The British breed of Border Collie is a medium-sized, incredibly intelligent dog. The breed is a descendant of landrace sheepdogs and was standardised along the Anglo-Scottish border region. Read on to find out why they are considered one of the smartest dogs on the planet!

Powerhouse Kennel

Powerhouse Kennel is a California-based breeder that has been in the business for 20 years. The kennel focuses on raising and selling the finest companion Collies. The dogs are raised in their owners’ homes, and their owners take pride in the process. Powerhouse Border Collies specializes in breeding ‘biddable’ pups without an intense prey drive.

The kennel started with a Border Collie from England. All of its dogs are descended from this original dog. In addition, the litters are mixed with different sires. The kennel started as a show-dog breeder, and has since expanded into other areas, including sports. The kennel produces healthy puppies and provides a health guarantee.

The Border Collie is a highly intelligent breed that can be trained easily. When properly trained, they can identify things by name and can live happily in a household with other dogs. Border Collies are friendly and social and do well in dog parks. They roll on their backs and sides while playing with other dogs.

Vanessa Plascencia, an AKC Breeder, started breeding Border Collies six years ago. She has extensive experience in the field and is dedicated to providing lifelong support to her clients. She also strives to provide the best possible life for each puppy. The puppies come with a microchip, AKC registration, deworming, and a puppy starter kit. The dogs at Powerhouse Kennel are not confined in kennels, but are allowed to roam around on the ranch and interact with other animals.

Another border collie breeder is Contact Point Border Collie, which is located in Fillmore, California. Owner Karen Moureaux has owned Border Collies for more than a decade, and her dogs have won numerous competitions. She uses a modified puppy culture, which includes interactive toys and regular human interaction. Her dogs also receive holistic desensitization to sound.

Powerhouse Border Collies are one of the most recognized Border Collie breeders in Southern California. The ranch is located outside of Lancaster, CA, an hour and a half north of downtown Los Angeles and four hours south of Sacramento. It is convenient for anyone who wants to see a beautiful, healthy Border Collie in person.

On the Lamb

If you are considering purchasing a Border Collie, you will want to look for breeders on the Lamb website. You can also check out their YouTube channel to see some videos of the dogs. These breeders are very good at keeping their dogs healthy and happy. They feed them the best food and provide a safe space for them to play. They also offer obedience lessons and trick testing for dogs.

Border collie breeders On the Lamb are well known for the quality of their dogs and their commitment to quality. They are very particular about their contracts and provide an email link to answer any questions you have. On the Lamb Border Collies has been breeding dogs for 30 years and is part of the AKC Breeder of Merit program. These breeders also have a private Facebook group.

On the Border

The Border Collies are a herding dog breed native to the British Isles. They are medium-sized, very intelligent dogs. The breed is descended from landrace sheepdogs and became standardised in the Anglo-Scottish border region. There are many different breeds of Border Collies, but on the whole, this dog is considered to be one of the most intelligent and adaptable.

Border Collies are extremely energetic and require a lot of physical and mental exercise. Without adequate exercise, they can get bored and destructive. They are also highly intelligent and respond well to praise. They are good watchdogs, and are very protective of their owners and children. They also get along well with other pets, but they can be a bit snappy when they meet a stranger.

If you’re looking for a Border Collie to bring home, consider On the Lamb Border Collies. They have an online presence that includes a Facebook page and an email link. These breeders have thirty years of experience working with Border Collies in competitive dog sports. They’ve won multiple AKC awards, including a Breeder of Merit, and are part of the AKC’s Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program. Breeding your own dog is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll get a high-quality dog.

Border Collies are very intelligent, athletic dogs. Their instinct to herd animals has made them one of the most sought-after working dogs in the world. Their strong sense of herding and innate affinity with animals makes them an ideal herding dog for farms. They are extremely loyal and need plenty of exercise.

Border Collies require daily mental and physical stimulation. They should have a secure yard or a secure area where they can run. Dogs of this breed are very active, so they need a good diet with plenty of protein and healthy fats. A balanced diet is important for a Border Collies’ thriving energy.

Border Collies are extremely loyal and playful. They need constant training and socialization to remain healthy and happy. The breed originated in Scotland, and was widely used by farmers and ranchers. Many people also use them as rescue dogs. Their ability to protect livestock makes them a popular choice for rescue workers.

Janet Beale

Astra Border Collies is owned by Janet Beale, who has over 30 years of experience with Border Collies. In the 1980s she competed in South Africa with her Border Collie, Buzz. She also competed in UK shows and won a National Award.

Before starting Astra Sheepdog Centre, Janet was a kennel manager in Hawick, Natal, SA. While there she learned the ins and outs of breeding and running a successful kennel. She trained German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Border Collies. She also worked as an explosive detection dog trainer for a large security firm in South Africa.

When Janet Beale breeds border collies, she focuses on producing healthy puppies. She uses her knowledge of bloodlines to produce puppies with low COI (carryable onset index), thus reducing the risk of disease. Her breeding program also includes DNA tests that check for common breed-specific diseases.

When choosing a Border Collie breeder, check the breeder’s reputation. Many unreliable breeders advertise their puppies for sale on online classifieds sites. These sellers tend to focus more on profits than on the health, safety, and quality of the puppies. Be sure to check at least three breeders before making a decision.

Border collies are highly intelligent dogs. They were originally bred to be working sheepdogs and are considered one of the smartest dogs in the world. In fact, they rank first on a list of 20 smartest dog breeds by Dr. Stanley Coren, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. They are also great watchdogs.