If you’re looking for an extra large Maine Coon kitten for sale, you’ve come to the right place. We have three types of these adorable cats for sale. They’re AttyKats, Dragginslair, and Mainlysilver. If you’re in the market for a new pet, consider getting one of these kittens.


AttyKats is a well-known Maine Coon breeder. The breed is a CFA-accredited cattery that will celebrate its 24th anniversary in July 2022. The breed is renowned for its extra large size, a trait that makes it an excellent choice for homes seeking a unique cat.

Maine Coons are extremely intelligent and easily trained. They are affectionate and have a lovable temperament. They love human company and cuddle up on a person’s lap. They are very vocal, but not as much as Siamese cats. They are very curious and mischievous.

Megacoon Cattery specializes in larger than normal Maine Coon kittens. These cats grow to have thick coats, a mane around the neck area, and long lynx points on the tips of their ears. Males are larger and heavier than females.

When choosing a breeder, make sure to verify their credentials. Look at their social media profiles and ask to speak with the breeder face to face. Ensure that they are certified CFA members, and ask to see their CFA Cattery Name Certificate.

If you have your heart set on a Maine Coon, it’s worth taking the time to find the right breeder. Be wary of “backyard breeders” who are just looking to make a quick buck. A breeder with a reputable website and a good knowledge of the breed should be able to show you both the parents and the kitten. In addition, the breeder should offer full vaccination records and health checks for the kitten.

The cost of a Maine Coon kitten varies widely, and the breeder will likely charge a higher price if the kitten is rarer or has better lineage. Prices will also depend on what color the kitten is and where they come from. Generally, the cost will be between $500 and $1,500.


If you are interested in adopting a Maine Coon kitten, you should know that these cats are very intelligent and trainable. They are also very friendly, especially to children. However, this breed is not suitable for every household, and you need to prepare yourself for its intrusiveness. This breed is particularly fond of water, so keep your bathroom door closed so it can’t sneak into your bathroom.

The Dragginslair Maine Coons farm in Endicott, NY has been providing hand-raised kittens for decades. Its breeding program produces gorgeous kittens from National and Regional winning lines. The breeders raise the kittens from the day they are born, and they keep them in tip-top shape by doing routine health checks.

The Maine Coon cat’s coat is silky and oily, making it very easy to maintain. It doesn’t need a lot of grooming, and it loves attention. The cost of a Maine Coon kitten varies depending on your area and the guidelines of the breeder you choose.

You should find a breeder who is registered with a breed association. The breeder will breed according to breed rules and participate in cat shows. Their breeding cats will be health-checked and given pedigree papers. This way, you can see if the kitten is inbred.

You should also know that Maine Coons have unique character traits. Males tend to mark their territory and the smell of their urine is much stronger than in other breeds. Castration will not eliminate this odor. Females also change their behavior to signal that they are in heat, and they will call out to other females. If you catch this behavior early enough, it can be solved with a quick sterilization.

While male and female Maine Coons are generally similar in personality and behavior, males are generally stronger and more independent. If you are looking to adopt a Maine Coon kitten, keep in mind that males are more difficult to handle than females. Males are more likely to bite your finger if you try to play with them, so you should avoid playing with them as a kitten.

There are several breeders of Maine Coons in the United States. If you are looking to adopt a Maine Coon, contact your local breeder. The breeder will take care of the kitten’s health and welfare. If you are interested in owning a kitten, you will be happy to learn that there are some in need of a loving home.

You can find Maine Coon kittens for sale all over the United States. Some breeders also offer adult cats for adoption. Most breeders are small families who do their best to give the kittens the best possible start in life. The kittens will be checked for genetic disorders and given all their vaccinations.


If you are looking for a special cat that will add personality and style to your home, then consider buying a Maine Coon kitten from Mainlysilver Maine Coon Cats. This breed of kitten is large and brown-tabby with an extra-long tail. Its coat is soft and silky and requires minimal grooming. In addition to their beautiful looks, Maine Coon cats are loyal, intelligent, and water-loving.

The silver Maine Coon is an ancient species that is native to Maine. The first written reference to it was found in a book by Captain Jenks, which was published in 1861. The breed is thought to have been brought to America by the Vikings and even Marie Antoinette.

The breed is laid-back and friendly, and is a great addition to any family. They are playful, intelligent, and sociable, and do well with children and other pets. Their large bone structure and hardiness make them excellent candidates for pet owners with young children. In addition to being a great companion for children and other pets, these cats can open doors and play with other animals.

Choosing a Maine Coon kitten will require a bit of thought. A male Maine Coon will be more dominant and stubborn than a female, but they are both loving and playful as kittens. Female Maine Coons are more playful than males, and tend to express their affection more vividly. They will sit in your arms more and prefer a more social environment.

Good breeders will also be members of breed associations and will breed according to their guidelines. They will also participate in cat shows and conduct health checks on their breeding cats. They will also issue pedigree papers for Kittens that will tell you where they came from and who bred them. This way, you can avoid inbreeding, and you can feel confident knowing that you are getting a quality cat.

Prices for Maine Coon kittens can range from $1000 to $2500 depending on the breed and the health of the animal. The cost of owning a Maine Coon kitten can be high, but it’s well worth it if you’re willing to take care of it. It will require careful attention and a loving home to make it a healthy and happy pet.

A Maine Coon kitten is not just a beautiful pet – it’s also a smart and loving family member. They love to play and are also excellent hunters. Their coats vary in color, but all of them are distinctive. The distinctive silver color is a feature that makes these cats stand out.

The best time to purchase a Maine Coon kitten is when they’re about three months old. This means they have already learned how to eat, go to the bathroom, and socialize. They’re even able to learn how to behave around children and other pets. A Maine Coon kitten can be a great addition to any family. If you’re planning to adopt a Maine Coon, find a breeder in your area and ask for recommendations.