If you’re interested in getting organized, you’ve probably seen Netflix’s Get Organized With the Home Edit. The show features two organizational experts, Joanna and Clea, who met through a mutual friend. They discovered they had many things in common, including a desire to help people become more organized. These two women help people get organized in order to achieve their goals.

Shearer’s husband is a professional photographer

Clea Shearer is originally from Los Angeles, but now resides in Nashville with her husband, professional photographer John Shearer. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City and subsequently married Shearer. The two have three books under the Home Edit title. Their goal is to help people find and make the most of every space in their home.

The show focuses on their professional lives as well as their personal lives. They have over six million followers on Instagram. The couple uses the platform to talk about their own experiences and promote their business. Their husband is a professional photographer, and they both have a blog and podcast to discuss various topics.

John Shearer and Clea Shearer are married to one another and share two children. Their children are Stella Blue, 11, and Sutton Gray, 8. John is a professional photographer. The couple is also very busy with other business ventures.

Clea and Joanna are very open about how much time they spend on their professional careers. They also share pictures of their family, including their children, on their Instagram account. Her husband is a professional photographer who primarily shoots advertising campaigns.

The Home Edit is a popular home organization show on Netflix. The show has been featured on Goop, Apartment Therapy, and People. The creators of the show have collaborated with celebrities Eva Chen and Dan Levy. And they have a new season on the way.

Clea Shearer’s husband, John Shearer, owns John Shearer Photography, and he has photographed many famous musicians and singers. Among them are Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Maren Morris, and Miranda Lambert. Stella has a passion for dance and John Shearer’s family is supportive of her dancing career.

Clea Shearer’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million by 2020. Her income comes from The Home Edits show, but she also has three books to her credit. One of them is a New York Times bestseller. Obviously, Clea’s popularity has also helped her net worth.

Shearer’s style of decluttering

Clare and Joanna Shearer are experts in organization and decluttering. The duo is the inspiration for a popular Instagram account and a book. Their tips are based on the principles of organization, which is not to say that they do not let go of stuff. However, they challenge readers to extend these principles beyond their home.

The two women founded The Home Edit, a decluttering and organizing business based in Nashville. Their mission is to help homeowners simplify and organize their lives with stylish, functional systems. Their company has organized homes for celebrities and individuals across the country. They’re currently releasing a book to help others create their own home organization systems.

Shearer’s experience with chemo

Clea Shearer, co-founder of The Home Edit and host of the Netflix show of the same name, has opened up about her experience with chemo. She has been very vocal about her health struggles and revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 7, months before the second season of the show debuted on Netflix. Despite her popularity, she has also increased her social media presence to share her experience with viewers.

Shearer’s experience with chemy has been an inspiring one. During the chemotherapy treatment, she shared a vulnerable image of herself receiving chemotherapy treatment. The chemo, known as AC chemo, is used to treat breast cancer. She said that she wished she had a hazmat suit to protect her from the chemicals. However, she is now doing well at home and is recovering well.

Shearer has not suffered from breast cancer in her family but was diagnosed with it in 2015, during a self-exam. The experience prompted her to create the Clea Shearer Breast Cancer Research Fund to spread the word about early detection and to spur research for the disease. She also co-founded the popular organising company with Joanna Teplin. The two women have a television show called The Home Edit, where they help people de-clutter their lives.

Clea Shearer’s recent diagnosis of stage two mammary cancer has gotten people talking on social media. While the news of cancer diagnosis can be heartbreaking, the reality television star has shared the emotional experience with her followers. While she is focusing on the positive now, she is still keeping secrets from her children.

Her Instagram account is full of information about Shearer’s chemo treatments. Shearer had a 12 week treatment of Taxol, followed by five weeks of radiation, and is hopeful about the outcome. In April, Shearer publicly revealed her cancer diagnosis. She discovered the lump on her own and pushed for a mammogram, which revealed two tumors in her mammary gland.