The sole salt of the earth and main ingredient in cooking salts. It is also found in the human body. It helps the body to absorb minerals from the food we eat and keep the minerals working well inside our bodies.

Minerals are the main minerals that every body needs. Minerals are needed to help the body to function properly, especially if there is a deficiency in minerals.

We need a small amount of salt in our body to help us when we are hungry. Most people have heard of the saying that you should not skip a meal to get hungry but if you do not eat your full energy level it is easy to overdo it. When you skip a meal and have not eaten enough to fill your stomach up you will feel hungry.

So eating a little bit of salt may not be bad taste but overdoing it can cause some problems. Even if you are not too hungry, you can get a painful stomach cramp when you eat more than you are supposed to because the stomach fills up with fluids that cant be digested properly.

The best way to avoid a serious case of acid indigestion or stomach ache is to avoid high-sodium foods such as processed food, salted snacks, or salty foods that are high in salt such as anchovies, sardines, and canned fish. Processed foods are high in salt and often have preservatives added to them to prevent spoilage. Salt used in cooking can also make us gassy.

While sodium is a necessary part of the food chain, the amounts of sodium found in many foods are becoming higher due to the poor quality of many food available today. High sodium content is not the only problem with many foods. These high levels of sodium are not beneficial to our health and can result in other serious health problems.

Iodized salt is found in many of the types of table salt. Table salt is commonly used in foods that are eaten raw such as pizza, salad dressing, and ketchup. In the early 1900s table salt was made out of sea salt, lime salt, and lime mineral which were derived from naturally occurring minerals in sea water.

Sea salt is lower in magnesium than sea rock salt. Lime salt is composed primarily of calcium, potassium, and sodium while natural sea salt contains magnesium, calcium, and trace elements like zinc, chromium, copper, cobalt, and molybdenum.

Today the manufacturers of table salt use ionized or purified salt. Iodized salt is prepared by removing the chloride ions. Natural salt can not be ionized because its magnesium and calcium content are too much for modern processing methods.

Once all the ions are removed from the table salt the salt becomes purified or ionized sole salt. Purified salt is cheaper than purified sea salt, which is readily available at the store.

So why do we need a high amount of salt in our diet? Our bodies need a good mix of minerals to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Our bodies have a unique ability to self regulate salt balance and will add the right amount of sodium if we allow them to without adding additional amounts of other nutrients that our bodies really need.

Health professionals recommend consuming sole salt daily. This means that it should be the main element in a daily diet.