If you’ve ever gone searching for the best organic, nontoxic makeup, you know how hard that can be. With literally hundreds of choices out there, what makes one brand “best” could be another’s best. Which brand you choose could depend on your personal preferences or the environment in which you live. But regardless of what your choice might be, it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

There’s nothing like applying the best organic, nontoxic makeup. In fact, if there were such a thing, I’d have one right now. When I was young my mom used to put some on my eyelids when I got tired and red-rimmed. And since then, I’ve worn it under everything from casual day-wear to special occasions.

But I do admit to being a bit of a purist. After all, I still like to use traditional makeup, whether it’s an expensive lipstick or a sheer eye shadow. I also don’t like any type of chemical-based makeup. (In fact, I stopped using them several years ago due to fears about the long-term effects on my health.) So when I bought my organic beauty products, I was really expecting to have to rethink my attitude about makeup.

Fortunately, that hasn’t happened. In fact, organic makeup has become even more popular than it was before. The reason is that many companies have finally started to recognize the benefits of using organic ingredients. In the past, many companies have opted only to use cheap synthetic ingredients and fillers in their makeup. Those things definitely don’t work well.

Not only are synthetic ingredients less safe than their organic counterparts, but they can also clog our pores and cause us to develop cancer later on in life. And don’t think that just because something is labeled “non-toxic” doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Just because something is considered safe by your doctor or dentist doesn’t mean that it’s safe for you to use on your face or body. Always take it into consideration that whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. Even if it says “natural” on the label, that doesn’t mean that it’s safe!

The best organic, nontoxic makeup is made with all natural ingredients. Even the “organic” versions come from farmers who grow plants organically. That’s what makes it safe. There aren’t any pesticides used, or any other chemicals used to make it. The only thing that’s really required is that the manufacturers pay attention to the purity of the ingredients.

This leads to one important point: What are the best organic nontoxic makeup products? You’ll be surprised at how few products are on the market that meet these standards. The best way to find out what companies use the best, and safest ingredients is to read reviews. The more people who have used a product and are happy and satisfied with it is often the most helpful. This is especially true when it comes to finding a good eye serum.

When you do find the best organic nontoxic makeup, you’ll be happy to know that it’s going to be safe and effective for even the sensitive skin around your eyes. It won’t dry out or irritate the skin. It will actually improve the tone and texture of your skin. So, when you’re ready to get started, look for eye serums that have the ingredients to make your skin look younger and healthier.

Eye serums that contain high-quality protein, enzymes, and antioxidants work best to rebuild what has been lost over the years. They’ll also help you look younger by tightening your skin and improving circulation. The best organic, nontoxic makeup usually contains nothing else but natural, safe plant extracts and proteins. One of the best anti-aging proteins is called Functional Keratin.

A great company that makes this kind of organic, nontoxic makeup is called Burt’s Bees. You can easily recognize their products by looking at the color: light pink. That’s because they want to emphasize the fact that Functional Keratin is a great ingredient, so they make all of their skincare products in that color. They have an amazing line of products for both men and women, including face creams, body lotions, and lip balms. They even have a line of kids’ products, which are just as effective as any other cosmetic on the market.

In my opinion, the best organic nontoxic makeup is made by either a major cosmetics manufacturer or a smaller one. The smaller ones don’t have nearly the reputation that the bigger companies do. But they still make high quality, organic products. You just have to take a little more time searching. Hopefully you’ll find the organic cosmetics that work best for you.