The Main kun cat is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. They can have a range of different colors and are among the largest domestic cats. The main kun cat usually weighs from five to seven kilograms. However, a representative from Maine once weighed fifteen kilograms.

it is a tiger-like appearance

The main kun cat is a breed of cat that has a tiger-like appearance. It was regarded as a sacred animal by the Egyptians. This cat has an ash-colored coat with dark stripes like a tiger. It is also known for its speed and agility. It is also muscular and is the only breed of cat that has been selectively bred to have a tiger-like appearance.

Its body has markings reminiscent of a tiger, including a tiger-like face and neck. It is a relatively large cat, weighing up to 10 kg and measuring 30 cm at the withers. Its eyes are green and have a rounded appearance.

The main kun cat has a striped coat that is dark compared to the rest of its body. It also has a large tail that resembles a tiger. It is a rare breed of cat that makes an excellent companion. While the main kun cat has a tiger-like appearance, it is also quite sweet and will fit in well with a family.

Despite its appearance, this cat is not wild in its natural habitat. It has been domesticated and kept as a pet since the ancient times. It is thought to be a sacred animal in Egypt and was revered by the people there. Although domesticated, this cat can weigh up to 18 pounds. It has a spotted coat that resembles a tiger and gives the impression that it is a wildcat living in a home.