There are several ways to organize your small office. You can place bulletin boards, Desk organizer trays, and Wall-mounted shelves. These will make rearranging the office a breeze. You can also use casters on your desks to make rearranging easier. You can also get a rolling cart or desk organizer trays.

Bulletin boards

Using bulletin boards as small office organization ideas is an excellent way to keep track of important information. These boards can be used to display important information and news that your staff may find important. By posting relevant information on a bulletin board, your staff can get up-to-date information quickly without having to turn to the computer or sift through dozens of sheets of paper.

Bulletin boards are also a great way to decorate an office. You can attach inspirational and motivational materials or deadlines to them. You can also layer multiple bulletin boards to make them look more stylish. To make your bulletin boards stand out, choose similar colors and fabric and vary the size of each one.

Rolling carts

If you’re looking for storage solutions, consider rolling carts with shelves and drawers. Not only can they be useful as mobile file storage, they’re also good for heavy items. You can also get rolling carts that are suitable for storing laptops and AV equipment. Rolling carts also offer a variety of options for the user to choose from, such as a wooden or metal construction or a contrasting color.

Rolling carts can serve as stand-ins for desks. They have tiered shelves that prevent items from slipping off, and the tapered legs add a touch of class. Rolling carts also feature locking wheels to keep them stable enough for working. Rolling file carts with an air and water-tight stacking box are the perfect way to store documents and protect them from dust, crumbs, and pets. Other features include a magnetic tin attached to the cart’s metal top for corralling small items.

Desk organizer trays

Desk organizer trays can be an excellent way to organize your desk. You can use them to store paper clips, sticky notes, and other office supplies. Organizing your desk will prevent piles of paper from accumulating. Desk organizer trays can also be used to store magazines and catalogs.

Desk organizers are useful and stylish office organization accessories. Many models feature large compartments and durable mesh designs that provide ample storage for essential items. They also provide a stylish way to organize your paperwork. One tray can be angled to allow for visibility of documents, while the other compartments keep dust to a minimum.

Desk organizers help keep important items organized, preventing clutter and related stress. By using a desk organizer, you can maximize the space on your desk and maximize the efficiency of your work. Some desk organizers come with letter trays to organize your reference files and forms. They are also a great way to prevent coffee stains on your desk.

Wall-mounted shelves

Floating shelves and other wall-mounted shelving options are popular in modern offices because of their minimalist aesthetic. They are also easy to install and are affordable. The downside is that they can’t support heavier equipment. To avoid this issue, you should ensure that your walls are plastered before installing wall-mounted shelves.

Open shelving is another simple wall-mounted shelf solution that keeps office supplies and books out of your desk. You can purchase shelves in different colors and styles to match your decor. Open shelves also allow you to place decorative items such as picture frames, vases, and other small pieces on them. These ideas will help you to get your home office organized without too much fuss.

Another popular option is a wall-mounted filing system. This option gives you more space to store items, while also eliminating the need for a filing cabinet. It also puts files at eye level. For added aesthetics, you can paint the shelves to match the color scheme of your home or office.


Pegboards are an excellent option for home offices because they can add a great deal of vertical storage without taking up real estate. They are also easy to install and a great way to organize your workstation. You can use them to hang anything you need to reach, keeping your desktop free of clutter.

Pegboard organizers can be used for a variety of purposes, including storing craft supplies, office supplies, and more. They are also useful for holding things like headphones and glasses. A pegboard organizer can also coordinate with your existing office decor. You can also use wall racks to display books, magazines, and other materials.

If your desk is cluttered with paperwork and files, a pegboard desk organizer is an excellent solution. You can even customize them to keep your phone, pens, and notebook handy. You can also use pegboards to hold magazines and catalogs. Floating shelves are another great solution for a cluttered desk.

Vertical file holders

If you have a small office and need to organize physical files, vertical file holders are an excellent solution. They can prevent the stacking of files, and they also alert you when they are full. They are great for small offices, especially for people who work from home. You can also use them to store family photos or a snack basket.

Another great solution is a hanging wall file folder organizer. They are small and can be mounted on any wall, and they keep your papers beautifully organized. While there are ways to keep your office clutter free, physical paperwork will always remain a constant presence. If you need to store legal or letter files, consider getting a letter/legal file box with lid. These are great for storing both types of files, and they come with handles to make them easier to carry.

Labeled binders

Labeled binders are a great tool to organize your small office. They can hold up to 425 sheets of paper and feature round rings that make turning sheets easy. Each binder also includes a pocket to store loose handouts. If you use a binder with pockets, you can label each one manually, or use your computer to create labels.

If you need to organize paperwork, labeling it will help you find it quickly. Color-coding is also a good idea if you have different types of paperwork. For instance, you can label a binder “Home Maintenance,” “Car Information,” and “Medical Documents.” You can also use alphabetizing files to make it easier to find specific documents.

Adding a keyboard tray

Adding a keyboard tray to your desk is a great way to maximize space. The tray can hold flat electronic devices, such as a laptop, mouse, and keyboard, and can also be used to keep extra office supplies. A keyboard tray is also a useful way to improve ergonomics. It helps to keep your back straight and wrists aligned while typing, and it keeps your monitor at eye level so you can work comfortably.

You can buy a keyboard tray from a store for relatively little money, or you can make one from materials you already have in your office. It is important to choose a keyboard tray that fits your desk and is adjustable. You also want a tray that can be fixed with screws if your desk is made of wood.

Adding a calendar

Adding a calendar to your desk is a great way to stay on top of your schedule and not lose track of important dates. A 5×11 desk calendar has an easel and doesn’t take up much room, and it keeps you on track of appointments and commitments. You can also add notes and photos to personalize it. You can also use sticky notes to pin important dates to your calendar.

Another way to add coordination to your desk is to add a DIY wall calendar. A calendar with different colored boxes can be created with glass frames. Adding sticky notes and erasable ink to create the boxes will make it easy to see dates at a glance. Alternatively, you can download ProofHub, an online calendar for managing deadlines and events.

Bringing beautiful objects into your office

Adding beautiful objects to your office is an inexpensive and effective way to keep it looking neat. For example, a vintage soap dish can be used to store tacks, while an empty tea tin can be used to store office supplies. You can also use the cups of a muffin tin to organize binder clips and push pins. A small wooden dowel stand can also be used to store work-related objects. If you have a small desk, you can place a vertical pendant lamp on top. The shape of the tea tin makes it harder to tip over than a round pencil cup, making it a great storage solution for office supplies.

Adding shelves above the desk is another inexpensive way to make your desk look organized. You can use these shelves to store staplers, tape dispensers, and other everyday office supplies. You can also use them to display notebooks and planners. Adding candles to your workspace also gives the workspace a decorative touch.