A great way to display your prettiest items in your kitchen cabinets is to use them as a coffee or tea station. You can even display some of your prettiest items on metal grates to show off how well-organized your cabinets are. You can also change the colors of your cabinets to pastels to make them more cheerful. You can use enclosed cabinet displays to keep the less-attractive items out of view.

Lazy susans

A lazy susan is an ideal way to organize your kitchen cabinets. They are a convenient way to corral jars, baking items, and oils, as well as other kitchen items. They can also be used as an additional workspace on your countertops. You can install a lazy susan into your existing cabinets, or you can have a custom one made according to your cabinet size.

Lazy susans are great for cabinets that you use a lot. They can be mounted in the back of a cabinet to make it more accessible, or they can be placed in a corner cabinet. They also make it easier to reach items in deep cabinets. They can help you make your kitchen cabinets more efficient, and make your life easier.

Lazy susans are also a great option for upper corner cabinets. These cabinets tend to be deep and space-efficient, so they are ideal for using large lazy susans. The larger ones can accommodate up to 16 inches of storage on each shelf, and the shelves above can be raised for a better angle fit.

A Lazy susan is an excellent choice for organizing pots and pans. They provide a convenient way to find pots and pans without straining your back. They also double up as a lid rack for larger pots.


Turntables are an easy way to organize your kitchen cabinets and allow you to see everything inside. They are great for organizing items in a deep cabinet or an awkward corner. They make it easy to see what’s inside and are easy to access. In addition, they save you space in your cupboard and help you organize daily consumables.

Turntables can also store office supplies. You can easily store pens, pencils, markers, and colored pencils on them. You can also use them to store other items, such as ribbon and crafting supplies. All you have to do is spin the turntable and access the items you need.

One of the most popular turntables is the Copco Lazy Susan. This is a great option because it is made of durable, sustainable bamboo. It’s a good size for most kitchen cabinets, and is also ideal for a dining room table. This type of turntable is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It has a nearly perfect 4.6 rating on Amazon, with more than 2,000 customer reviews.

You can add labels to your cabinets to make it easier to find the items you need in a hurry. A labeled system can also help you organize your cabinets and drawers easily. You can use temporary labels, such as blue painters tape, to make it easier to visualize your storage plan and make changes if necessary. In addition, you can use rollout shelves to organize your lower cabinets. These help you easily see the items inside, and they’re great for storing baking supplies and pots and pans.

Pan organizer racks

A good pan organizer will allow you to find and retrieve your pots and pans without having to dig through them. They are also repositionable so that you can hang one tier from one side or both sides. This way, you can use the space underneath for non-essential items.

A pan organizer rack can be added to an existing cabinet to keep your pans and baking sheets organized. This will prevent the pans from being stacked on top of one another and will make it easier to access them. It is important to prioritize the contents of your kitchen so that you can keep the most used items at the top and rarely used items on the bottom.

Another great way to organize your kitchen cabinets is to use dividers. You can install them below the cabinets or on the backsplash. You can also use Command strip mounted caddies to store small items and hang them on the inside of cabinet doors. Another great way to organize small items is to use clear glass and white dishes and jars. These will give the eye a rest on the open shelves, and reduce the busy look.

Pot lid organizers are another great option for organizing your kitchen cabinets. These organizers are simple and make use of underutilized cabinet space. They attach with 3M adhesive and allow your pans and lids to nestle within them without touching each other. A pot lid organizer will also make your pots and pans easier to access.

Stacking pots and pans

One of the best ways to organize your kitchen cabinets is by stacking pots and pans. This way, you can make sure they are easy to find and save space. Alternatively, you can use drawer dividers or cabinet organizers to separate your pots and pans. Whether you use pots and pans frequently or only occasionally, it’s important to have them organized in a way that is easy to find.

Before you begin organizing your kitchen cabinets, take a few pots and pans out of their storage units and evaluate how to store them. Consider how many you use and how much you have. Those you don’t use often may be better discarded or donated. You can also consider investing in a cabinet organizer that pulls out and allows you easy access to pots and pans.

Keeping pot lids in a drawer or in a pot organizer is a great way to save space. You can also store pot lids on a wall-mounted shelf. These racks are similar to those used to hang dishes in dishwashers.

Stacking pots and pans is also a great way to organize your kitchen cabinets. You can even use your pantry door to install a pot and pan organizer. If your cabinet is too narrow, you can hang a basic pegboard on a wall or door. Be sure to use a level surface.

Using blind corners

Blind corners are a common problem in older homes. These are areas where two cabinet frames adjoin at a corner. This area is hard to utilize. Luckily, there is a solution: a corner wall cabinet. This type of cabinet has a narrower door than its interior space, which makes it easier to access and use for storage purposes.

A corner cabinet can be 50% deeper than the cabinets on either side. Base cabinets tend to be 24 inches deep, while corner cabinets are typically 34 inches deep. One drawback to blind corner cabinets is that they’re often difficult to access, so using a lazy susan is a great solution. Another great option is to use an angled pullout drawer to maximize space and function. This design is also easy to access, and it ensures that you don’t waste space in the corner.

If you’ve never heard of blind corners, you can use them to your advantage by installing a blind corner cabinet. These cabinets are a great solution if you don’t have much space in your kitchen. They are often the loneliest corner in a kitchen. Using them is a smart way to maximize unused space and increase storage space.

When installing blind corner cabinets, there are two important rules to remember: the base cabinet needs to be pulled out six inches from the wall and a 3″ filler is used in between the base cabinet and the next cabinet. This is done to avoid putting the door handles in a position where they can collide.

Organizing by item type

If you’re struggling to organize your kitchen cabinets, consider labeling them by item type. This can help you keep things in order, and printed labels are a great way to do it. This can also help kids to stay organized by labeling things. Another way to keep things organized is by rotating different supplies.

Divide items according to their usage. For example, foods that can be stored in the refrigerator should be located near the refrigerator. This will make them easier to find when needed. On the other hand, items that are used for cleaning should be kept near the sink, which is close to the water source. Otherwise, these items will get soiled and there is a chance of leaks.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets by item type helps you maximize the space. You can use dividers and drawer inserts to keep like items together. These tools can help you keep your kitchen organized and free of clutter. In addition, you can label your storage units with an item’s description so that you can easily find the right food item.

One of the first steps in organizing your kitchen cabinets is decluttering. This step is necessary before purchasing new cabinet storage solutions and redecorating them. Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to sort and organize items. Put those that you don’t need in the trash and those that you donate/sell. You can then tackle the keep pile.