If you’re looking for a song that captures your romantic side, here are some suggestions. This list includes “Blackfurs” by Judie Tzuke, “Angel in Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey, “Venus” by Leonard Cohen, and “Handbags and Gladrags” by Lord David Dundas.

Blackfurs by Judie Tzuke

Blackfurs is the first full-length album from Judie Tzuke since her 1996 debut Under the Angels. The album was previewed by Tzuke performing at the Dublin and London Jazz Cafes. After the release, she toured the UK and Europe performing at more than 30 venues. The tour also resulted in a live album, Over the Moon.

Tzuke’s career as a solo artist started in 1977, when she signed with Elton John’s Rocket Record Company. In 1978, she released her first single, “For You”. The next year, she released “Stay with Me Till Dawn”, a single co-written with Mike Paxman. This song was a UK top 20 hit in summer 1979. In 1982, her debut album, Welcome to the Cruise, reached number sixteen on the UK Singles Chart.

In late 2014, Tzuke embarked on a new tour. This time, she chose to perform at smaller venues instead of bigger venues. The tour featured over 40 dates and sold out shows. On the “Songs and Stories” dates, she sang a mix of new and old songs, interspersed with anecdotes. Her shows also featured one or both of her daughters on backing vocals.

After releasing Songs 2 in June 2008, Tzuke toured under the new name, “Peace Has Broken Out”. She also co-wrote two tracks on Morcheeba’s Dive Deep album. The album was released as a pre-release to her crowd funders on 25 June and released officially the following month, with a national release to follow. Fans of the album were also treated to live versions of songs from the “Songs and Stories” tour.

“Venus” by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was a poet, mystic, lover, and joker. He laced complex lyrics with simple tunes and wrapped them around stories and images. His songs are like intricate jewellery or golden chains of words. They are dappled with diamonds of eternal longing and black pearls of wit.

The San Francisco vocal ensemble Conspiracy of Venus has been praised by the San Jose Mercury News as “intoxicating.” They sing Leonard Cohen’s “Venus” and other classic songs. They have recorded an album, Muse Ecology, and have performed at a variety of venues.

The astrology of “Venus” by Leonard Cohen is influenced by the fact that his Moon is in the 6th house, which represents general afflictions and illness. Mars is conjunct his Jupiter, which can indicate a decision regarding money. It can also indicate malefic influences, such as the lawsuit against Kelly Lynch.

“Handbags and Gladrags” by Lord David Dundas

“Handbags and Gladrags,” written by Mike D’Abo and produced by Manfred Mann, first made its debut in 1968 as a song performed by Chris Farlowe. In the UK, it peaked outside the Top 40. Other performers who covered the song included Jimmy Witherspoon and Jon English.

“Short Shorts” by the Royal Teens

“Short Shorts” by the Royal teens was a hit single for the group from 1958. The song was written by Tom Austin, Bob Gaudio, and Bill Crandell, and reached the top three on the U.S. pop and R&B charts. The song was originally released on the small New York label Power Records and became one of the group’s most successful singles. The band’s popularity eventually led them to a distribution deal with ABC Paramount and a successful tour.

The song’s title refers to the group’s short skirts. The band went on tour, and Kooper played the guitar. His parents, however, disapproved of his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. So, he hid his stage clothes in a friend’s garage and went to gigs on the sly. One night, he was stuck in Manhattan at five in the morning without a ride.

The Royal Teens were originally known as The Royal Tones. Their founder, Bob Gaudio, would later go on to join The Four Seasons and write for Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow, and Peabo Bryson. The group’s first hit was “Short Shorts,” which they would go on to have great success with.