There are several things to do in Corunna. For example, you can spend time at the historic village, or go shopping. The beach is another attraction. Or, you can take a walk along the beautiful coastline. Either way, you’ll enjoy your Corunna vacation.


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Historic Village

The Corunna Historic Village is a Michigan historical site. It is governed by the Corunna Historical Commission, which has members from all over Shiawassee County. Each year, this organization provides a donation to the village. If you’d like to visit the site, you can visit the Corunna Historic Village’s detail page.

If you visit the village during the summer months, you’ll have a chance to see many restored historical buildings and learn about life before running water, electricity, or automobiles. There is an open house on the afternoon of July 4th, the first two weekends of December, and by appointment.

The Corunna Historical Village was founded in 1869 and is located in Shiawassee County. The village was settled in the early 1800s by a group of businessmen. Today, the village is home to historic turn-of-the-century houses and an elegant Victorian courthouse. The village also once had a dam that provided water power for a mill. Unfortunately, the mill closed in the 1950s, and the dam’s safety inspection showed significant hazards.


If you love the beach, you can visit Corunna. You will have no trouble finding the perfect spot for a relaxing day of swimming or sunbathing. The area has more than 10 beaches and more than ten swimming pools. There is also a boat ramp and picnic grounds.

The international airport of Corunna is located here. Several airlines operate here. You can find flights to different European cities. The city has a thriving sporting scene. It is also home to a football club that plays in the top division of Spain. Whether you enjoy watching the game or simply relaxing on the beach, Corunna has something to offer for everyone.