Doterra oils are very potent natural compounds found in nature. They are often referred to as the “Mother Nature of supplements.” They can also be called the “environmental friend” because they are safe for the environment, healthy for you and even good for you if used correctly.

Doterra oils are derived from a variety of natural sources that includes the following. These are distilled oils or those which have already been processed to obtain more concentrated or purest oils available.

First, we have the solid petroleum. From tar sands, or heavy oil from Venezuela, to the thick crude oil from countries like the United States. The solid petroleum is refined and then made into usable oils which are suitable for the food industry or for everyday use.

Second, we have the organic synthesis. Organic synthesis includes plants and trees that are naturally rich in essential oils, seeds, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Third, we have the pure source. Pure source is the oils extracted from seeds and nuts, fruits and vegetables, some herbs and flowers.

Now, since most of these oils are already diluted with water before being extracted, what is necessary is the additional step of steaming these oils in order to make them even more concentrated. Steaming does this by drying the natural oil molecules into smaller units. This requires more energy and time, but it yields a higher oil concentration.

Other traditional methods of steaming include steam distillation, high temperature, and cold spinning. Of course, there are other ways of steaming which may be more convenient for certain groups of people such as those who are more prone to sweating because of the heat.

What is necessary is finding the right Doterra oils in order to extract maximum benefits out of them. Most of the Doterra oils are based on three different plant extracts. This includes; tea tree oil, and bergamot oil.

Both of these are extremely effective in fighting and curing a wide variety of ailments. Tea tree oil is particularly effective for clearing the nose by unclogging the nasal passages and pores. It is also very effective in reducing congestion.

Bergamot oil is good for fighting against infections and respiratory conditions. It is considered to be quite potent in that it has anti-bacterial properties which help fight against bacteria. It also has antiseptic properties which are excellent in combating against viruses and yeast infections.

The Doterra oils available today are all created in the same way. It is possible to find oils that are extracted from these three top quality plant extracts. Other products that have proven effectiveness are also created from pure plant sources.

Overall, there are many different benefits to using these oils. Even though they are not advertised, many of these oils have shown great promise in the health industry. It is possible to find effective oils on the market today.