The Smoke Maine Coon is one of the most attractive varieties of the breed. Often close in color to black cats, this variant has a lighter undercoat. This coat can be solid or in various colors, such as blotches and stripes. In addition to solid colors, the Smoke Maine Coon can be found in several different patterns.


Maine Coons are known for their distinct coat colors. Black smoke Maine Coons have a long, heavy coat covered with a light color at the tips. Although this color is not visible up close, it gives the cat a smoky appearance. In addition, Maine Coons have fur-covered ear tips and a long tail.

These cats have thick, black fur, which they typically show off. They may have a white undercoat, but are mostly black. Some smoke cats have a gray or rust colored patch at their chests. While this color is similar to that of the solid black Maine Coon, it is not recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Maine Coons are known to be tolerant of other animals, and the breed is relatively docile. Although it can be intimidating to some people, it is also very friendly and playful. Although it is a large cat, Smokey is not aggressive and will not attack other animals. A big cat is a big deterrent to any predatory cat.

Maine Coons are native to the cold northern United States. Their large paws and thick tails help them stay warm in the winter. They also have dense, water-repellent coats. Their coats are longer on the flanks and stomach, with shorter shag on the sides. They’ve also won America’s first cat show.

Maine Coons can come in a variety of colors. Although their body color is predominantly black, their facial features make them stand out. Whether you’d like a red or white Maine Coon, there’s an appropriate cat for you. The CFA website has more information on the different colors of Maine Coons. You can also view pictures of Maine Coons.

Another type of smoke Maine Coon is a cameo smoke. These cats have red or white patches on their chest. They also have golden or green eyes. Those with this coloration may have a white ear tuft. Their paws and belly may be partially or completely white.

A Maine Coon has tabby markings on its undercoat and upper fur. The pattern can be one of several colors, including classic and mackerel tabby. There are also some types of tabby, known as a “TWW” tabby, which means that they have white paws and chests.


The Maine Coon cat is a black cat with a long, dense coat. It is normally all black, but sometimes has a light undercoat. Smokeys are also referred to as black smoke. The eyes are brown. These cats are considered solid black, but some have patches of gray in the chest and ear tufts.

Maine Coon cats come in a variety of colors, and the CFA website offers information on coloration and pattern. You can also see pictures of the various colors. These cats make lovely pets for families and are very chatty and playful. And, their coloration is very striking. Some are white, while others are blue, tiger stripes, or shades of brown.

This breed of cat is known to be very intelligent and lovable. It is naturally curious and is able to spot potential danger. It will observe you closely and will tap its paw lightly to let you know what it is. Smoke Maine Coons make great pets for families with children, as they are friendly and can handle rough play.

A smoke Maine Coon has a solid color on the outside, but a lighter color on the underside. The smokey pattern is most often seen in males. However, this color is almost never seen in female cats. This is due to genetics, since the color red is always on the X chromosome, and the two X chromosomes will combine to form a different hue.

The Smoke Maine Coon has a dark undercoat that is similar to black but has a lighter undercoat. The black color can also be lighter on the chest. The color may be solid, with spots and stripes. In addition to the solid color, there are also smoke Maine Coons with a blotchy look.

The Maine Coon has a beautiful, long-haired coat, which varies in color. Their coat is soft and varies in length, shorter on the head and tail than on the flanks and stomach. They also have a leonine ruff around their neck. The coat of a Maine Coon varies seasonally and requires minimal grooming.


The Maine Coon smokey is an eye-catching variant of the breed. The smoke coat is reminiscent of black cats and is lighter in color than the solid coat. This color can be solid or come in a variety of patterns, including blotches, stripes, and dots. The smoked coat of the Maine Coon is one of the most striking of all of the coat colors for this breed.

The Maine Coon smokey is an intelligent and friendly cat. It is naturally curious and will watch you closely to detect problems. If you’re not home, he may tap your foot lightly to alert you of a problem. Fortunately, the Maine Coon smokey is not aggressive, and it won’t attack other animals or children.

The smokey Maine Coon has black fur with white tips. It has a broad chest, large eyes, and a heavy, long coat. It has a white undercoat that is visible only when it’s ruffled. These cats have very long tails. They are prone to tangles, but can be easily de-tangled by a trained human.

There are three types of smokey colors available in the breed. Cameo smoke and white smoke are similar to cameo smoke, but may have a lighter undercoat. Cameo smoke Maine Coons are also available with a classic tabby pattern. Cream smoke Maine Coons have a white undercoat with cream patches. This color may also have a white face blaze.

The smoky gray color is not as common, and usually consists of a mixture of two colors. Solid white Maine Coons are also very rare, though they may have pink tufts at the end of their ears. In both cases, the color is not passed down genetically.

The Maine Coon breed has been in the USA since colonial times. The breed likes water and is often found in or near water. They may even jump in the shower with their owners. They are the largest breed of cat in the world.