You’ve probably heard of sticky notes, but how do you use them to add organization to your daily tasks? Sticky notes are a great tool for identifying important things and adding structure to your daily to-do list. They have a special place for everything, and they’re great for labeling important things.

Multifunctional storage pieces

If you’re looking for storage solutions that are multifunctional, you’ve come to the right place. Storage solutions like ottomans can maximize space by doubling as a seating area and storage space. Their hinged base can raise and lower easily, so you can easily access your storage space when needed. Moreover, ottomans are ideal for storing bulky items. These multifunctional pieces can be stacked neatly to create additional storage space.


Shelves are a convenient storage solution that allows you to store your clothing, accessories, and other items. They are easy to build and customize. They make it easy to find what you need, while making the space look more organized. Adding special objects to the shelves makes them even more appealing while reducing clutter. If you don’t have time to build shelving, you can purchase prefab shelving systems that come with everything you need. Small towel racks with hooks can hold jewelry, and clear plastic file holders can store beauty products. Adding wire bins and shelves to store small clothing and accessories is another way to keep items organized. Some shelves even rise off the floor for easy access.

Rather than spending money on prefabricated shelving units, you can build your own unit for less than a third of the cost. Store-bought shelving units are difficult to assemble, and they are often expensive. But if you have the time and patience, you can build a shelf unit yourself for about $70. A set of shelves with 24 in. depth will allow you to store taller boxes, such as DVDs. If you’re using plastic storage bins, you may need to alter the spacing of the shelves to fit them properly. To begin putting together the shelves, mark the positions of the 4 2x4s. Then, lay a horizontal 2×2 on top of the other 4 pieces of wood.


Hooks are an important aspect of any organization plan. They provide easy access to tools, and they allow you to hang items neatly. Organizing your tools with hooks can help you save time and space in your home. They can also help you display your favorite mugs. Hooks can also help you organize your jewelry. Hooks can also be customized to fit any decor style.

Hooks are an affordable way to organize your closet. They don’t require drilling holes, and you can install them without any special tools. They’re also very versatile, so you can use them in kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. They also make excellent garage storage ideas. The best part about them is that they’re easy to install and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re trying to organize your garage or organize your closet, hooks are the perfect solution.

Hanging your kitchen tools is another smart way to get more space. Command hooks work well for storing kitchen supplies, such as baking and cooking tools. You can even hang them on cabinet doors to save on drawer space. A series of hooks can be used to hang your kitchen gloves, and Julie Blanner recommends using Command hooks to hang her KitchenAid attachments. Hooks also work nicely inside a baking cabinet.

Wicker baskets

Whether you are a home decorator or a DIY enthusiast, wicker baskets are a versatile and cost-effective storage solution. They can be used for a variety of different home decor tasks, from storing coffee table books to holding toiletries in bathrooms. Besides, they can also be used for interior design purposes.

Storage baskets are often used to hold laundry or cleaning supplies, but you can also use them for toy storage in the nursery. Their versatility makes them the perfect choice for storing items and enhancing the look of any room. Listed below are some tips for using storage baskets to organize your home:

Wicker storage baskets can be used in many ways, including as laundry baskets. They are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. To clean them, simply use a cotton cloth dampened with cold water. Unlike plastic and wire baskets, wicker storage baskets are less likely to attract bacteria and mold.

Adding a wicker basket to your craft room will improve organization and your productivity. Wicker baskets can hold a wide range of items, from crafting supplies to fabrics. They also keep odors in check, making them a great choice for laundry rooms.

Armoire drawers

If you don’t want to spend the time and money buying an expensive armoire, there are several easy organization solutions for armoire drawers. Using drawer organizers is a great way to keep everything neat and within reach. You can also use hooks to keep accessories, jewelry, and belts neatly organized.

If you don’t want to buy new drawers, you can easily create one yourself. First, you can clip together cardboard jewelry boxes to use as drawer inserts. You can also use them to store pens and lipsticks. Similarly, you can use cereal boxes to store loose odds and ends. You can also cut shoe boxes in half lengthwise or widthwise. Then you can place folded socks and briefs inside.

If you have several small items or those that tend to get tangled, you can purchase drawer organizers to help you organize your small items. These accessories come in different shapes and sizes and can make your life easier by helping you identify and replace items.

Clothing racks

A clothes rack with shelves is an excellent solution for an overcrowded closet. Not only can it be used to hang coats and folded clothing, it can also be used to store shoes. The best part is that it’s versatile and works well in any room. Aside from being functional, a clothes rack with shelves can also look great.

When purchasing a clothes rack, make sure to consider the size of the rack. You’ll need to choose the size of the rack based on how many garments you’re storing. A double bar rack can hold two rows of clothing. If the bars are stacked, it will appear cluttered.

Another good option for clothing storage is a bookcase. This type of rack has more space than hangers and is lightweight. Some models even have ten or more compartments. They can be easily installed and removed. They’re a great alternative to a brand new closet setup. This storage solution makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

An angled clothes rack is another great solution for small spaces. You can hang clothing and shoes on the top row, with the bottom shelf serving as storage space. It won’t take much space and can double as a shoe rack as well.