a big deal.

There are many advantages to liquid vitamins. Liquid vitamins are so much better than hard pills because they go down smoothly. There is no chance it can get caught in your throat and there is no chance on choking. The liquid vitamins are better because your child, senior, or anyone who can’t swallow pills are guaranteed to get the vitamins they need every day. Without these vitamins every day then peoples bodies would be neglected of these vitamins and would end up with compromised systems. This can cause problems such as a slower metabolism, cells that can cause cancer, and many other problems that can happen if you don’t get your daily vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

1. For children that don’t like to take pills; liquid vitamins are their escape. They think of hard pills as something foreign in their mouth and start to struggle to swallow it. Then it ends up being dramatic because they start to choke and sometimes can lead up to vomiting. When this happens, they can be traumatized for life and will never be able to swallow pills again. With liquid vitamins there is nothing to choke on, there isn’t a huge lumpy pill that can get caught in their throat, and there is no chance of traumatization.

2. Senior citizens start to lose control of their muscles and their jaws making swallowing solid things almost impossible. Some senior citizens are so bad off that they have to have everything liquid including their food. There is no stress in not being able to get their daily vitamins because with liquid vitamins they will get their daily vitamins every day with no fight.

3. Some people just have a hard time swallowing pills. Whether they have disabilities, fears of swallowing pills, or just don’t know how to swallow pill they still need to get all of their daily vitamins. But, when they can’t swallow pills they don’t get vitamins and with liquid vitamins they will not have to worry about being exempt of those vitamins.

The difference between liquid and pills are the liquid gets absorbed in the body stream a lot faster than the pills. This can be a benefit because the liquid will be delivered to your system within minutes or even seconds. Pills can take hours or even days depending on the type of vitamin it is and how fast your digestive system is working. If you need an immediate vitamin in your system than the liquid vitamin is definitely the way you need to go. Liquid vitamins are able to digest better and work with our digestive system a lot easier than the hard pill vitamins. This is because a vitamin pill has to be completely digested and absorbed by the body before it can have any sort of benefit to your body. Even if you decide to take chewable pills, they take just as long to digest as the hard pills you have to swallow whole. With liquid vitamins they absorbed instantly into your blood stream taking almost instant affect.

Antioxidants are also available in liquid vitamins which include; A, C, and E. Our bodies need these antioxidants because it is our body’s defense against certain forms of cancers. They also stop or reverse the effect of harmful oxidation reactions. Antioxidants are needed in our body for everyday living. Having them both, the antioxidants and vitamins, in one convenient all in place as the vitamins you have to take every day makes taking liquid vitamins even easier to choose.

People worry about the colloidal minerals that seem to be more in liquid vitamins then in pills. The truth is that there are colloidal minerals in liquid vitamins but, there are colloidal minerals in a lot of different things. Apples have colloidal minerals but, people eat apples every day. There are no immediate side effects to the colloidal minerals from the liquid vitamins it would be just like eating apples. And it is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Therefore, you will be taking in colloidal minerals but, it isn’t like side effects of a poison. Because of the belief of colloidal minerals being harmful to our body’s people don’t believe that taking liquid vitamins can help you and that they can only make your body worse off than in the first place. But, this isn’t true. Colloidal minerals cannot be avoided no matter where you go or what you eat. There is no way to get around these minerals no matter how you try and that is why taking it in a liquid vitamin won’t hurt you anymore than eating an apple a day.

In the end, the decision is yours, whether you choose liquid vitamins, swallow the pill whole vitamins, or chewable vitamins it is up to you to decide what you prefer and what you feel is better for you to take. But, if you want your vitamins and antioxidants in your system almost immediately after taking the vitamins then the liquid vitamins is the way to go. If you want to have a vitamin that takes hours or even days to get into your system then swallow the pills whole and chewable pills are the way to go. Which one sounds more appealing? I would choose liquid vitamins. There are just so many more benefits to the liquid vitamins then the other vitamins. The decision is all yours!