If you are looking for places to visit in Hodges, Florida, you are in luck! The small town is home to many great attractions. From the Hodges Gardens State Park to the Hodges Chapel, the area has a lot to offer. There are also many places to dine in Hodges.

Hodges Gardens State Park

Hodges Gardens State Park, formerly known as the Hodges Gardens Park and Wilderness Area, is situated on 4,700 acres in west central Louisiana between the towns of Hornbeck and Florien. The park is near Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Sabine River. It has many activities to offer visitors, including camping and hiking.

The park’s topography is unique and it has numerous waterfalls. It also has a 225-acre lake that is surrounded by stone paths. Founded by wealthy oilman A.J. Hodges, this park is a great destination for nature lovers, as it has many types of flowers and wildlife to explore.

This park is also home to the largest privately-owned horticultural parkland in the country. Hodges acquired the property in the 1930s, which was originally part of a stone quarry that supplied rocks to the Port Arthur, Texas, harbor jetties. Hodges later added waterfalls, a geyser, and walking trails to his park. In 1956, the park opened as a privately owned horticultural tourist attraction. Today, it is owned by the Hodges Foundation and is a great place to visit with your family and friends.

The park’s fate will be decided through negotiations between the state and the Friends of Hodges Gardens. The state has said that they are in talks with the Hodges Foundation to redevelop the park, but the Friends of Hodges Gardens want to wait until the property reverts to its original owners.

The park is home to a 225-acre lake that was once an abandoned quarry. It has many hiking trails, including the Wagon Wheel Equestrian/Hiking Trail that is 7.3 miles long and the East Fence Loop Trail which is 6.2 miles long. The park also has group camping facilities, including a campground for horses.

The Hodges Gardens State Park is a unique member of the state park system. The park was donated to the state in 2007 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2015. This natural setting is often referred to as Louisiana’s “Garden in the Forest.” Hodges Gardens State Park is the result of a reforestation effort.

Hodges Chapel

The Andrew Gerow Hodges Chapel is a beautiful representation of Colonial Georgian style. It combines the symmetry and proportions of old European designs with the scale of post-Civil War Alabama plantations. The interior of the chapel is decorated with art and symbols of Christian faith. The chapel was named after Andrew Gerow Hodges, who was a long-time trustee and former board chairman.

One room features psychedelic-themed statues of mushrooms, and another serves as the sermon area. Before the recent pandemic, members of this church gathered with cannabis and other entheogenic plants to celebrate the New Year. The church’s adjacent dispensary is the main draw, with an orange sign proclaiming: “Twenty percent off Sacraments” and black tubs filled with cannabis and mushrooms.

Another place of worship in Hodges Chapel is Zide Door Church. The church was previously a cannabis-focused church, but in early 2019 the group added psychedelic mushrooms to its offerings. Soon after, the Oakland City Council decriminalized these consciousness-altering plants, but it didn’t take long for the church to get a raid. In the end, officers forced their way into the church with guns drawn.

Hodges Bay

If you want to get fit and unwind, there are many things you can do in Hodges Bay. The resort features a spa with a full menu of treatments, a children’s club, two pools, and a fitness center that never closes. Other activities include kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

This resort is popular with families, newlywed couples, and singles. The 22-foot spaceman sculpture by artist Brendan Murphy has become a popular photo opportunity. The resort offers several room types, but the decor is primarily minimalist and simple. If you are interested in snorkeling, you can hire a scuba dive or a paddle ray to explore the marine life.

For dining, the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa offers several dining options. Guests can choose from three restaurants and three lounge bars. The hotel also offers room service during certain hours. Dining options range from casual to fine dining. Guests can even plan their own menu. However, if you are staying in a villa, you may want to plan a self-catering meal.

The resort is located on an island in the Caribbean. It has 300 miles of pristine white sand and a warm year-round climate. There are a handful of luxury hotels on Antiqua, but the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa is the first hotel on the island to open in over a decade. Its dramatic lobby features sweeping views of turquoise Caribbean water.

For vacationers looking for luxurious accommodations, Hodges Bay Resort and Spa is a must. This luxury resort, part of Elegant Hotels’ Caribbean collection, is located just five miles from the capital of St. John’s and near the popular Jabberwock Beach. The hotel offers 79 guest rooms and villas with top-notch amenities.

Dining in Hodges

Dining in Hodges can be a challenge, but there are ways to make the experience as smooth as possible. For starters, there’s Uber Eats, a mobile food delivery app that allows you to browse a menu, track orders by minute, and order food from local restaurants. The app even allows you to order food for pickup and delivery.