Cat videos are a popular form of entertainment and are a wonderful way to spend some quality time with family and friends. These hilarious videos show cats doing all sorts of amazing things, and they are definitely worth watching. These videos feature cats like Bongo Cat, Maru, and Zya the bobcat.

Nyan Cat

If YouTube is anything to go by, the Nyan Cat video is one of the most popular of all time. The 8-bit cartoon cat was created in 2011 by Chris Torres and has received 123 million views so far. The video features the cat flying through space with a rainbow trailing behind. The video has inspired many remixes by fans.

The Nyan Cat video has become an internet meme as it is a viral video. The video has over 120 million views on YouTube and is as popular off-YouTube. It also inspired numerous remixes, wallpapers, and applications for operating systems. It has also become a source of sarcastic YouTube references.

The Nyan Cat is a cartoon character that was originally created as an animated GIF. The video’s theme song has been viewed over 180 million times. There is a wiki for the videos, which includes sorting options. It also contains a video where a human builds a cardboard labyrinth for the cats.

Nyan Cat has also been a Golden Kitty Award winner. Other notable recipients of the award are Maru and Grumpy Cat. He lives in Seattle, Washington. Recently, he spoke with a reporter to talk about cat videos.

Bongo Cat

A simple kitty meme has taken the internet by storm. A GIF of a cat patting its paws on a table is now a viral hit thanks to a Twitter user called @StrayRogue. In an act of collaboration, the cat was later given bongos and a song to accompany it. Bongo Cat has rekindled the spirit of animated cat memes past.

A multi-talented cat, Bongo Cat can play a number of instruments, from cymbals to cowbell and tambourine. He can also sing and play the piano. And if that wasn’t enough, he also gives out adorable meows.

If you are looking for a way to relax and unwind, this video is the perfect solution. Bongo Cat is a white, rare cat who loves playing bongos. His friends are many but he has a few. The best part is, you can download it from YouTube for free.


Maru is a Scottish Fold cat with over half a million YouTube subscribers. He has a unique personality, and his crazy antics have made him a star of many cat videos. He also has the record for the most YouTube views for any cat. His fans find him incredibly endearing and admirable.

Maru has received numerous accolades for his antics, including being featured in an article published by the New York Times and in a commercial for Fresh Step. His YouTube channel is now the seventh most subscribed in Japan, and his videos have been viewed over 400 million times.

While it’s easy to appreciate Maru and Henri as adorable companions, there are many more reasons to enjoy a cat video. They serve as a friendly hello after a fight, add a dash of silliness to flirtation, and lighten up a grumpy coworker’s day.

Maru likes to play in cardboard boxes. His tail swings back and forth. Moreover, his plump hind legs are splayed in the box.

Zya the bobcat

Zya the bobcat loves to cuddle housecat Prometheus. They were initially wary of each other but eventually became best friends and had an interspecies hugfest. The video is pure adorableness! It also features two kittens jumping into Golden Retriever puppies’ crates. The resulting cuddle puddle is the definition of warm and fuzzy.

Videos created just for cats are called “cat videos” and aim to recreate a slice of the natural world. Cats enjoy this visual stimulation, which helps keep their instincts sharp. Some of the most popular subjects include mice, fish and birds. You can find these videos ranging from four minutes to an hour.

Tasler films cats for a living. She shoots videos for the nonprofit Big Cat Rescue outside of Tampa, Florida. She began volunteering there after learning that the sanctuary needed a media producer. She currently edits two videos a week for the organization.

Nyan Cat theme song

The Nyan Cat theme song is a four-minute compilation of cats meowing. It’s a beautiful tune and the perfect accompaniment to the video. For cat lovers who like to be crafty, the song is also a great accompaniment for a cardboard labyrinth built for the feline.

This viral video was first created by Chris Torres, a 25-year-old from Dallas. He combined a Japanese pop song with a cartoon cat to make Nyan Cat. His design was then posted on Tumblr and Twitter accounts and quickly became an internet sensation. The video also featured Hatsune Miku’s theme song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanya” that became an instant classic for web users.

In addition to being an iconic video, the Nyan Cat theme song has influenced a lot of chiptune music. The song evokes the classic Zelda and Mega Man themes while incorporating a modern chiptune style. The song is not a deep or elaborate experience, but it’s definitely worth listening to. And it’s cheap – it’s only one dollar on Apple’s App Store.

Maru’s channel

Maru is an interesting cat. He is a Japanese cat that has been creating videos for YouTube since 2009. He has a Japanese name and a YouTube account. His videos are mostly about Maru’s adventures in cardboard boxes and are uploaded under the account name mugumogu. The videos last between three and seven minutes and generally have a central theme. Maru’s videos are both funny and inspiring, and have spawned several fan accounts.

Maru’s videos have received worldwide attention and have been viewed over 100 million times. He has been featured in the New York Times and Entertainment Weekly. He has also appeared in films and television shows. He has become a celebrity and is now ranked the seventh most subscribed animal on YouTube.

Maru’s videos have received many awards and have achieved a Guinness World Record. He is not the only cat to be featured on The Greatest Cat Videos of All Time. He also won a prestigious award for best cat video.

Videos of individual cats

Videos of individual cats have become increasingly popular, both online and off. These videos often have a formal structure and homogenize the cat as a species. Some videos even claim to show the likeness of a certain cat to the owner’s own cat, implying that the two are related. The videos also serve as an exemplar of the cat as a species, traversing literature, mythology and fables.

There are many types of animal videos online, but videos of individual cats may be the most popular. They can be informative or entertaining and can make viewers laugh. A recent video of a ‘cashier’ cat has gone viral, and netizens cannot stop watching it. This adorable video features a ‘cashier’ cat that has a strict deposit-only policy.

Moreover, cat videos have a pervasive aesthetic. They feature a cat’s disruption of an otherwise serene state, eliciting a comical or surprising effect. Cat videos also present an aesthetic of surveillance without inhibition. This is a direct result of the pervasiveness of video cameras and common communications devices. These videos feed a massive economy of user-generated content. Even though the content of cat videos is clearly created by human beings, their aesthetic appeal is mediated by the ubiquitous nature of video technology.