Boomer was an enormous Newfoundland who was 7 feet long and weighed 180 pounds. However, he didn’t meet the height requirement set by Guinness Book of World Records. He also had a tail that was long enough to knock things off the counters and was so powerful that he could drink water from the kitchen faucet without hopping. Sadly, Boomer passed away at the age of six.


The iconic movie, Bruiser, is a classic tale of love and loyalty. The movie focuses on the relationship between Elle Wood and her Chihuahua, Bruiser. As Elle struggles to excel in her classes, Bruiser becomes her constant companion. Eventually, Bruiser helps her meet her new best friend, Paulette.

A Lab-Great Pyrenees mix, Bruiser weighs about 60 pounds and is seven months old. He is a part of an “oops” litter that has been named after its mom, an adoring pet. He also has a handsome stranger as his father. Bruiser is social and loves attention. Nevertheless, the young dog is still a puppy and is learning about house rules. But he is an eager learner and loves to please his owner.

The film Bruiser first appeared in Legally Blonde, which was released in 2001. In the film, Elle Woods was dumped by her husband, Warner Huntington III. After years of heartbreak, she applies to law school and meets Bruiser. In addition to acting in Legally Blonde, she later stars in the sequel with Gidget.


The Air Force sentry dog Nemo and his handler Airman Robert Throneburg were patrolling the Tan Son Nhut Airbase, Vietnam, when they heard the sounds of enemy fire and were alerted. Throneburg ordered Nemo to attack the enemy, and the two went into the enemy’s nest together. The dogs eventually killed two of the VC. Throneburg was wounded in his left shoulder and back.

The story of Nemo is a true story, as Nemo was rescued as a stray in Havre de Grace. He was later adopted by a New Yorker, but his owner returned him after a short time because he failed to adjust to the new environment. His next owner returned him to the shelter because he was not able to get along with their family cat. But after a few years, Nemo’s owner, William Sciarillo, found Nemo and brought him to Cornell. At that time, Nemo was named Bingo, and weighed 60 pounds.

While in the Air Force, Nemo fought alongside a soldier and was wounded during the Vietnam War. During that time, Nemo attacked the enemy, giving his human comrades minutes to call for reinforcements. When Throneburg collapsed, Nemo crawled on top of him, and refused to let anyone touch him. A veterinarian eventually had to remove him. The dog was later buried at the Department of Defense Dog Center in Lackland, Texas.


The story behind Trakr is one of rebirth. This remarkable dog was cloned from the DNA of a deceased dog named Symington. He was the first dog to be cloned, and was cloned due to his good performance in the police force. In 2009, his clone was born, and Symington is now working with him to train descendants to be search and rescue dogs.

Trakr was a German shepherd and a trained sniffer dog. His extraordinary abilities led rescue workers to the last survivor at Ground Zero. He died in April, when he was only 16. However, his memory will live on through his five clones, which have the same DNA as Trakr.

Despite being retired from active duty, Trakr was still a phenomenal K-9. He was partnered with a police officer, James Symington, who drove from Canada to New York City to work with him. Together, the team rescued dozens of people and found millions of dollars worth of goods.


Zenit is a German shepherd who spent most of his life sniffing out IEDs in Afghanistan. In 2012, he was adopted by Jose Armenta. In a heartwarming gesture, Zenit planted a kiss on the dog in his arms.

The story of Zenit and dogs has been told in many ways, but one of the most interesting is that Zenit’s XI of dogs is a Russian dog called Zenit. In the first video, Zenit’s XI is shown with pictures and profiles of dogs seeking new homes. The dog portraits and pictures were shown before the match. The dog profiles were shown on the stadium’s video screen, as were pictures of Zenit’s XI.

As part of their World Pet Day campaign, Zenit players carried the dogs on the pitch. In total, 11 dogs were paraded by Zenit players during the game, and the team asked viewers to adopt one or more of them. The video has garnered millions of views on Twitter.


Apollo is a big, friendly boy who loves people and his family. He is a great family dog and will be a great addition to your home. He enjoys romping in the backyard and playing with toys. He has even been around kids and loves to play with them.

A Great Dane is a large breed of dog that is often called the “Apollo of dogs.” Their name comes from the Greek god of the sun, Apollo. They have been around for thousands of years and have been depicted on ancient artifacts. You can find Great Danes at shelters and rescues, but they are best found through adoption.


Zenit is a German shepherd that was formerly a military dog in Afghanistan. When Armenta adopted him in 2012, he spent his days sniffing out IEDs. His story is inspiring and it reveals how a dog can change the lives of so many.

Armenta was a beloved member of the family. His parents spoke to him daily. One night, the family drove to his home in San Diego. When they got there, they found his car not there. They had known that Luis Armenta had planned to spend the night with friends. The family then called a friend of Luis’s, Nada Boutros, and asked where he was. Luis Armenta told Nada Boutros he was going to Balboa Park.


Dogs are known for their distinctive mustaches, and this is no different for Monty. Some of these canines are born with this characteristic. But there are also some dogs that are given this unique trait later in life. Photographer Kira Stackhouse has made it her mission to document dogs with mustaches as part of her Woofember campaign to raise money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation. While some dogs are born with mustaches, others are forced to rely on their talents and skills to achieve the look they crave.

The Schnauzer, for example, is one of the most famous dog breeds with facial hair. These dogs have a classic mustache, beard, and bushy eyebrows. They come in all shapes and sizes, including miniatures and giants. Whatever their size, they are all beautiful and have great personalities.