When it comes to small linen closet organization ideas, there are many options available. For example, adding vertical dividers to the shelves will help create a more streamlined storage system. Or, a fresh space can add matching bins for white and gray towels. Playing around with your closet organization can help you come up with your own style. Some people like clean and simple designs while others like to mix and match different colors of towels and sheets.

Organize a multi-functional space in a linen closet

The linen closet is an area in a home that’s often messy and cluttered, but there are ways to make it more functional and stylish. Using smart closet organizers, dividing items, and storing tablecloths and extra pillows are some of the solutions. But before you start organizing, you should think about what you actually need to store there.

Most linen closets consist of shelves, which isn’t ideal because items are constantly falling out. To make your linen closet more organized, invest in baskets and bins to separate different groupings of items. Experts suggest separating items by category to keep shelving clean and sanitary. Choosing matching baskets and bins is another way to hide clutter.

First, take everything out of your linen closet and sort it into three categories. Keep the essential items and discard those that you haven’t used in a while. You can also use glass jars to store small toiletry items. Label them with DIY labels, or use a label maker.

When organizing a linen closet, be sure to keep seasonal items on top shelves. Items that aren’t used often should be stored at the back of the closet. Another great idea is to use space-saving bags to store linens. Using under-mount shelves will also keep linens from falling over.

Another clever way to corral multiple sets of sheets is to use pillowcases as storage containers. Peterson recommends two sets of sheets for each bed. When purchasing sheets, try to buy sheets of different colors. You can also purchase collapsible linen storage containers. These come with labels and fold flat when not in use.

Use mini drawers to store miscellaneous items

Drawer organizers are an excellent way to keep your clothes and other belongings organized. They can be used to store everything from shoes to belts and jewelry. You can purchase drawer dividers from stores like Ikea and Amazon or you can build them yourself. Other ways to utilize drawer organizers include shoe boxes and toiletry sets.

Use wire baskets to store washcloths

To create an efficient linen closet, first clean the area. Make sure to wipe the shelves, sweep the floor and sort items according to type. Use shelf dividers to separate different types of items into separate units. Use labels to help identify each unit. You can also organize your linen closet by color or by size.

Wire baskets are ideal for storing small items. Their design allows you to see what’s inside, so you can find the right washcloths easily. They also allow you to see what you’re storing. If you want to create an even more attractive linen closet, use colored baskets. You can even paint the closet door a cool color.

In addition to storing washcloths, use wire baskets to store washcloths in your linen closet. A dedicated basket can make changing bedsheets a more convenient process. Other items you can store in wire baskets include towels, soaps, and toiletries. You can use multiple baskets in your linen closet to maximize its space and keep your items neat and organized.

Towels are one of the most popular items in the closet. They can be folded in many ways to maximize the space. Try different folds to find the one that looks best. If you’re unsure of what works best, experiment with various folds and find out which one suits your needs and the space available in your closet.

Washcloths are often the bulkiest items, so you should invest in wire baskets to make them easier to store. If you don’t have enough space for all of these items, you can always use drawers to store your washcloths. Investing in wire baskets will also help you save on shelf space.

Use vertical dividers to streamline storage

Using vertical dividers in your linen closet is an excellent way to make the space look more organized. These dividers can keep your linens and towels separate, and can also be used to organize personal items. For example, you can organize your first aid kits with see-through plastic bins. You can also use the dividers to keep pillows separated from fitted sheets.

Many linen closets have simple shelves, which become crowded over time. Items tend to fall out. By using vertical dividers, you can establish a home for each grouping, including white and gray towels. Another option is to use matching bins to keep everything in its place. This can help you hide the mess and make it more accessible to find the item you’re looking for. However, if your closet is too small to accommodate both bins and shelves, you can consider buying a second storage area.

Using vertical dividers to streamline your linen closet storage will make it easier to find items. You can even fold items vertically so that they can be easily seen. This will reduce the frustration of grabbing an item from a stack. You’ll also be able to find items much more quickly.

Another way to streamline linen closet storage is to purchase wire shelf dividers. These dividers clip onto shelves, creating individual spaces for your linens. You can also purchase wire baskets that hang from the back of your linen closet door. These can be filled with small accessories, such as makeup, or even toiletries. Lastly, you can install a towel tree in your closet to create more space.

Another option is to use an over-the-door pantry organizer. This organizer has six shelves, nine hooks, and works great on a closet door. It also comes with a valet knob to keep larger items organized. These are made from durable steel and fabric. These shelves can hold a lot of folded clothes.