Organization ideas for your office desk can help you stay organized and prevent paper pile-ups. One way to minimize the clutter is to place trays or magazine holders on your desk. You can also put office supplies in trays. There are many ways to utilize space on your desk. You may want to consider placing a rolling cart or wall outlet shelf above your desk.

Floating shelves maximize wall space

Floating shelves are a great solution for office desk organization, particularly in small offices. They’re an easy DIY project and help maximize wall space, preventing desk clutter. The key is not to overload the shelves with heavy items. Instead, store books, decorative items, and inspirational messages on the shelves. Make sure to label each area of storage for ease of identification. Labeling also allows you to categorize items by type or category. For papers, use binders with dividers.

Floating shelves are great for office desk organization because they can fit in with the decor of the room. Many office decorators opt for these shelves because of their minimalist appearance. However, they aren’t the best choice for fabric cubicles, as they require plaster walls to secure the hardware.

Floating shelves are also great for creating cozy work spaces. They can help you organize your office desk accessories while adding a pop of color. Floating shelves can also double as a stylish place to display artwork. You can even place headphones on the shelves. Another great feature of these shelves is that they are hidden and make great storage space.

Floating shelves are also great for storing extra items. They can also hold a clock, bins, or filing system. Additionally, they can hold plants or extra toiletries. Floating shelves are also great for hanging mirrors over your sink. Another great use for these shelves is to place books, stuffed animals, and art on the wall.

Adding a keyboard tray under your desk

A keyboard tray can be placed under an office desk and serves as an excellent place to put office supplies. If you have a tall desk that has leg room, you can use a keyboard tray to hold all your office supplies. To build a keyboard tray, you’ll need a few items. Some materials include a piece of solid wood, a pair of drawer slides, and a few screws. You’ll also need a hand drill and a measuring board. Once you’ve gathered all your materials, you can begin assembling your tray.

Whether you use a laptop or a desktop, adding a keyboard tray under your office desk can free up valuable desk space. Many desks don’t come with a keyboard tray, so this can be an effective solution. In addition, a keyboard tray can accommodate your mouse.

If you’re prone to aches and pains from using your computer, you may want to consider purchasing an ergonomic keyboard tray. Unlike a regular keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard tray is adjustable to fit your height, so you can use your arms in the most comfortable position.

The keyboard tray can be attached in several ways, including drilling and clamping. When you’re purchasing a keyboard tray, make sure you have plenty of space under your desk for it. Remember to measure the space under your desk to make sure it will fit in.

Adding a rolling cart

A rolling cart can provide extra storage that can be placed right next to your desk. It can be used to store office supplies and equipment, and you can move it anywhere you need it. It can also be used as a way to store bulky items. Another option for office desk organization is to add a coat rack above your desk, which can store all of your bulky items.

If your desk is small and you’d like to maximize space, consider installing a rolling cart. This will give you a place to keep your supplies and keep your workspace clear. Unlike a regular, heavy desk, a rolling cart can be rolled out of the way when it’s not being used.

Another great office desk organization idea is to add a metal wall organizer. These organizers help you find things quickly and are cute. Alternatively, you can place trays on top of your desk to keep office supplies nearby. If you’re unable to add a desk cart, you can always add a wall-mounted shelf system to your room.

If you have a lot of cords, consider buying a cable box or binder clips. They’re both convenient and cheap ways to keep cords out of sight. Also, don’t forget to label electrical cords with colored tape.

Adding a wall outlet shelf

Adding a wall outlet shelf to your desk is an easy way to add more storage space. It also helps to create an open look for your office. Its open design will make your workspace appear more organized and bright. It’s not hard to build a shelf with an all-in-one wall system.

You can also use a monitor riser to add more space. Some of these monitor risers come with small drawers, which are helpful for storing small items. Alternatively, you can buy a two-piece set, which will include a small and a large drawer, as well as cable management boxes. Another great office desk organization idea is to add a clamp-on task lamp. This will save space on your desk and still provide adequate lighting.

A wall outlet shelf can also help you keep cords out of sight. Most traditional freestanding desks can be mounted with a power strip. If your desk is not built with a lip, you can use Command cord clips to secure the power strip cord. This way, you can keep the cord close to the outlet and keep the rest of the cords tucked away.

You can also mount an office shelving unit to your wall. It can be floor-mounted or wall-mounted. It can be color coordinated and even include decorative pieces to give your office a more personal touch. Installing a wall outlet shelf is a relatively simple task. Just remove the old cover and use the old screws to install the Power Perch.

Adding a shelf under your phone

You don’t need a fancy shelving unit to organize your office desk. You can make a simple shelf out of a few boxes and mount it against your desk. Use the small shelf to store your glasses or keep them from dangling in the way when you’re trying to shut your laptop. You can also use cute storage boxes to keep small items.

Another easy-to-make shelf is under your phone. Using this shelf will help keep your phone, documents, and other small items organized and visible. This is especially useful for people who are constantly filling out paperwork. Instead of rummaging through stacks of papers and other office supplies, you can just grab a few forms and place them on the shelf.

You can also use a kitchen utensil organizer and a mason jar to keep stationery organized. These can add a cute touch to your desk and can double as a drink holder when you’re working on a project. You can also hang a bulletin board and turn your paper clutter into beautiful wall decor. Using an app for note-taking can also eliminate paper clutter.

Adding a wall file organizer

Adding a wall file organizer to your office desk is a great way to keep your workspace organized. These organizers are great for storing letter size folders, and they can be mounted on a wall to maximize your desk space. You can use one to store the same kinds of documents, or you can get several of them to hold different types of files.

If you’re looking for a simple way to organize your files, consider an EasyPAG 3 Pocket Mesh Wall File Organizer. This convenient wall organizer can hang from the wall and has three tiers for keeping different types of files. This holder is made of durable metal and will hold a variety of documents and stationary. It will help you stay organized and focus on productivity. You can choose from different sizes and shapes so that the holder matches your space and needs.

Adding a wall file organizer to your office desk will help you organize your files and keep them off your desk. This organizer will hold incoming mail, outgoing mail, and office sharing. Each file pocket is labeled with a name so that you can quickly identify what is in each one. Files are also separated into categories such as urgent, delayed, and important deadlines. This is a great way to keep your office organized, which will help you be more productive.

Adding a wall file organizer to your office desk can make your desk look more organized and stylish. It can help you to keep your documents organized and can save you valuable desk space. Another advantage of adding a wall file organizer is that it helps you create more space for other things on your desk. You can also keep a memo board or magazine basket in it. A wall file organizer will save you time and ensure that you are more efficient.