The Maine coon is a wonderful family pet, but it requires some patience and attention. However, it is worth it once you see how loving and intelligent this breed can be. Listed below are a few things you need to know about this breed and its care. You can also read about the Breed standard for the breed.


The red solid color of the Maine Coon is extremely rare. Although there are many cats that have this color, this coat is usually covered by another coat. These cats are often referred to as smokes. Smokes are not solid colors, but they have a lighter-colored undercoat. As a result, they look like solids from a distance. Solid colors include black, cream, and blue.

A solid red Maine Coon has a red color that is deep and uniform. It also has matching chin and lips. These cats are also often called brick red. Cream solid color is one level darker than the solid red color. It is also a bit pinker in tone. The color is a very popular one for Maine Coons. Cream solid color cats are also available, but they do not have any contrasting markings.

Tabby is the most common tabby pattern on a Maine Coon. It features a stripe pattern on the body and patches on the undercoat. Other tabby patterns include mackerel, classic, and patched. The latter two are less common than the former. Mackerel tabby has a long stripe down the center of the back.

A red solid color on a Maine Coon is also very rare. This is because only one out of every five red cats are solid red. These cats can be either male or female. Males are more likely to have solid red coats than females. Females are rare and are often coveted by owners.

Blue solid colors are also a common type of Maine Coon color. These cats have a blue undercoat, but lack the shine that the other colors do. In addition, blue solid colors are usually found in combination with white, which can be combined with the smoky blue color to create a unique color.


The Maine Coon is allowed to have various color variations. The solid color variety features rich orange fur with brick red paw pads and nose. The solid color variety still has its typical tabby pattern, though it is less pronounced. It is a unique color that many cat lovers want to own.

The Maine Coon is a large, long cat. It reaches prime adult size around 4 years of age. This breed has a long, thick fur coat, which helps it stay warm. It was bred in the Northeast to be able to survive the cold winters, and their thick coat can help keep them warm. If you’re considering getting a Maine Coon, it’s important to know that they can grow to weigh up to 18 pounds.

Like other cats, the Maine Coon is a good choice for people who enjoy being active. They don’t need any special exercise, but they will enjoy running around the house and jumping around. It’s helpful to have a cat toy around to help them get their energy out. The Maine Coon is also very trainable. They can be taught basic commands and are very good at housetraining. As long as they have a large litter box, they shouldn’t have any issues.

The Maine Coon is an ancient cat, originating in New England. Historically, the breed was a popular farm cat and mouser in the region. In fact, many early Maine Coons were ship cats. The breed is large and is the world’s largest house cat. The Maine Coon is approximately four feet long.


While the Maine Coon is an extremely tolerant pet, they are not obedient and can bite, especially when provoked. As such, it is important to supervise young children around the pet, and to teach them how to treat the animal kindly. It is important to note that the Maine Coon has never been known to hurt a baby, but this is something that needs to be considered when caring for one of these pets.

Maine Coons are highly intelligent, sociable cats. They are also very playful, and often retain their kitten playfulness into adulthood. While they aren’t territorial, they do like to interact with people and will often wait outside closed doors for their owners. If you’re looking for an excellent pet to add to your family, a Maine Coon is one of the best options.

A Maine Coon’s large size and rich, luxuriant coat have made them one of America’s most popular breeds. The breed is also considered to be intelligent, hardy, and loyal to their human family. In fact, this breed was the subject of a popular 1880s Garland Stoves advertising card.

Maine Coons come in a variety of colors and patterns. While a solid color is the most common, a mackerel-tabby pattern is also a popular choice. Solid colors can range from red to black. Other options include cinnamon or white. Aside from brown and white, there are solid and tabby varieties.

The Maine Coon is large, with a long, round head and triangular ears. It has a high cheekbone and a square face with almond-shaped eyes that are pronounced. A long, wide nose is another distinctive feature.

Breed standard

In 1983 the FIFe published its first Breed Standard for the Maine Coon. The association was founded by breeders and trend-setters who wanted to take their breed to the next level. The association relies on genetic testing and registering everything possible. That means that it will continue to evolve and become more precise.

The Maine Coon has a unique coat pattern and color. These colors are due to a red pigment called phaeomelanin. Fortunately, most people don’t need a biology lesson. The breed standard allows for a variety of colors and patterns. The color of your coon will depend a lot on how well socialized you have it from a young age.

While the CFA’s Breed Standard for the Maine Coon has remained relatively unchanged since 2001, the breed’s eyes have changed. In 2013, the breed standard was changed to require large expressive eyes with a wide-set oval shape. This change was made to the breed’s standard to reflect the new standards.

Although the Maine Coon has a distinct red and orange coat pattern, the majority of these cats are orange, mackerel or ginger. While solid orange cats are rare, they do exist. Those with solid orange coats usually have a ruff on their chest, are solid orange in color, have a square rump, and have a red ‘M’ on their forehead.

A Maine Coon’s coat is semi-long with varying lengths. The coat is longer at the base and is ruffed around the chest and neck. The tail is also plumed. The breed is considered one of the gentle giants of the cat world.


The Maine Coon is a highly sought after pet. They are a hardworking, reliable breed that can survive a harsh climate. These pets have a friendly disposition and a smooth, shaggy coat. These pets should be valued by the wonderful moments they will spend with their owners.