The KONG rope toy is made of all-natural rope with grooves to encourage your dog to chew on it. The toy also has the added benefit of cleaning your dog’s teeth. Made of KONG Classic’s unique natural red rubber formula, this rope toy will keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

Mint-scented floss

A mint-scented floss kong rope toy is the perfect tool to keep your dog’s teeth and breath fresh. Made of wax-coated nylon and all-natural cotton, the toy helps clean your dog’s teeth while playing. It’s safe to play with and is great for a variety of activities, including fetching, tugging, and swimming.

These toys are also durable and come in two knot options. Unlike many rope toys, they don’t shed any thread, which can be dangerous for a teething dog. However, this toy is not a good choice for a dog that likes to chew on string. Another problem with rope toys is the size, which can vary. Some toys may be too big, while others may not be large enough for large breeds.

Baking soda

Baking soda can be an excellent degreaser. To use, simply mix one part warm water with one part white vinegar. Afterwards, use an old toothbrush to scrub off any residue. If you can’t find a brush, you can also microwave the rope toy for one minute, which will kill bacteria and germs in the rope. Once done, allow it to air dry before reusing it.

Non-toxic rope

When looking for a rope toy for your child, be sure to choose one that’s made of non-toxic materials. Latex, vinyl, and plush materials are not durable and should be avoided at all costs. Choose a durable chew toy made of quality materials such as cotton rope, which is much safer for your child than cheap materials like vinyl. The Kong brand is also a good choice if you’d like to be certain that your child’s toy is safe.

Dogs can chew rope toys, but if they are made of rope that is coated with dyes and chemicals, they are not safe for your dog. Instead, look for dog-specific rope toys that are made with cotton and free of any toxic chemicals. These toys are popular because they can withstand a dog’s biting, and they outlast other rubber toys. Another bonus is that they’re perfect for tug and fetch games.

Another good option is a hemp rope toy. Hemp rope is biodegradable and chemical-free, and is a great choice for environmentally conscious parents. However, it doesn’t last as long as a twisted rope toy. The rope began to fray after the first play session. Another toy you can try is the StarMark Fantastic Foam Ball, but it relied on heat shrink to keep the rope in place, and it came undone in a tug-of-war game. You may also want to consider the Planet Dog Orbee Ball Rope or the Nero Ball Ultra, which are great reward toys for your dog.

The KONG Jumbler is another fun toy for your pup. It’s two-in-one ball and tug-of-war toys and comes in various sizes and colors. The extra-long rope toy is also perfect for water dog games and tug-of-war. It also has foam filling, making it float and prevent it from causing a mess.


The KONG rope toy is a sturdy chew toy that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of your dog. It is made of 100% cotton rope and durable rubber. Your dog can enjoy hours of play time with this toy. It is also small enough to fit in a Molle KONG Ball Pouch.

While KONG toys are sturdy, it is still recommended to supervise their playtime. If the toy is left unattended, it can be potentially dangerous for your dog. It’s not recommended for young children to play with it unsupervised, and it should only be given to a dog under adult supervision.

A dog’s jaw and teeth are designed for destructive chewing. Their wild ancestors needed strong jaws and sharp teeth. Domesticated dogs don’t have those needs, but they still have the instinct to chew. KONG Rubber toys satisfy that instinct while teaching your dog proper chewing behaviors.


The KONG(tm) rope toy combines a large KONG(tm) toy with a 3/8″ rope handle. It measures about six inches long and is durable. It’s also safe for dogs, allowing you to play with your dog hands-free. This toy fits in the Molle KONG Ball Pouch and comes in three different colors. The rope is made of cotton, so it’s easy to grab and helps clean your dog’s teeth when your dog chews on it.

KONG toys help dogs with a variety of behavioral issues, including separation anxiety. They can also be used to crate train puppies and skittish dogs. You can even fill the toy with tasty treats and goodies, so your dog won’t get bored easily. The KONG rope toy is one of the best dog toys available on the market.

Another KONG rope toy is the KONG Dental with Rope. This toy supports your dog’s instinctual need to chew, and the rope’s unique grooves can also help clean your dog’s teeth. In addition to being durable, this toy can be filled with peanut butter or other treats for extended playtime. It is also removable so you can clean it out easily if your dog chews on it.

The KONG rope toy can also be used for fetch. You should always keep treats on hand. You can rub your pup’s KONG with fish oil or meat juice. You can also tie a big knot on the small end to help leverage while throwing it. This rope toy can be a great way to keep your dog busy and entertained even if you leave them home alone for a long time.