A catnip carrot can be a great way to get your cat active and have fun at the same time. This toy is filled with 100% aromatic catnip and is a great way to encourage playful behavior and healthy exercise in your cat. You can buy a variety of different varieties, depending on your cat’s size and personality.

Freak MEOWt catnip carrot

A handmade catnip carrot can be a wonderful treat for your feline friend. These toys are made from felt and cotton and filled with extra strong Canadian catnip. They also contain a tiny amount of polyester filling for extra strength. They are just the right size for cats and come in a brown carrier bag.

King Catnip Carrot

The King Catnip Carrot is a premium catnip toy made of 100% organic catnip leaves. It’s made in the United Kingdom using ethically sourced materials. It’s stuffed with catnip that is naturally aromatic, and has a velcro opening for refilling. Your thrashing cat will love playing with this toy.

The King Catnip Carrot is filled with 100% organic whole leaf catnip, and is 6 inches long. It is handcrafted in the United Kingdom and has an internal pouch that can be refilled. The fragrant catnip odor is sure to get your kitty moving and wagging its tail.

Cosmic Carrot With Catnip

If you’re looking for a cat toy that is stuffed with catnip, the Cosmic carrot is the perfect choice. The toy is filled with 100% Cosmic Catnip and releases an energizing aroma. It’s great for stimulating playtime and reducing inappropriate behavior.

Catnip is a naturally occurring plant, making it perfectly safe for humans and animals. Cosmic Catnip, however, is grown specifically for the pleasure of cats. It is never intended for human consumption. As a result, your cat won’t get addicted to it like other catnip toys.