If you’re sharing a closet with your partner, there are many ways to make it more functional. One way to organize your closet is to add built-in drawers. These can help you organize and separate your clothes, while also keeping socks and underwear separate. If you have built-in closet drawers, consider investing in some drawer dividers to make the most of your space.

Freestanding clothing racks

Freestanding clothing racks for small shared closets can help you make the most of limited space and keep your clothes organized. The IRIS USA PI-B3 Garment Rack features a space-saving design and angled metallic frame that keeps your clothes from snagging on the walls. Its three-step wooden shelves can support up to 11 pounds each. It can also hold folded clothes, shoes, and accessories. The 2-foot-long clothes hanging rod supports 22 pounds, making it a versatile storage option.

This unique display is suitable for a shared closet or a walk-in closet. The shelves on the side can be used for hanging bags and hats. Its large size makes it easy to hang a variety of clothing and shoes. The ClosetMaid team can help you design a custom display or compile a list of the components you will need.

A freestanding clothing rack can help you free up some space in your closet and motivate you to organize your clothes. It’s often time-consuming to sort through a messy drawer and find the right clothing. Besides, it can also inspire you to create a DIY closet organizer using a shoebox drawer divider.

Another storage solution for a small closet is a small dresser beneath the hangers. It can be used to store shoes, scarves, or other bulky items. Other storage solutions include shelf dividers or shoe organizers.

Valet hooks

Valet hooks can be retractable or stationary and are an excellent way to keep clothing separate. They help you separate items for trips or dry cleaning and save you from digging around in the closet. They also keep slacks wrinkle free, which makes organizing a shared closet much easier.

Valet hooks are also a great time management tool. You can hang your clothes the night before, saving you the hassle of getting dressed in the morning. You can also use them to hang workout clothes, dry cleaning bags, and other accessories. The possibilities are endless. These clever closet upgrades are the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to find the right outfit in the morning.

Valet hooks are great for organizing smaller items and can be hung on the walls or closet rods. These small closet organization ideas are inexpensive and easy to install. They are also useful for organizing small items, like lingerie. Decorative boxes and lidded storage baskets are also a great way to add personality to your closet. Color-code your containers with different colors so you can quickly identify specific items at a glance.

Valet hooks can also be used as storage bins for small articles of clothing. They are useful for storing small items that are hard to reach. They are also a great way to store off-season clothing. You can also keep hats, gloves, and belts in these bins. Adding these baskets will also encourage you to put them back in the right spot.

Coat racks

There are a number of small shared closet organization ideas that can make this space more functional and efficient. For example, a coat rack is a great way to keep winter clothes off the floor and belts organized. They can be installed on an interior wall or mounted on the back of a door. You can choose a size that will fit the available space. Another option is to purchase a slim rolling cart, which is easy to move from one location to another.

For additional storage, consider adding a small shelving unit. Then, segment the space into zones to keep different items organized. For example, one shelf can contain writing supplies, while another can store sports equipment. A rolling coat cart is another small shared closet organization idea that can help keep everything in one place.

You can also purchase a closet door organizer. These are customizable and can accommodate a variety of items, including coats, bags, and shoes. These systems can come with hooks or small cubbies, and can also include mesh baskets. Small mesh baskets can be used for other things, such as purses, flashlights, and dog leashes.

You can also add a lower shelf to the closet. This will be helpful for storing shoes, winter gear, and even board games. You can also install a lowering rod to make it easier for children to reach their winter and snow clothing. Another great idea is to install a wire rack to hold your gift wrap.

Crown molding

Crown molding can add a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary closet. It can be installed in a variety of styles and is available in a 96-inch length. If you want a different height or depth, you can get two pieces of crown molding and then piece them together.

Another great way to use crown molding is as a shoe organizer. You can hang up to four pairs of shoes from a single piece of crown molding. You can also hang your shoes upside-down from the molding, which will give them a nice display. Just remember to measure the height of your heel before purchasing the crown molding.

Crown molding can also be used to frame your window and give the room a more formal look. It adds height to the room and can be painted or stained to match your room’s decor. Depending on your taste, crown molding can also make your windows look bigger and anchor window treatments.

Crown molding can make a small closet feel spacious. It can draw the eye upward to a vaulted ceiling and complement the period-appropriate wall color. If you don’t have the budget for a full-blown ceiling, you can opt for a coffered ceiling. Federal molding with stepped details is another style that adds visual interest. The homeowner used a computerized router to cut the patterns for the coffering and then formed the coffering using a vacuum press. The coffering itself is composed of seven pieces of poplar trim that took a total of 130 hours.

Curtains instead of doors

One of the most effective shared closet organization ideas involves the use of curtains instead of doors. These curtains give the illusion of more space. They also separate the closet from the rest of the room. The downside is that you can’t store anything on the door. But if you have a small closet, the solution is still great. Among the many clever tricks to use curtains, consider the use of corner spaces.

Curtains instead of doors are also an excellent option if you’re concerned about space. They are especially useful in bedrooms, where a more neutral color will bring more depth to the space. They also add an elegant buffer between the closet and its shelves. A curtain-lined closet will also look better with a dresser positioned in the center of the room.

Curtains can be a great DIY project for people with sewing experience. Using a wide piece of fabric, they can be cut to the size and style you need. Many DIYers use old sheets or drop cloths for their curtains. Before you begin, wash the fabric to prevent shrinking and tearing. Then, cut the fabric according to the fullness you want the curtain to have when closed. After cutting the curtain, make sure to hem the edges to keep them flat.

Using curtains instead of doors is a great option for small shared closets. They not only hide clutter, but also allow you to place furniture inside the closet. If you’re in need of more space, you can hire a local contractor to install a curtain rod and track in the walls. Curtains should be two to three times the width of the door frame to create the illusion of more space.

Keeping floors shoe-free

The Real Housewives of Riverton have their own take on shoe storage, using a peg wall to keep shoes together and accessible. You can also use bins to store your kids’ kicks, like the one Gina from Camp Clean has. You can even personalize the drawers with your kids’ photos.