There are many songs about whistling. Here are some examples: Supertramp, The Lovin Spoonful, and Paul Simon. But how do you choose which one to listen to? Here are some suggestions: Listen to the song first, then look for lyrics. Once you’ve heard the lyrics, you’ll have a great idea of which song you want to learn.

Paul Simon

One of Simon’s most memorable songs is Songs About Whistling. It features a whistling melody with a dramatic effect. While the song is based on the idea of a person being jealous of another person, the whistling adds an unusual element to the song.

In 1988, Simon released a video for the song as a promotional piece for his greatest hits compilation. It was shot in his New York City hometown and included children from his local schools. The song was recorded just a few days before he was tragically killed in a plane crash.

Although Simon does not remember seeing the incident that inspired the song, he presumes that it was sexual and made up the song around that. He also named the main character, Julio, in the song. Although Simon grew up in Queens, he did not realize the impact this song would have on Spanish-speaking audiences.

Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel is an iconic singer who has earned eight Grammys and a Lifetime Achievement Award. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. Garfunkel has also branched out into other artistic endeavors, including a twelve-year walk across the United States. He also recorded several solo albums, which have met with modest success.

“Whistling” is one of the most popular of all Garfunkel songs. It is an upbeat number, with the singer whistling in a jaunty style. It has the ironic undertones of a Disney song, but the irony is lost in favor of a catchy chorus.

Another favorite of mine is “Daydream,” a song Garfunkel wrote in the 1960s about his childhood. The lyrics are simple and lyrically moving. The song’s rhythmic twang is reminiscent of a lullaby from a Disney movie. The acoustic guitar and piano backing are both in the background. A Brazilian percussion instrument called the cuica is also featured. The whistling solo is often done by Simon, although his wife handles it on occasion.


If you like songs about whistling, you should check out these Supertramp songs. Written by lead singer Roger Hodgson, these songs tell a story about growing apart from a friend. They begin with a gentle melody and quickly build up to an upbeat section near the end. This is where the whistling section begins, which lasts for over two minutes.

Supertramp was a rock ‘n’ roll group from the 1970s and their biggest hits were the 1970s. One of their most memorable songs, ‘Bee Gee, Bee Gee’, has a whistling segment near the end of the song. The song is about losing innocence and moving on, and it is also about being able to hear your lover whistling and see the world through their eyes.

The Lovin Spoonful

In 1966, the Lovin Spoonful released a song called “Daydream.” It was written by John Sebastien, who was trying to write something like The Supremes’ “Baby Love.” Although this song was better musically than its predecessor, it failed to receive critical acclaim. The role of whistling in this song is significant, and you can hear it in the background of the music.

It is important to note that The Lovin’ Spoonful were a rock group, and this had an impact on their popularity. While they were famous for their rock songs, they were once arrested for marijuana possession. The band was able to get clemency for Yanovsky and escaped deportation, but their popularity dropped as soon as the news hit the streets.

The song features a whistling intro and is often sung during karaoke nights. The song’s lyrics are aimed at expressing the need for patience in relationships. Axl Rose and Slash both contributed to the song’s sound, and the song has become a favorite for hard rockers. This song is a perfect example of how a song can be made to convey a variety of moods.

Billie Joel

Songs About Whistling by Billi Joel was released in 1977, and was one of his breakthrough albums. It features a rock ensemble and a slow, moody melody reminiscent of the soundtrack of a noir film. This song contains a whistling melody in the middle, and Joel himself is seen as a master of whistling.

The song begins with a piano prelude that leads to a wistful whistling intro. The song then focuses on the idea of a lonely man walking alone at night. The song’s theme is about keeping secrets and becoming a stranger. Billy Joel began the song by playing a lonesome whistling intro, which eases the audience into the show. It then closes with a few notes.

Another song with a whistling intro is “My Blood Runs Cold.” This song is about a boy who had a crush on a girl in a magazine. After watching her success, he is very disappointed. The whistling part of the song blends with the repetitive line in the chorus, but becomes audible at the end.

Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy’s Songs About Whistle is an album of jazz and folk tunes. He recorded the album in the 1950s. In 1956, he moved to New York City and began looking for work as a singer and actor. He appeared in Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Company productions, recorded an adaptation of Casey at the Bat for television, and twice placed second in amateur singing contests at the Apollo Theatre. In 1957, he signed with Decca Records. That same year, he released Meet Mark Murphy.

“Black-Eyed Susan Brown,” a song that was originally written by the composer, is a great example of a song written by a musician who can play any kitchen instrument. The whistle melody in this song is so rich and beautiful that it’s hard to believe it’s made of bones.

Debbi Peterson

If you’ve been looking for some great whistling songs, look no further. Debbi Peterson has a unique voice and a sweet, sensitive nature. She’s the youngest member of the Bangles and also one of their most talented. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and a wonderful singer and drummer. Although shy, she rocks when she rocks hard.

Peterson’s career as a musician started at an early age, when she was in a band with her older sister. When she was fifteen, she bought her first drum kit and auditioned to be the drummer. It was then that she was able to make the leap to professional musicianship. Peterson and her sister are close friends. They admit that they fight occasionally, but they both know when to give each other space and hug when the other needs it most.

In her solo career, Peterson released two albums, including the high-energy rocker Be With You and the hauntingly idyllic Some Dreams Come True. With Be With You, Peterson got to star in her own music video. It was one of the best Bangles videos.

Otis Redding

Otis Redding sang the song Songs About Whistling in 1967. The lyrics were written by Redding during a houseboat session in Sausalito, California. The song was later finished in Memphis with the help of producer Steve Cropper, who had worked with Redding in the past. The song features whistling and the sounds of waves crashing on the shore.

The song’s main theme is jealousy of another person. The whistling adds a whimsical feel to the song. The song is part of a brilliant album. The outro also features a whistling sound. It is an instant classic for those who grew up in the 1970s and 80s.

“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” was written by Redding and guitarist Steve Cropper. The song was Redding’s first chart-topping pop hit. It was recorded by the duo after his death, but Cropper said that Redding didn’t have a proper ending when he first arrived in the studio.