There are many things to do and see in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The city is the county seat of Buchanan County, Missouri. However, small parts of the city extend into Andrew County. Here are some ideas of what you can see and do in the area. The Remington Center, Beattie Mansion, Pikes Peak Stables, Silver Beach Carousel, and more are just a few of the things to do.

Remington Center

The Remington Center offers educational and entertaining experiences while interpreting the importance of the Missouri River and Northwest Missouri. A 13,000 square-foot facility, it features many interactive components and displays that help visitors engage their senses to learn more about the local environment. The Remington Center also features a replica woolly mammoth and other exhibits about the city’s history.

One of the best things to do in Saint Joseph is to explore the area’s rich history. The city was home to several different tribes before the 1830s, and archeological digs have unearthed items that date back to prehistoric times. In the museum, visitors will learn about the lives of Native Americans as farmers, gatherers, and spiritual beings. In addition, they can view a sabre-tooth tiger skull and other artifacts from the era. The museum also includes a 7,000-gallon aquarium that features native fish.

The Remington Center offers a variety of educational experiences for visitors of all ages. You can learn about the natural world through interactive programs that are tailored to the age and interests of visitors. There are also special programs for families that teach kids about nature, wildlife, and more. You can even enjoy indoor ice skating as part of a family day.

If you’re planning a family vacation, this museum is a great choice. It features an excellent museum dedicated to the city’s history, as well as exhibits highlighting the local flora and fauna. In addition, there is an exhibit about the outlaw Jesse James, which is included on the US National Register of Historic Places.

Beattie Mansion

The Beattie Mansion is a historic home in the heart of Saint Joseph, Missouri. It was built by Armstrong and Eliza Beattie in 1854. It is said to be haunted and has been featured on several ghost hunting shows. If you want to experience a haunted house in Missouri, this is the place to go.

The Beattie Mansion is full of mystery and paranormal activity. There have been reports of apparitions and shadowy figures walking the halls. Some residents have even witnessed ghostly voices and seen disembodied figures. The paranormal activity in the house is so real that paranormal investigators are invited to investigate.

The museum has a large collection of paintings and other artwork. It contains works of art by American artists from the 17th century to the 21st century. The exhibit is well-constructed and makes for an interesting look. You can also learn about St. Joseph’s history by visiting the museum.

The mansion was constructed in 1854 by Armstrong Beattie. He was the first banker in Saint Joseph and served as mayor for five terms. The mansion has over forty rooms, a beautiful tower, and beautiful woodwork. You can tour the house from April to October.

The museum also features the former home of Jesse James. He was killed by Robert Ford in this mansion, and this Greek Revival mansion holds many items that he owned. It is also home to exhibits about his life and death. There are also artifacts from the 1995 exhumation of his grave.

Pikes Peak Stables

A historical landmark in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Pikes Peak Stables was the home to the first Pony Express rider. The Pony Express was a network of brave riders who traveled more than two thousand miles by horseback to California. Today, the museum features interactive exhibits, images, and stories from the period. Visitors can also enjoy the sixty-foot diorama of the Pony Express train.

The museum is located in a restored Pikes Peak Stables and is free to visit. The museum contains a full-size wagon, one-room schoolhouse, and the original water well for the stables. The museum also hosts a free annual festival with rides and live music. The museum also features a 7,000-gallon freshwater aquarium.

Another historical attraction in Saint Joseph is the Pony Express Museum. The museum documents the history of the Pony Express, the first fast mail line in North America. The museum is located in the surviving portion of Pikes Peak Stables, the starting point for west-bound Pony Express riders. You can also take a trip to Patee House, which opened in 1858 as a luxury hotel in Saint Joseph. It was once one of the best-known hotels west of the Mississippi River.

Another historical site in Saint Joseph is Bank’s Ferry House. This historic site is located near the western end of St. Joseph Road. This building was built by Francis Marshall in 1852.


When visiting Saint Joseph, you’ll find an array of museums and galleries that are open to the public. One of the most unique is the Glore psychiatric museum, which is on the grounds of the former Missouri State Hospital. This exhibit offers a unique perspective into the lives of mentally ill people. It is a favorite of out-of-town relatives and a unique experience for anyone visiting the Midwest.

Located at 1100 Charles Street, the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion is a historical attraction that features Gothic architecture and Victorian interior design. This museum also features exhibits on the history of St. Joseph as a city and has an interesting history of natural disasters. It was designed by renowned architect E.J. Eckel, who also designed many other historic buildings in the city.

The Pony Express Historical Association is another must-see, using authentic artifacts and buildings to tell the city’s story. Originally, this luxury hotel was built in 1858 by John Patee and later became the Pony Express headquarters and Provost Marshal’s office during the Civil War. Today, the building is a National Historic Landmark. Visiting the museum is a unique experience that you’ll never forget!

There are a number of museums in Saint Joseph that feature art, history, and culture. The Joslyn Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in Nebraska and opened in 1931. It offers a wide variety of exhibits, including pottery, painting, and fibers. There’s also the Danish Windmill Museum, which houses America’s only Danish Windmill. Lastly, you should not miss the Shelby County Historical Museum, which opened in 1975 as a Bicentennial project. Among its exhibits are the Leland Log Cabins and the McIntosh Log Cabins.


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